Title = :)

A false smile,
That’s all I need –
In real life.

Over internet,
I put a smiley –
Not a smile,
That’s done !
Over phone,
I can laugh aloud,
There also its done.

But when you see
My face,
In real life,
Its sad,
As I cried last night.

A genuine smile
Is difficult for me.
Because I am not,
In a position to,
Throw a smile,
Right now.

I need a smile,
Even its fake.

The pains,
The tears,
The fears of –
Dying while living.
Kills me.

I try hard,
To stretch my lips wide.
But eyes don’t help them.
Last night,
I tried to smile,
In front of mirror,
I looked like a clown.
Or may be an insane.

My face,
Everyone says,
Today –
Have lost the smiles,
Its looks dull,
Sad and gloomy.

My face –
Is genuine.
The sadness –
Everyone reads.
They complain-
The missing smile.
The pains –
Only my dear ones feels.

May like many others,
I can put a smile
On my face
Fake one,
Like many other,
Who can show up,
After all the odds,
A smile anytime –
A borrowed type.
And show off,
Well polished tooth,
The painted lips,
Smile smelling like perfume.

I too need a –
A fake smile.

Yeah, I need a smile,
Even its fake,
Because people
Do return back,
It instantly.
And that may help me,
To relive.

🙂 😀

Ha ha… ho ho .. hi hi … he he..

P.S : No more tears… This is 398th post on the blog. Next coming some 🙂 posts to mark 400 th post of this blog.