These Moments

Arms embraced-
Reading these lines,
When you asked –
Why these pages empty!

Seeing the changes of Life-
Reading millions words,
Revolving around,
Embraced me and you.

Where the life is moving-
Its own pace-
Writing poems of its own,
And the speed-
Faster than my pen.

We are running behind all –
To read.
And the time is faster
Before the minute details – I can draw.

Wish the time don’t stop –
I can’t stand that!

Let me walk fast
Past the terrains
That we covered
In the months few.

Wish to pick,
The pink feather –
Again my dear.
Again like before.
In the ink – Pink again.

Eternal Curves of my Poems

Dear –
Everything around me
Was moving –
I was writing !
Scores of lines –
Edited – to hide something.
Decorated and making it presentable.

But Tomorrow,
When I will move –
I am silent –
And my pen.

I wish –
This silence is not me –
Or its only me!
I still don’t know.
Resilent –
Seeing the play –
Of life.

Wish to narrate every thing –
That searched the petals –
Swimming the ocean of tears.

In all these-
Dear – Seems –
I have lost my pen –
Hands trembling.

Wish – If you can –
Dip the pen – In rainbow colours.
Hold my hands
Sit beside me !
And let me write.

See on the paper –
The scribbles over it.
That’s me.
Love that like ever.

Beyond our bodies –
Beyond the time –
Beyond me and you.

Let me write –
Everything –
That’s me –
Eternal curves of my Poems – you love.
Like Ever.

The Friend Forever !

Do you hear the sounds,
At the distance – the twitters.
Can you decipher the meanings-
The flipping wings says something !

Do you feel the rhythm in you,
Of those dancing bodies.
Do you feel the sync,
Of the vibration of the souls.

Can you see the light of – a blink,
On the old woman’s face.
Can you see the pains in,
The natural smile of a slum boy?

Do you follow the dreams –
Of some other’s eyes too.
Do you read the pains –
Hidden in your friend’s smile.

Do you shed few tears,
When you don’t understand,
Why do I return late ?
When time seemed long.

Come, hold my hand.
Feel the warmth,
Sitting silent together –
You are my friend
forever .

The eternal dreams

Closing my eyes –
I wish to live with –
My dreams –
They are true –
In themselves.

Along with my soul –
They will be with me,
Till my last sleep.
When you wouldn’t say –
“Wake up”.

Let me sleep.
For a while –
If you can,
Wherever you are,
Close your eyes too,
And please share,
Along with me –
The eternal dreams.


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When it rained in night

One moonlit night,
Clouds played,
Hide and seek,
With the moon,
Around her face.

And it rained outside,
Within the trees,
Where we stood,
After running again,
Hands in hands.

Lost in the forest,
In the rain,
Where there was fire –
That never spreads-
To burn the leaves,
But to sooth the souls.
With the warmth of love.

Wind was silent,
So do the birds,
Silent were the tree leaves,
All were hearing –
The dripping water
In the pond, falling drops –
From the pine grooves.

But in the thunders,
All the sound seemed lost,
somewhere in darkness,
And we felt our entity,
Hands held together.


I do think,
How you may look,
How do you write,
How do you talk,
How do you walk,
How do you smile ?
And when you are sad,
How do you cry ?

I stop thinking,
Why did I think –
That you do ever cry.
Did I want to see you cry?
No – but I know.
Yeah I know, you do cry,
Alone in dark, sometimes.

Some times –
I think –
Are you crazy,
Just like me,
Less or more.

Sometimes –
I do imagine –
Do you think,
The Same –
Sometimes !

Morning Lights

Again in morning, the sky will glow,
After the silent wee hours,
East, there will be sunrise in the snow.

In sunrise, the freezing ice will melt,
After the wake-up nights, on cheeks –
The warmth of stream will be felt.

In those streams, her feelings will flow,
And on horizon, where sky meets the earth,
The golden stream will glow.

On the hill’s curves, daily Orchids will bloom,
And say – “Even for few days, we grow to cheers,
One day, shed ornaments, we sleep to gloom.”

And to near the hill’s springs.
As you will walk, in the still dark forest,
May you hear, the birds will sing.

Every morning you will hear, after dark night,
The words of the hill’s birds-
“The vast darkness always gives way to light.”

O’ My Woman

O’ My woman,
Let me sing a song,
That wil vibrate,
Round the year.
The woman’s day,
Which is over today.

