For your eyes only – 3

As I reached Dumdum airport, at check out point, seeing the very long queue of prepaid taxi counter and the need to catch the connecting train, I preferred to take a shared taxi outside the airport. Though the taxi passed through the M.G. Road famous Saari shops, due to time constraint and shared passenger with me, I could not do shopping this time for family members.

Anyway I reached Howrah station well before time, that was decorated elaborately on occasion of Durga Puja, so looked great the adjoining Howrah bridge. Get the glimpse of the huge mural at Howrah station, which depicts the cultural and social scenario of West Bengal very well. Snapped at night, the mural photos are not so clear, but you can get the essence.

The current header image is of a labourer aged around 25, reading a religious book with apt attention in a train compartment. He is returning to his home.

Howrah Station

Howrah Bridge

Mural at Howrah Station (Left Part)

Mural at Howrah Station (Middle Part)

Mural at Howrah Station (Right Part)
From Durga Puja 2007