Waiting for the moments,
Touching the flowers,
Petals – pink and soft.
Breeze of breaths across.

His garden green.

Waiting to hear the twitters,
Over the tree branches,
Little bird swinging them.
And playing with leaves.

In –
His Reality or Dream.

Waiting for the scent,
Of the blossoms,
Each morning fresh.
As the thousand roses around.

In – His Oasis in the way long.

Picture Courtesy: http://artfiles.art.com

Eternal Curves of my Poems

Dear –
Everything around me
Was moving –
I was writing !
Scores of lines –
Edited – to hide something.
Decorated and making it presentable.

But Tomorrow,
When I will move –
I am silent –
And my pen.

I wish –
This silence is not me –
Or its only me!
I still don’t know.
Resilent –
Seeing the play –
Of life.

Wish to narrate every thing –
That searched the petals –
Swimming the ocean of tears.

In all these-
Dear – Seems –
I have lost my pen –
Hands trembling.

Wish – If you can –
Dip the pen – In rainbow colours.
Hold my hands
Sit beside me !
And let me write.

See on the paper –
The scribbles over it.
That’s me.
Love that like ever.

Beyond our bodies –
Beyond the time –
Beyond me and you.

Let me write –
Everything –
That’s me –
Eternal curves of my Poems – you love.
Like Ever.

Those Dear Strangers

Have you meet some persons, who are none to you!

When you meet them – just within some minutes, you start feeling that you know them since long back. Its not about the matching of right frequency and wavelength , etc. Even if you are two different levels of frequency , wavelength , age, profession, mental state, upbringing – just based on mutual respect they win you out.

The art of matching the two levels of brains – they are expert, its something that bring you down to a comfort level – keep you cool – and without being selfish, they talk something and you wish that such conversation go on and on…

I guess this is a rare trait, only very few persons are born with and few others develop it over the years after observation. And the most wonderful common thing, I have found in such persons is, they are artist to the core.

Those Dear Strangers ….

The eternal dreams

Closing my eyes –
I wish to live with –
My dreams –
They are true –
In themselves.

Along with my soul –
They will be with me,
Till my last sleep.
When you wouldn’t say –
“Wake up”.

Let me sleep.
For a while –
If you can,
Wherever you are,
Close your eyes too,
And please share,
Along with me –
The eternal dreams.


(The post image belongs to: http://www.monicagiglio.com)

The man in me

Many a times in life, you think I will never do that. Or may that chance never comes in life. But you have to do. And all these happens, especially when you are man ! The male ego !

But the life has its own moves, own rhythm, own game. Things happen in such a way that, you never expect them to happen. Or you get something that you never expected.Anyway loved the game of life as it goes on.

And I had to put my profile in a matrimonial site, keeping my man aside. Feels I am relaxed. I guess the winning or losing does not matter much, most important is to play.

Managing Personal and Professional fronts

Personal commitments and professional commitments – both are equally important for any individual. We may want to excel in both the world, and manage both equally. And at the end, we do find it’s really difficult to manage the real chaos of situations.

As the Puja seasons arrived this year, personal responsibilities were around and on the other hand, mid term appraisals are there, I felt again hanging in between.

Personal commitments:
In personal arena, there are social responsibilities – made up of hundreds people around, who make us social(lizable) individual. Be it birth of individual, marriage or death or any thing important to life; family, relatives and society are the integral part of the same. They remain around to laugh, cry, criticize and praise.

It’s the circle that makes us grow, that keeps us enclosed and that keeps eyes wide open across the walls. Walking along this circle encircled around is a big challenge. But I do guess, when one maintains the individual integrity, the things gets easier.

Professional commitments:
Same situations do apply, while growing in the professional society, which is more demanding in terms of professional output and require high emotional quotient. The place, where emotions should take a backseat and demands a professional attitude (out of emotional zeal) on the priority.

Around 8 years back, I had bought a book, The IBM Way, by Buck Rodgers from a second hand road side vendor. (The brand new looking international best seller was very cheap as it had corners damaged by rat. But after flipping through the pages, I bought it, as I have equal respect for the second hand books as the new books. (But zero tolerance for pirated ones) ) Anyway the book consists very good lessons of marketing management and individual’s commitment towards the profession, detailed by Rodgers approach to manage both the worlds.

Now when both the worlds are demanding and commitments are there – and one asks sacrifice / compromise from the other. What to decide? A difficult situation, when none but only self instinct helps. There are instances of Mahatma Gandhi as well as Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, when both failed at times on personal front and repented afterwards.

As we do grow and do learn to walk along the so called more mature groups, managing both the worlds seems challenging. I do personally guess that, the satisfaction and stronger will power due to commitments in personal front makes the professional challenges easier.

“60 years” – But nothing to be proud !

Independent India – out of the grips of colonial rule, is 60 years old, but I do see this period insignificant part of thousands of years of great grand Aryabhatta !

