हवाएँ और कविताएँ

बेदर्द हवाएँ, पता नहीं कैसे,
डूब मेरे मन की गहराई,
कुछ मन की बातें चुराई,
उसके कानों में कह आई ।

पता नहीं कैसे फिर उसे,
हवाएँ उड़ा कहीं ले गई,
कविताएँ – पतंगों सी लहराई,
दूर देश, फिर आँखें छलकाई ।

आँखे पथराई, दिल भी घबराई,
मन की बातें, मन में रह गई,
फिर भी – क्यों
आज उसने ,
अपनों से भी सब बातें छिपाई ।

Vint Cerf in Bangalore

We do ‘surf’ the net – your name too contains ‘cerf ‘.
We are the son of internet, you are the grand-dad of internet.
Thank you “grand-pa”

–It was the concluding complimentary note to him by some invite and Dr. Ambedkar Bhawan applauded with claps.

Living in metro, staying away from my own people, gave a chance to know the bigger family of humans, in real sense. All our ‘great’ problems seems too small when we come in front of such people. All great thinkers are ground to earth. Google’s Speaker Series’s first guest Vint Cerf is the VP and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google.

In my 3rd sem. when I used to read TCP/IP protocol, in the thick book of Computer Networks – by Tannenbum , the building block of internet, I never thought that I could ever see the dreamers of the same. Hearing those things from inventor himself is a bliss.

Packed with sense of humour, he warned the guests early that “Please don’t snore, as the lecture was mostly technical”. And he was right. Unless one is conversant with basic technical implementations, it is little difficult to catch up with his flawless speech’s flow.

Apart from his basic lecture on Protocols and technical implementations of internet with limitations and telling people for out of box thinking, his current project on interplanetary communication protocol was really interesting. Hope Mars and Earth will be better networked !

This world belongs to dreamers, rest all are just followers or repenting persons. Its really nice a see the pack of energy , dreaming with ideas and inviting people to share the dreams.

On being questioned from different angles his answers were ‘like’ these. (Hope to keep a .mp3 recorder from next time.)

Digital divide in India and solution:  As the investment is high, and dependcy on private sector is not always expected, the govt and local authorities should make backbone of internet/broadband with the local funds (shared) as local units. And add them all together for great national network. Penetration of information using devices is must.

Google’s challenges?  Indexing video files based on ( not tags / file names) but the content inside. and same for audio files based on inside sound tracks.

Web based OS, is possible ? As the trends /applications are changing, it will be some where near to that , may not be the exact OS.

Will the extreme power of Internet will be foreseen as living supreme entity?
He refused the speculation, as at all point of time, it will be assisting living entity but never can replace any of them.

Why he joined Google ?  Because people have two essential characteristics here, 1. Their smile, 2. They are reliable. But he blamed himself for increasing the average age group of employees there. Rest he added his professional history and attachment with the products.

There are different search engines,as you tube for video, flicker for photos, and Google itself, can these be unified ?
As each have own way of data indexing and approach, the variety of search engine will remain so, and the trend may see some changes in search patterns.

To sum up this unique chance, its a professional move of Google to attract the technical talents towards Google after bringing some of the great thinkers face to face. I do look forward for more such guest lectures – the brain tonics. Thanks JJ for the invitation.

मैं पत्थर नहीं, माटी हूँ ।

मैं पत्थर नहीं, माटी हूँ,
मत बरसना, घनेरे बादल मुझपर,
नहीं झेल पाता, मैं तेज बरसात,
मैं तो बस बह जाता हूँ ।

मै पत्थर नहीं, माटी हूँ,
नहीं है, मेरा कोई अस्थित्व,
बस धुल हैं मेरे संगी ।
सबकी चरणों के नीचे ।

मुझे तो उसने बनाया,
अंदर से ढेर सा प्यार और,
उपर से, सिर्फ उसकी थपकी ।
थोड़े-थोड़े पानी से बनाया,
उस तपती दुपहरिया में,
कुम्हार के चाक ने ।

मेरी ईच्छा नहीं रही कभी,
कि पूजा जाऊँ, पत्थर की तरह,
मेरी ईच्छा नहीं रही कभी,
कि देवमूर्ति में ढाला जाऊँ ।

मेरी तो ईच्छा रही की,
उन बच्चों का खिलौना बन जाऊँ,
बस खेल कर, उसी निर्मल प्यार से,
उन्हीं से टुटकर, मैं माटी बन जाऊँ ।

मैं पत्थर नहीं, माटी हूँ ।

Can Someone ?

