वो नीली आँखें बंद किए,
गुलाबी चुनरी में लिपटी हुई,
ज्यों फुलों के बिस्तर पर ,
सो रही थी – एक सोनपरी ।

चाँद सा उसका वो मुखड़ा,
खिल रही थी एक सादगी,
अपसराएँ ज्यों शरमा जाती,
शांत सो रही थी, सोनपरी ।

लहराते रेशमी, बाल उसके,
लालिमा भरे, गाल उसके,
चाँदनी में ज्यों नहाती,
अल्हड़ सी सोई सोनपरी ।

वहाँ सुंदर कोमल, हाथ उसके,
नगीने की अंगुठी, साथ उसके,
हथेली से मेंहदी झाँक रही,
सौन्दर्य की पर्याय सोनपरी ।

गुलाबी पंखुरी से होंठ उसके,
लगता था -अभी हँस पड़ेगी,
चंचल मन छुने को मचल जाता,
पर अभी सो रही थी सोनपरी ।

सुराही सी उसकी ग्रीवा ,
ज्यों कलाकार की अपनी कृति,
मोतियों की माला इतरा रही,
करवटें बदलती जब सोनपरी ।

रेशमी लहँगे की झालर से.
पाँवों के पायल अनायास हिलती,
कोमल कदमों की मल्लिका,
सपनों में खोई थी सोनपरी ।

P.S. : Since long back I have been planning to write such a poem, finally the idea got a shape after reading Juneli’s short story.

Red vermillion

She was,
an another girl,
A black girl.
She is a lady,
Of her home,
Looking fairer,
Than ever.

She is changed,
She is glorified,
With golden necklace,
And dozen bangles.

She smiled,
Just for a while.
She has started,
An unknown journey,
Of million miles.

Everyone sends her,
The wishes,
Of the same smile,
And lifelong colour of,
Red vermillion.

When no one hears you

When no one looks you,
Look at the mirror,
Placed on the wall,
In the wetness of the pupils,
I do float for you.

When no one recalls you,
Look at the needles,
Of your watch,
Each ticking moment,
I do recall you.

When no one hears you,
Lie down on green grasses.
Sing in the air above.
In those cool breezes.
Dear, I do hear you.

Friendship and Looks

Friendship and looks, do they crash ever? I do wonder, why in the beautiful relations of friendship, the looks, even its ugly, is taken into consideration ever !

I have own unique looks like everyone around, and I would like to quote myself in eyes of two friends of mine, without their name hence permission from none.

Friend A, who does ‘appear’ as a gentleman.

“Aree taklu, aao ! ” ( Hey bald, come-in !) was his welcome sentence, when I entered his gate for the first time, when he was at home. Yeah, its worth to say that I have turned out semi bald. Later on, I had to bear his comments about my ‘formal dressing’ that ‘casual day’. He never knew that I did not had fine sports shoes and puma t-shirts on those days.

Later on I knew that it was not an intentional remark on looks, but his habit.

Even he have been with me for since a long time, he perhaps does not know me, that I am the rare breed of proud owners, of whatever looks, without a bit of inferior complexity at any point of time.

Friend B, who doesn’t ‘appear’ as a gentleman. And here goes the chat reproduction with him one night. He is in USA now.

12:50 AM he: aabhi tak online? ( Still online?)

me: nahi offline ( No offline, to add fun)

he: blogg lkh raha hay kuaa? ( Are you writing a blog)

12:51 AM me: haan (Yes)

12:52 AM he: tune apno blog mai aaik jagah flirt ke bare mai likha thaa ki tune kisi dost se puchaa and wo dost hasne laga wo gadha kon hay? ( You have written about flirting in your blog, when some of friend, strated laughing, who is this fool ? )

me: ha ha

12:53 AM he: mere bare mai to nahi thaa…kyonki shayad tune kabhi mere se bhi iis bare mai baat kiya thaa ( Was that instance about mine, as perhaps you have talked with me too about this)

me: haan wahi hai banda.. 🙂 ( yes, same is the person)

12:55 AM he: aare bhai maine shayad aise hin smile diya hoga tere bholepan and masumiyata me ( Hey brother, perhaps I have given smile on your simplicity )

me: haan tu hi mere bhai.. ( Yes, brother he is you)

he: tu bahut hi achaa ladka haay ( You are a nice guy )

me: comment dal de wahan pe..agar sach kahta hai to.. ( Put comment on my blog , if you are true).

