Please do pray for Yugi

Yugandhar (Yugi) is a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya kurnool, A.P. alumni.

Yugi’s mother has only one kidney in her body and as well he too have a single kidney in his body. Holding hands of his thin mother, he came out of the hospital Hyderabad Kidney Center after 6 hours of dialysis. To an unknown they may look like just another sick person coming out the hospital, unless one knows the story in full.

Yugi’s mother used to be a proud village mother of two intelligent sons, Koteshwar and Yugandhar (Yugi), who got through the Navodaya Vidyalaya scholarship exams. A family with father, uncle and everyone else proudly lived happily with its existence.

As the teenagers they came out of the school passing the 12th exam, as normal healthy boys and joined the professional courses.

Their mother carried one X chromosome, the carrier of alport’s syndrome. She never knew it. As she was just a carrier, without affecting her health or showing any symptom. And as the sons born from the mother’s ill fated womb, they carried the mother’s X chromosome.

The chromosome when carried by sons from such mother carrier in most cases, leads to failure of their kidney as they reach 20’s and 30’s !

As Koteshwar reached their 20’s the X-Chromosome carrying the Alport’s syndrome started showing its dreaded effects. Koteshwar’s both kidneys started failing miserably. Getting a kidney is much harder than getting lakhs. Her mother promptly gave her one of the kidney to save the life of his elder son.

What about their father and uncle and other male family members? – Everyone was killed brutally by Naxalities, for nothing but to make headlines in the papers!

The family was devastated. The mother with his sick sons was forced to leave the village.

Elder son, Koteshwar tried to relive with the donated kidney of mother. One day he was out of home and never came back.

Koteshwar’s younger brother, Yugandhar too developed the same symptoms of kidney failure when he reached his 20’s. Doctors gave a deadline for kidney transplantation from some donor. It was a tough task to find a donor from relatives, as now the rules are strict that only family members can donate kidney. Seeing none around, mother prayed to doctors to take her lone kidney to her son and save his life. The things were taking a bad shape – the media noticed the case and did the rest job.

A healthy lady with consent of her husband came out to donate the kidney, without asking for a penny. As donor was not a relative – hence we alumni have to take a lot of exceptional legal and medical permission for this transplantation.

Now we required lakhs of Rupees, we asked for money from different sources. It was a really tough task. Even then we came out more than 2. 6 lakhs across the global alumni and welfare organizations. Currently more donations have poured in. I personally went through the nicely written donations and expenditure details in the beautiful handwriting of Yugandhar himself.

The transplantation for Yugi was done one day. And the mother cried when the marathon transplation operation was successful. Months passed off ! Fortunately in the same hospital, one of our alumni is a doctor.

Many a times, when all the doors seemed closed, some lights come in the dark. Now with the lights around, his body accepted the new kidney in his body.

And still he is not to the normal life.

I could not carry any fruit, Horlicks or any edibles, as everything is forbidden for him even in juice form for time being. And on one occasion, while we 4 friends were sitting near to Yugi, his mother went down the hospital and carried 4 bottles of Slice for us, from some shop. We were helplessly seeing her, this motherhood, we could do nothing, but took that.

But recently some news came alarming to us.

As he has to go regular urine check-ups, he was found with abnormal levels of constitutents. Ketone level reached to 15 mg/dL, whether normal person have less than 2mg/dL .

He is undergoing frequent dialysis. Another Navodayan doctor Srijana is trying, her proved Homeopathy medicines too for his kidney acceptance in the body.

Now experts are saying that this is turning out the case of kidney rejection. Even with proper treatment, there is only 20-30 % chance of his survival.

The fact is there are two persons -a Mother and a Son. Each having just one kidney, and same willingness to live more years together. Money is not a problem now – we need something more and that costs nothing to us.

Please do pray for their health and long life, whatever you can ….

Friendship and Looks

Friendship and looks, do they crash ever? I do wonder, why in the beautiful relations of friendship, the looks, even its ugly, is taken into consideration ever !

I have own unique looks like everyone around, and I would like to quote myself in eyes of two friends of mine, without their name hence permission from none.

Friend A, who does ‘appear’ as a gentleman.

“Aree taklu, aao ! ” ( Hey bald, come-in !) was his welcome sentence, when I entered his gate for the first time, when he was at home. Yeah, its worth to say that I have turned out semi bald. Later on, I had to bear his comments about my ‘formal dressing’ that ‘casual day’. He never knew that I did not had fine sports shoes and puma t-shirts on those days.

Later on I knew that it was not an intentional remark on looks, but his habit.

Even he have been with me for since a long time, he perhaps does not know me, that I am the rare breed of proud owners, of whatever looks, without a bit of inferior complexity at any point of time.

Friend B, who doesn’t ‘appear’ as a gentleman. And here goes the chat reproduction with him one night. He is in USA now.