Today my Aryabhatta is a blend of Hindi & Urdu & English – Rock & Karnatic – Space shuttle & Bullock Cart – Jeans & Saari – Valentine Day & Karwa Chauth – Chess & Cricket – Google & Jyotish. Nothing wrong – I am part of it proudly.

 Imagining what if, if there had been no invaders / colonial rules here, had we remained the same? Perhaps, yes !

Celebrations.. Well I too did celebrate as there is a tricolor instinct inside, since childhood. But the fact is somewhere I do have a ‘pain behind this independence’.

Few questions keep revolving my mind! Why my country was dependent on / ruled by some other country for such a long time. These 60 years are still less then the around 200 years of colonial era. Why we needed to fight for the our own salt? Gandhi ji was great – but where does the courage missed in young generation of India, that time, such that we had to bring out Dandi march to make a memorable event. Though there had been Mughals and other empires too to rule our territory. There are socio-politico-economic and other reasons behind such things in case of a nation’s evolving process.

I have few regrets on our unconsciousness but still one burning question , I do search for an answer. That is, are we making a firm solid independent base for the gen next to stand upon? Are again we slowly allowing invaders to rule upon some or the otherway. Difficult question to answer ! But there is something Indian deep inside which loudly says – “No. “

To be practical, did this post of mine added anything for the national pride? If nothing much, its the freedom of speech – the only democratic backbone that ‘we re-attained’. It will revive its glory beyond ‘the freedom’.

When you call me.

Whatever I am here, and I do continue blogging just because of some encouragements that came time to time from various bloggers. Today, when I was told to read this post on me, I could not believe myself.

“लगता है बिसरा दिया है। चिट्ठा से सगाई लगता है तोड़ दी है।”

चिट्ठा is a word coined by us for blog in Hindi.

They are true. Once upon a time, I used to be active in Hindi Blogger’s Community. That time there was not even 100 blogs in Hindi. I was even I asked to work for Nirantar team, but connectivity of net was not cheap and smooth those days. And today I don’t read Hindi blogs much around and today I do hop around mostly the English blogs. Even the Hindi write-ups I did keep on this blog only.

And as a result, even today, when Anupji wrote a post on me, that too I did not read. I was informed by Jitu Bhaiya.

Though they told me to continue blogging several times and once Anupji even tried to scold me in one of his comment. But, today crossing everything these words of Anupji have lots of complaint.

“शायद और बेहतर रिश्ते मिल गये हैं।”

In fact, these words are paining me.

From now onwards all my Hindi posts will appear only on http://www.prempiyushhindi.wordpress.com. Please be there too as you have been here.

I shall try to pay back their love.

Inspiring Brigade

Brigade Road, Bangalore – the young Bangy junta’s evening walking lane. Do find babes and blondes, clear Lee stickers on back of jeans and you may read or of course watch nice quotes on t-shirts. Guys from all over India messing there up. The national gen-X integration at its best.

Once upon a time, but not long back, when I was in Bangalore in my student days for project and I used to be there once in a while, and I too did stroll on the same road (but never without a genuine productive reason). And I thought, I will comeback when I start earning good money and have some friends of mine.

After 4 years, few days back, I was there again with Ma for shopping purpose. And told her that, when I used to be student here, I had thought when I would get job, will come there often with friends( to confess, possible with some good girls). We laughed, as the day never came.

Now in more than one year in the Bangalore job, not even a single day even on weekends, I could be there even I have several of good friends here.

In reality, where all those walking (hands in hands) wishes went off in air ? Looking back into the year, those weekends were dedicated to either my personal works (again same washing, cleaing, cooking and ironing) or Yoga Retreat ( 3 levels ) and FOLK classes at ISKCON and our Batulda group works.

The student did not get away from me ! I told Ma, that there is a student in me dying hard to sit in a class for hours again. Why ? There are two main possible reasons. First reason is my past decision to leave the conventional class education system after 10+2 and take up postal education left a vacuum of college or university student. The other reason is hereditary, when I am still seeing my Ma reading like a student and managing school accounts like a accounts student. And at verandah there is non-book reader, my father, immersed in new-papers for hours, picking each trivial news.

There remains such students in some persons,who are restless. I am not alone – there are more around me. Mom tells such people never feel grown up – they try to grow up as student forever.

Even after my 30 summers as well as winters, in the autumns, grew a student: who loves to sit on class-room benches after job hours. I am loving to get a little chance to be a student again for next few months. And I want to compete with most others, and want to feel happy when I do answer sometimes ahead of others. I want to make a special impression and of course I want to learn a lot. To say there is a feeling deep inside that I did not sit on the benches so consciously earlier.

Aha, coming back to main point of t-shirt blondie, to me, a chance, when I will stroll on the Brigade Road, hands in hands with a girl did never ever come. And the fact flows swiftly and when the wishes of Brigade Road do merge into the Wall Street, the student, keeps walking.