Can someone hold me tight,
Bind me up hard,
Embrace me closest ?

Can someone ask me,
For everything I have,
Just for one, only one ?

Can someone call me,
Seek me, today hear me ?
I am at my best today !

Can someone have,
The strongest pull,
Before I am lost ?

लकी और आठ दिन

लकी – बस कई महीने का,
कैसा दिखता होगा,
कैसा हँसता होगा,
या फिर कैसा रोता होगा,
शायद नन्हीं आँखें आज
मेरी फिर राह तकती है ।

कुछ सुनी मैनें उसकी,
कुलबुलाहट आज फोन पर,
और बैचेन हो उठा,
ज्यों लगता यहीं कहीं है,
मन करता था – छू लुँ ।
उठा लुँ आज गोद में,
फिर मत्त झुमूँ मैं ।

बस और आठ दिन,
क्यूँ नहीं बीतते ?
जैसे बीत जाते हैं,
मेरे आठ दिन वहाँ,
आठ पहर जैसे !

Music for Life – 2 (Ghazals)

सुबह सुबह इक ख्व़ाब की, दस्तक पर दरवाजा खुला देखा,
सरहद के उस पार से कुछ मेहमान आये थे,
आँखों से मायुस थे सारे, चेहरे सारे सुने सुनाए,
पाँव धोये, हाथ धुलाए, आँगन में आसन लगवाये,
और तन्दुर पे मक्के के कुछ मोटे-मोटे रोटी पकाये,
पोटली में मेहमान मेरे, पिछले सालों के फसलों का गुड़ लाये थे ।

आँख खुली तो देखा घर में कोई नही था ।
हाथ लगाकर देखा तो तन्दुर अभी तक बुझा नहीं था,
और होठों पे मीठे गुड़ का जाय़का अब तक चिपक रहा था
ख्वाब था शायद ख्वाब ही होगा
सरहद पे
सुना है कल रात चली थी गोली,
स़रहद पे कल रात सुना है – कुछ ख्वावों का खू़न हुआ है ।

The preface of the song इक पुराना मौसम लौटा – in Marasim.

Year 1999, the one day in Air Force Station as a frequent guest of my friend, Subhash, from Haryana. And on a afternoon, I was lying comfortable on the bed. Subhash told me to hear a new cassette he bought and put it in the cassette player. I had listened only few lines. And it was enough capable to vibrate the dormitory. And the heavy solemn voice of Jagjit Singh, and so the waves vibrated my soul, leading it to somewhere. The Album was Marasim by Jagjit Singh.

Haath chute bhi to rishtey nahi choda karte..was the one of Ghazal there, and yes, where is Subhash today, I don’t know. He may be with his children at some air force station. And his memories are still with me. The connecting string to him everytime is Marasim.

I took out the lyrics leaflet out of the cassette. I read the urdu composition of Gulzar. Though at home, Pankaj Udhas was only to bring ghazal’s emotional touch and worth to mention “Ghunghru tut gayi”. And I think its real vibration matching airs around us that, I got friends with common interests, where ever I go.

And the ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh had an existence in pictures and timeless ghazals. It was a bliss to see the maestro performing at the live function here in Bangalore. Though organiser could have arranged the live performance in an efficient accoustic hall, hence to bring out the minute details of her unique style of fluctuating the vocal cord, that is audiable in the CD sound system at home.

Later on I heard about the private life of the maestro, when they lost their son, Vivek agee 21 years, I was really shocked, which can never be compensated to him by all his acquired fame and satisfaction. Whenever I hear Jagjit & Chitra singing together, I wish, may not God make any absolutely perfect couple, if there lies such a great pain to suffer in the completness. The couple’s dedication towards music is great, even after pain they tried to share the pain of lakhs of his fans with few more albums.

With due respect to his private life, I do wonder the reason behind of his unique rendition of inner human feelings in the air. And this is one way one can understand and share the pains of others. These poetic rendition comes out, when there is some untold, unknown pains lies within.

Ghazals have quite different essence and style than song. The choosen words of poetry, the weaving style to bring out feelings is the first lyrics expertise. Then the rendition, who delivers with a voice, that must have deep feeling of abstract 6th sense apart from all forms. To me hearing the poetic recitation of Ghazals proves to be the best thing for the solitory moments.