12:50 AM he: aabhi tak online? ( Still online?)

me: nahi offline ( No offline, to add fun)

he: blogg lkh raha hay kuaa? ( Are you writing a blog)

12:51 AM me: haan (Yes)

12:52 AM he: tune apno blog mai aaik jagah flirt ke bare mai likha thaa ki tune kisi dost se puchaa and wo dost hasne laga wo gadha kon hay? ( You have written about flirting in your blog, when some of friend, strated laughing, who is this fool ? )

me: ha ha

12:53 AM he: mere bare mai to nahi thaa…kyonki shayad tune kabhi mere se bhi iis bare mai baat kiya thaa ( Was that instance about mine, as perhaps you have talked with me too about this)

me: haan wahi hai banda.. 🙂 ( yes, same is the person)

12:55 AM he: aare bhai maine shayad aise hin smile diya hoga tere bholepan and masumiyata me ( Hey brother, perhaps I have given smile on your simplicity )

me: haan tu hi mere bhai.. ( Yes, brother he is you)

he: tu bahut hi achaa ladka haay ( You are a nice guy )

me: comment dal de wahan pe..agar sach kahta hai to.. ( Put comment on my blog , if you are true).

12:56 AM he: idhar udhar ka load nahi lene ka yaar, likhen mai mujhe fight ho jati hay:) 🙁 ( Hey I cann’t do all these things, to write, I have to struggle a lot)

———– talk portion about family is removed ————
1:16 AM He: jo bhi hay, khush rhanene ka 🙂 and tujhe levis jeans pahane ki jarurat nahi hay:) ya fir reebok shoes tu jaisa hay bahut achaa hay wiase bande bahut kam hote hein dharati pe:) (Whatever, be happy. And you need not wear Levis jeans or otherwise Reebok shoes. What ever you are, you are fine. Like these guys are very less on the earth)

me: likh de wahin pe. ..kaas koi bandi impress ho jae . ha ha ( Write down these there only, may some girl get impressed,ha ha)

he: 🙂

He: chal mujhe abhi bahar niklana hay baad mai baat karta huin bbye aish kar:)
( I have to leave now, shall talk later,bbye . enjoy )

me: sure.. yaar . bye.. (Sure.. buddy.. bye)

Any Conclusion ?

Bihar – the write thing ! (9) – Being a Bihari

In my Navodaya days, I remember that during our vacations in home, after hearing the tone of my Bengali, Ma used to warn me – “Why your tone of speaking changed, be polite!” I used to wonder – how she marks it! Afterwards Navodaya days, for our career scopes, like thousands of learned family there, she too insisted that proceed anywhere outside than Bihar.

Year 1994, Ma and I reached Chennai by train for my coaching admissions. On the way in train, I was carrying all my certificates too. I had felt that, she didn’t slept most part of the nights, knowing my 10th mark sheet was in the box. Though the train comes out of Bihar territories, but it was the result of our fear of losing baggage in train journeys of Bihar!

At T. Nagar, Chennai, Ma took me to a hostel for making my stay arrangement during the coaching period. We were waiting at the reception unless the manager was to come. By the time on being asked a guy there told that one bed is going to vacate next 5 days. I used to be smarter those teenage days. I could talk in English too! As the manager came, I took the lead and was asking for the seat, if any. He refused to have any. I argued,-“Next week some seat no. was going to vacate”. He was surprised and now he refused more. Ma didn’t tell anything to him at that time.

After searching for few more hostels, Ma insisted to return back to same hostel. Now she spoke to him and requested for temporary arrangement if possible unless any seat is available. He immediately told okay and took my luggage into room no. 7. I was given a temporary seat.

Next day manager was telling to me -” See guy, I was not willing to give you seat here. But seeing your Ma and her behavior, I gave you seat. Otherwise Biharis I don’t give! I was shocked. “But your mother is Bengali”, he added. “Yes”, I nodded with surprise. In those days, I did not know that by costume one can be recognized of place of belonging. “How you knew that?”- I asked him. He added to prove his expertise- “People from all over India come here. Did not she have white & red bangles (shakha & pola) in her hand and Bengali sari and sindoor”. At that time only I knew that its unique identity of Bengali married ladies. Later on I knew that Oriya and Assamese ladies are almost same.

For such long period, I was for the first time outside Bihar. I mingled with the people from all over India there. Those 6 months were my days of improvements.

But my Bihari – non Residential Bengali identity remained unsolved. For my whole stay in Chennai, I used to tell people, I am from West Bengal. Though in fact, I stay at the boundary town of Bihar- Bengal. The 2 km south and 2 km north of our town is the boundary line of West Bengal with our relatives.

Again it was the year of 2001-02. I was working in a computer lab in Bangalore for my project works. My Professor used to have and still have fatherly affection for me. Obviously he knew well that I am from a Bihar town and he also knew that I came from Bengal town institute, Siliguri (Darjeeling) for projects. But several times when seeing me in the lab, his colleagues used to ask him about me. He used to tell them straight- “He is Prem from West Bengal, Darjeeling”. Once in hurry even he told too that “He is from Assam”. I have to digest the reality behind his convincing answers.