12:56 AM he: idhar udhar ka load nahi lene ka yaar, likhen mai mujhe fight ho jati hay:) 🙁 ( Hey I cann’t do all these things, to write, I have to struggle a lot)

———– talk portion about family is removed ————
1:16 AM He: jo bhi hay, khush rhanene ka 🙂 and tujhe levis jeans pahane ki jarurat nahi hay:) ya fir reebok shoes tu jaisa hay bahut achaa hay wiase bande bahut kam hote hein dharati pe:) (Whatever, be happy. And you need not wear Levis jeans or otherwise Reebok shoes. What ever you are, you are fine. Like these guys are very less on the earth)

me: likh de wahin pe. ..kaas koi bandi impress ho jae . ha ha ( Write down these there only, may some girl get impressed,ha ha)

he: 🙂

He: chal mujhe abhi bahar niklana hay baad mai baat karta huin bbye aish kar:)
( I have to leave now, shall talk later,bbye . enjoy )

me: sure.. yaar . bye.. (Sure.. buddy.. bye)

Any Conclusion ?

More than plain water

It was one holiday morning, 8:30 am. And irrelevant of holiday, I had to leave for office early as the project finalization depended on me. Before leaving, I could not depend for water another 15 minutes.

Though the landlord assured that within 15 minutes water tanker is reaching as pipes were being laid in front of house. But it was the third time, I have to suffer without water. And it’s really horrible to start the day without the bath.

“I am leaving the house next month, as it’s difficult to suffer for basic things.” – I told landlord (appearing polite) and left for office, with a determination that I will leave this house this time. It is mandatory to say the landlord about the vacation time, as they have to return the 10 months’ rent paid in advance and find a another tenant.

I saw their dry faces after hearing me, like never , while moving away.

And the reality is, for getting this kind of 2 BHK house in posh locality, I have to pay almost double the advance and rent.

Anyway I wished to change the house since last month, when its main road got blocked with a wall (as it was said to be someone’s land!) and another way is the clean gali (Have you heard about the Mirza Ghalib’s gali !). A car can’t enter the gali in future!

Now a narration from third angle:

I am a tenant of independent ground floor, with no-complaints from them, as per my lifestyle.

Neither I understand landlord’s Tamil language nor they know Hindi / English and we do talk in need in Hinglish-Tamil-Kananda Language.

The day,when I was relocating to this house, somehow during transportation, my glass bowl of Chinese bamboo plant broke-up and I disposed the broken bowl on the way side dustbin. I felt really bad, as I love my plants. While unpacking my luggage, my landlord’s wife, just after seeing the plant without bowl, went upwards towards her 1st floor and brought me back one yera glass bowl and gave to me. It’s my personal observation that, most of the mothers have a sound sixth sense. It was a good omen for my beloved plant, that I have been growing, and still growing sound. One another day, to my surprise, when my tulsi plant once somehow damaged by rats or squirrels, was replanted by her. While I am on holidays, my dry pots, use to get water regularly. The morning flowers for prayers reach my door daily. Be any festival, the traditional Alpana is drawn in front of my gate too. And this landlord is never professional with a ‘landlord’ attitude.

Everything will be just past, when I shall leave the house. No emotional touch, no hurt ( Easy to dictate, difficult to follow ! ) . I told other friends to find out a home and telling brokers about my need.

I came back in evening.

Water was there and I took bath and started cooking.

“Ting” – the door bell buzzed.

I opened the door. And landlord’s CA son was there. And he was apologizing for the water problem.

“Please do stay, water problem wouldn’t be there now onwards. And all the other following lines.

Though I didn’t told but he got assured that I am not leaving the house. At least this is not a pigeon hole flat. It had a nice flowering tree shadow, with squirrels, with lots of fresh air and away from traffic. Wait let me mention one important thing more, there is a scene of perfect India from the roof. The temporary slum of about hundred tents of labours. Its lying silent on the feet, of three proud high rise buildings being constructed around.


Anyway, after few days, the landlord’s son, came with an invitation card and wrote my name on it. “Prem Piyush and Family“. Family was the extra word, not needed now.

Her sister is getting married after 3 days.I was happy to see his sister getting married. They must have taken pains to find out a suitable guy for the dark complexion girl, as well as arranging money. And I do guess the dowry ghost is still alive and lurks around ! And at the same time I was feeling bad as I had told them to vacate the house, in the times, when they must be going under financial crunches !