These are the companion of those feelings that waves into the sea of thoughts. Thoughts of relations, those tied forever, those broken up, those which could not be tied and all those which still binds the world with invisible strings.

P.S.: More than 6 years passed off and Subhash was out of touch, and the day I had finished writing this post, Subhash found me on Orkut after a lot of search. Is it just a coincidence or something unexplained ever !

Valentine’s Red Rose

I have been keep you asking,
What you would like to have?
On the coming Valentine day.
Apart from my heart,
Which I already lost to you.
You always laughed a lot,
But never replied.

I thought to give you a Rose,
A Red rose, growing in our garden,
Growing within so many flowers.
Both of us saw that,
Since January ends,
I praised the Rose bud,
I saw it growing daily,
Silently, I waited all the days.
One day, I wanted to give you.

Today is 14th February,Red Rose
Valentine Day.
You are sleeping now,
Still deep asleep.

Today, for you, I got up early,
With a hurry like never,
Before sun rays could sneak in,
Between the window curtains.
I rushed to the Garden,
To get my Red Rose,
I have grown for you,
For you, only for you,
Before you get up.

Today the Rose is not there !
And I am hurt a lot,
I saw the empty branch there,
Someone plucked it.
Our Red Rose – we watered.
I thought to shout aloud,
But again thought of you,
I could not shout,
I could not cry too,
If I do, you may get up.

I came back dejected,
My heart was broken,
My Valentine’s flower!
Who stole that ?
Why anyone did so today ?
Who broke my wishes ?
For this day, I can never forgive,
I came back feeling helpless,
I was feeling guilty.

I wanted to sleep again,
I wanted to forget the rose,
I saw you again,
I felt helpless like never.
You are still asleep,
The glowing face,
Like an innocent child,
And I wished be forgiven,
My dry lips, breathing slow.
I am unable to forgive myself.

I must have remained,
Wake-up whole the night,
For my flower of the Red Rose.
I am thinking endlessly.
I am looking at you,
Fearing, what if, you get up?

Now you moved slightly,
But still asleep,
And I can see your index finger,
That came out of the blanket,
How it happened?
Why my Valentine morning is so?
Red marks on your index finger,
Alas! These are blood clots, I guessed.
May a needle pricked there,
Last night, while stitching,
But why didn’t you tell me?

I am clueless,
I want to ask you,
I am just looking at you,
I have lost my Red Rose too,
And now your finger is hurt here,
And you are sleeping still.
I felt helpless my dear.
I too wanted to sleep,
Just to forget the morning.

I pulled my pillow slightly,
Making a distance from you,
For my guilt feelings,
And from between our pillows,
Ah! A Red glow came out from there,
Radiating my world,
Radiating the whole universe,
The fresh Red rose is kept there,
May be, an hour ago plucked,
Entangled with a piece of paper,
Written on it – are the three words.

Tell me dear,
When did you get up?
Why did you prick your finger?

Please do get up,
My Valentine !

P.S. : Hey Readers, like my all other poems,  its a mere imaginary piece !

Aptitude – Attitude – Altitude

These three words look same on the first glance and make the whole difference with just permutation of three alphabets ‘ p ‘ , ‘ t ‘ , ‘ l ‘ .

This context came from a altogether different weekends of mine. Batulda site was irrepairable down since last week, due to some technical glitches.

Today my whole day with junior sister spent to bring the site up after remaking it again. As Batulda’s wish was there should be a quote on each page. For the time being I have kept a quote that I loved most and its needed to all of us, who feels student at heart. Though at the place, there will be dynamically changing ‘quote of the day’ later on. A lot of work is to be done for the site, but for the time being everyone is happy to see that site is up.

So the quote that I put was:
“Today’s students can put dope in their veins or hope in their brains. If they can conceive it and believe it, they can achieve it. They must know it is not their aptitude but their attitude that will determine their altitude.”

What struck me this quote is, yesterday’s reference of a another girl. She carried ( all 70% plus) and contractual experience of 1 year in the industry.

And she told me she is still unable to find a job, she wanted to meet me for some suggestions to find out a job in the industry.These kind of people, really need some support to get up. They don’t want to hang up too. But they lack the dedicated attitude that is required to project their aptitude right. So without the right attitude, their minimum altitude move to the higher plane. And in the long run they loose their confidence level.