Still at the workplace or somewhere else on being asked my name – people get confused. Next question comes – “From where do you belong?” Obvious the answer is “Bihar”. But sensing the situation, I have to enrich them “though I am Bengali”.

Coming back to our home, Ma, though for our school studies she preferred Hindi than Bengali and at home our mother-tongue remained Bengali only. I can guess today that she maintained an unseen boundary around us from the local culture. Since our childhood days she impregnated fine arts, music, classical dance and other cultural activities which are indispensable part of any cultured Bengali families. We were allowed to mingle with selected friends only. Though she has risen up the levels of caste, creed and regional variations, after getting good marriage proposals from native Bihar families for my sisters, those could not be materialized.

I have to hear and bear the facts underlying. There all the things need to improve a lot including socio-political culture with added sense of responsibility.

In the cosmopolitan life, I am escaping the situations and maintaining my Bengali culture. The fact remains that I am born and brought up on the land of Bihar. I would have been happier, had people embraced me as Bihari !
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Donation drive for “Yugi”– Bangalore JNV Alumni Chapter

Dear JNVians,

Our M.Yugandhar Reddy (Yugi) is a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kurnool alumni. He is studying his B.Sc in kurnool (A.P). Unfortunately he is suffering from a congenital genetic disorder “Alport`s Syndrome.” He needed kidney transplantation for his survival.

Yugandhar’s family:

In his family, only other person is his mother. She has a single kidney left , after donating one for her elder son, M.Koteswara Reddy (who is also a Navodayan and is suffering from the same disease, a fate worse than death). She was even ready to die to give life to her second son, Yugandhar. Obviously, the hospital authorities were against her decision.

Humanitarian Efforts:

Getting donation in form of money was easier but not a kidney.

Fortunate enough, one healthy humanitarian lady Mrs. S. Nagasubbulu, W/O: Mr. Santeena of Kadapa has come forward to donate her kidney after reacting to the news covered in national dailies and TV channels.

Humanitarian efforts of concerned Navodayans brought money for his preparation for operation and the operation itself as many of us donated with open hands. And many more are willing to do so when they knew the fact.

Latest Update :
ON 15th Nov. 2006, his transplantation was done in Hyderabad, successfully. Thanks to Hyderabad chapter of Navodaya alumni. Her mother’s eyes filled with tears, when she was thanking for JNVians after transplantation.

Half the battle is over, but still we have a long way to go. And he needs post operative expenditure to meet. Its expensive really. Its may came 10,000/- to 15,000/- per month.

We @ Bangalore chapter:
We the Bangalore chapter of JNV alumni , through our network is trying to arrange the donation drive with our known Navodaya alumni channel. We have opened a bank account dedicated for the purpose and being maintained by an alumni, P.Suresh Kumar(from same JNV Kurnool), who is working in Bangalore.

How much we can donate (just for indicative purpose) :
Employed alumni: Anything more than Rs. 500 /- though today majority are able to donate Rs. 1000/- to 5000/- .
Alumni Students : Any amount Rs. 50/- to 100/-

How to send the donation:

Step 1:
Transfer donation electronically or by “crossed” bank draft / cheque to Suresh’s Address or directly to bank. The cheque/draft will be made in name of P.Suresh Kumar. Account no.: 004701524822. Bank ICICI Bank, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Bangalore.

In case, you can donate by cash too. You will receive an acknowledgement on the site The donation will be deposited in the dedicated account for the purpose :

ICICI A/C no and Branch
Account Number: 004701524822.
Name: P.Suresh Kumar.

Address of Bank
No:117, Koramangala Industrial Layout,
7th Block, Bangalore-560095.
Ph: No’s-51104980,51104981,51104988,

Address of Account Holder:
P.Suresh kumar
H.No :66/2
9th cross
Dodda Abbaiah Colony
Nagavara Palya
C V Raman Nagar
Bangalore 93

Step 2:
Email about the details of donation cheque/DD no. and postal address.with subject line :Yugi Donation — Bangalore JNV Alumni Chapter”
to : [email protected]
cc to — [email protected]

Contact nos for any clarification:
At Bangalore:
+91 9886551559 (P.Suresh Kumar) JNV Kurnool . AP
+91 9886252927 ( Prem Piyush) JNV Purnea, Bihar

At Hyderabad to know about Yugandhar’s present condition :
P.G.Murali @ +91 9849295220 , +91 9849595220 , +91 9346965519
Gangadhar Battula @ :+91 9885224155

Website links for more information:
1. The site space dedicated to all related documents :

2. The forum on where you can find about our proceedings:

3. The newspaper clip published for the same:
I cordially request you all to make this donation drive successful. Let make other JNVian in this area be known with this.

In case of any query please call me @ 9886252927. I can personally collect cheques on sundays.

Thanks & Regards,
Prem Piyush.
JNV Purnea
(1987 – 88 )
Coordinator- ” Yugi Donation drive– Bangalore JNV Alumni Chapter”
Ph. 09886252927