Beyond all relations,
Beyond expectations,
Beyond despairs.

I found as per hopes,
Again ‘the words’-
That paid me.

Recalling again
the words of Baba –
“As a tree, Bend down,
when fruits are there.”

And today,
The path is clear,
Yes, transparent.

I bend down,
With all my gratitude.
Ah! its again ‘Friday’,
And I found it.
Thanks for showing –
The Path again.


जीवन केवल श्वेत-श्याम नहीं बंधु,
उस श्याम का रंगभरा उपवन है ।
आँखें खोलो – देखो बाँहें पसारे,
मन का आँगन एक चितवन है ।

बाहर निकल, जो हँसना चाहता,
मानो वही तेरा गुलाबी बचपन है ।
कहीं बारिश में चलना चाहता,
श्वेत-श्याम से परे, तेरा छुटपन है ।

श्वेत आशा और श्याम निराशा,
समर्पित जीवन की एक अभिलाषा ।
धान की सुनहरी बाली से पहले,
हरियाली – उसका क्षणिक जीवन है ।

श्वेत दिवस और श्याम रात्रि मध्य,
ढलती संध्या भी तो निराली है,
खेतों की मेड़ों पर से कभी देखो,
क्षितिज के माथे भी एक लाली है ।

World cup cricket craze and Indian sports

In teenages, I was about to be addicted with cricket viewing as cricket mania caught me hard.

Then one day,fortunately one remark changed my attitude towards television viewing forever. “How lucky are the mothers of those playing kids’, my children are viewing after forgetting food and drink, and what’s a bad luck, I have, that my kids can’t play anything, that world might have seen ! ” – Ma told these concerned lines without any bit of scolding.

And not viewing cricket became a habit and that time, we were encouraged to do little gardening, and we did ask for money to buy flower saplings. Once or twice given and from next time, she used to be again smart here; she encouraged us, using our pocket money for growing flowers, as genuine cause.

Coming back to cricket, my total sympathy for the whole Indian fans, who got mild heart attacks after, such a defeat in first match. Yesterday against relatively new team of Bangladesh in world cup India lost the match. I want to accumulate one or two tears.

I was not surprised or shocked. I am habituated to see Indian sports in global arena. In similar context, if India returns from Olympics without a single medal, that becomes the routine. Who cares!

Regarding these publicities of cricket, I do see, India as a big drama company country, as people love to see the happenings around, what ever is going on. Whether Aish sneezes or Ganguli coughs, a news is formed instantly. A crowd can be formed at anytime. Being a part of crowd is just our habit. And boosts our habits are, respectfully ours, unavoidable MNCs.

To MNCs, selling products / events is just a matter of playing with our lazy habits and playing with the emotions. So many schemes are going on for cheap TV and dish and so on.

Anyway India loses in sports front heavily, as without being ashamed of its population strength.And if this trend continues and we keep seeing defeated sports teams of India coming back with hollow faces regularly, I do fear the level of confidence in my next gen.

For the well to do people, who have facilities at hand, the reason can be in one line – we people are not conscious of our physical power boosted with mental ability. In sports, along with these characteristics aggression with self discipline matters. And leave the aggression aside for time being, the majority of citizens have turned out just crowd spectators.

With large crowd of lazy audience sitting for hours and days, unlike any other sports, crickets has less participation of players on field on average.The luck part of the game also binds and make suffer one emotionally.

Fact is participation in sports makes one confident and fills up a part of the personality that only sportspersons can understand. I do have it in me, as I have participated till state level games. Light games like badminton, squash do the same thing as per choice. The yoga, aerobics and stretching work-outs have own way to achieve same in a very large extent.

As far as current team is on world-cup tour, I do appreciate our Indian team of challenging guys, but feel sorry not seeing those ball by ball and embedded advertisements of paste and creams. Highlights are okay thing to watch some of the best guys of world.

There is no harm in remaining hopeful. May India reaches the final, one full day can be spared 🙂 for the excitement.

सीपी की अमानत

कहीं टपकी थी, बस दो बुँदें,
छुपा था चेहरा, उस कोने,
जानोगे – गिरकर बन गये,
नन्हें मोती के फिर दाने ।

वहाँ धरती को भी मंजुर नहीं,
गिर रही थी, जब दो बुँदे ,
गुजरती हवा से कह डाला, उसने,
यह उस सीपी की अमानत है ।