I have good as well as bad experiences in this regard, when I decided to join postal courses bidding bye to engineering admissions. It was really difficult to be a self learner, especially in technical course, but at last of my masters I was determined that I will do my project work in health informatics system in NIMHANS or Manipal Hospitals. At NIMHANS, I was not allowed to enter the library beyond three consecutive days as following the rules for the outsider. Somehow I found a place to sit in editor’s room, actually to spend time and collect data from booklets / manuals. Weeks went off like that.

No project guide. I had my rough design of project work ready done in paper and html files in floppies. One day, I got a chance to show my drafts to the editor about my project needs for suggestions. He felt sympathy for me. He suggested me to meet some professors in statistics and psychopharmocology department. Now at least I got his reference, editor Sri Gopalakrishnan. I used this reference to the concerned persons. Two of them felt sorry to help me.

Last reference was Pradhan sir. I saw him as, the father figure, sittting in the mainframe (complex) systems room. The dustfree, moisture controlled cool AC air entered my nostrils and from the tables glared me, were the huge monitors with moving protein structures.I fell in love with the place.

He listened to my proposal and laughed aloud and told me about the negligible importance of the project. And next he shot one quetion to me, ” Can you make toilets in your anscestral village, where it may not be there? ” Strange question,out of context, indeed it was ! What the man, he is, working on some of the best computers in India and asking me to make a toilet !

“Yes sir, I can make” – I replied affirmatively . “Okey than you can start the project here, come from yesterday” And rest is the history. Library, cafeteria, best computer systems and support was ready to help me even on the weekends, when dust covered the railings. I am looking for the day,when he will at the best position there. I came-up with a project work to his satisfaction, and recently praised by State Informatics Officer of Bihar. I am not bragging, but its my experiment, how attitude helped me out in some of the worst situations.

Still not having a tag of IITian with me, pains me many a times, its my attitude thats carrying me forward, surpassing my real aptitude, as well as many of my classmates who scored good in conventional aptitude tests. And that’s the reason, I am fearless of all the altitudes when I see upwards.

Smoking is a healthy custom !

Have you ever seen Bidis used as agarbattis ( incense sticks) ?
Or have you ever seen fishes smoking like our ‘Khan brothers’ in movies ?

Yes I saw it at Calicut beach and captured the moment for a pukka evidence. Here in the picture you may see a boat with one fish smoking smartly on the wood and other lying on the floor.Smoking Fish

On the same wood block I sat for sketching 2 hours ago, before the boat went into the sea for fishing. The black old fisherman with one company took the boat into the sea and came back with big fishing net entangled with big sea crabs and several variety of fishes. They took this specific fish first out and lighted one bidi and then put it into this poor fish’s mouth. A fish uses its gills and mouth to breath. And a bidi is securely placed in its mouth, in its normal process of breathing, it became smoking. It seems to enjoy bidi. No jumps of the fish or any movement.

The poor fisherman is at least honest to his agarbatti, unlike we corporate civilians who use smoke ( oh sorry fragrance ! ) of Chandan and Mogra to offer God and enjoy the smoke ( again sorry, Oxygen! ) of cigarettee for enjoying self. For the fisherman as per customs , it may it be a aggarbatti offering to the Sea God.

Anyway the fish remained alive for long and enjoyed the smoking like all my friends, who prolong the tea time with smoking . Who says smoking shortens the life ? See the other non-smoker fish thrown down in the little water at boat’s bottom water left the world early and could not see his friend smoking so nicely.

What strange customs we do have in India as well as around world ? I was equally surprised to see costly liquor bottles offered to Gautam Buddha at Tibbetan temple. Anyway these customs are being followed since ages and deeply entangled with faith. These are all lovely customs around us, many of them can be adpoted, if one wishes !

Anyway its a beautiful world, that can be observed only after travelling wide.

The Point – The Circle

The tip of the brush,
Touched the canvas right,
To put a small colour spot,
Exactly in middle, its a Point.
A point made the picture complete.

Thousands points closer,
Holding hands together,
Like the friends forever,
Made the circle of wonders.
A point, at center that only matters.

A point at the center,
Makes it distinct there.
Radiating rays to capture eyes,
Though having a universe around,
Consists within a universe, it sounds.

Its the precious,
Its timeless existence ,
Within vastness of the circle,
Though It seems encircled tight.
True the point remains – only right.