Shubh Yatra

Shubh turned one year on 12 March with a very simple in house ceremony. And the whole year went on with prayers for his well being. Protected or say hidden, loved and cared in the nest for this whole year. Never knew the life changes this way, when there are eyes which talks to you a lot.

Everytime I take out laptop, he loves to be around and pull up the keyboard’s keys. Shift key is shifted! Few days back camera lens struck, when he tried to hold the zooms. My gadgets are now on risk zone, as to him all electronic goods look the next toys in hand. Anyway, wishing all the electronic items good luck, let me do some blog writing, keeping shubh nearby.

Few days back, he have learned how to cross the main door of house(chaukhat)! Shubh Yatra! God bless you.