Like all days,
You are back,
With your old routine.
And the very morning,
Taking care of me.
Offering a cup of me.

Serving your life –
Each moment on the earth,
Giving me birth,
Giving me inspiration,
Giving me support,
Giving me love,
Everyday –
I am indebted.

O’ My woman,
You gave me,
Whenever I needed.
Whatever I needed.

The supportive words,
Holding my hands,
When I was down.

The caring soft bosom,
My head rested upon,
When I was sick.

You made me smile,
Scolding and encouraging,
When I cried in night.

O’ My woman,
May the praising words,
Are never enough for you.

Many of things,
Abstract ones –
I can’t return back.

But the woman of world,
When you need me,
May I know it before.
Well before.

O’ My woman,
Lets walk together,
Sharing everything,
Of the universe,
That I thought –
Only its mine.

Might we can feel, together,
How this world –
Is great –
Just because of you.

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A perfect man !

Like ever before –
Again today morning,
I wake up –
To walk again,
On the road.

Whole day,
I tried hard,
To make it new,
To write a lesson new,
As I prayed.
Throwing my bad veil,
Cleaning what ever inside.

I try hard,
To throw some smile,
To wipe some tears,
To share the weight.

All the struggle,
Continues till the dusk,
Trying hard to know unknown,
Working hard to make a place,
Some where a bit to stand.
Pretending to be –
A perfect Man !

In the struggle,
Like some warrior,
I get tired bad,
Enough tired –
To just fell on –
The bed.

But eyes open,
Till late night –
Open eyes – I do sleep.
Like a worrier,
Who lost the battle.

May a morning –
Comes once again.
And I try again,
To be a –
A perfect man !

Valentine’s Red Orchid

“We will meet ”
They had promised –
Hands – in – hands.

On valentine day,
She reached there,
After the half awake night.
On the onset of the dawn,
She sat –
On the same gray stone.
“The little kingdom” –
In the big valley.
She waited for him.
In the morning mist,
Humming with joy.

Looking hiding behind
the Bushes –
And watching –
The occassional passers by,
– If he is coming.

In the cold February,
When the mountains.
Encapsulated  the fog.
She wore the warmth –
Of the leather jacket –
He gifted her.

Nostalgic she was,
Recalling –
Those sweet berries,
That they collected,
From the green shrubs.

She smiled
Recalling his stupidity,
When he –
Searched for the,
The last berry
In her pockets.

Sitting on the stone,
She looked down,
The shallow stream of water,
Seemed calling her,
Despite the chilling cold,
She put her fingers,
In the stream,
And saw there,
Tiny fishes playing –
Who knew her,
Since long.

She sat there till noon,
The faint sun,
Was on head,
But he did not come.

She looked up
Where –
Birds were playing,
Perching on the branches,
Today – the birds –
Seemed to be teasing her.
The Orchid –
Bloomed full –
But they seemed faint.
Though she was hungry,
The berries were –
Untouched still.

She thought to cry,
But she believed,
He will come.

She sat sad –
Thinking so many things,
Good and bad,
But she believed – he will come,
May he will play
Hide and seek,
Again today,
Like ever before.

But she lost her patience,
And she thought to cry.

She shouted his name.
And the valley vibrated.
And the mountains replied,
Imitating her voice,
And reflecting his name back.

But he did not hear.
All these calls.

In the silence again,
The drop of tears,
Fell on her cheeks.
She sat on the stone.
And she said to the stone –
“It seems –  today you are –
As hard – as his heart !”

Even after scolding the stone
She slept on its chest like before,
Putting her hand in the stream.
Waiting for him….
Tears flew –
On the stone –
To melt it down.
But  the Stone
Slipped the tears –
Down the stream
Which mixed with water.

She lied on the stone,
Fingers still in water,
And she felt,
In her fingers,
Somethings struck.
She got up to see –
It seemed a petal,
Of some flower,
She looked up,
May be its orchids,
Or something.
She smelt
It was rose.

“You are here !”
She shouted.
And stood up.

And she searched
In the bushes,
Where he used to hide.
And also looked upon the,
Trees – he used to climb.

Her heart was pounding,
The birds teased again.
The Orchid smiled fake.
She looked down the stream –
There were more petals
Coming –
From the stream above.
One following others.

She walked up the stream,
Trembling with  joy and cold.
She knew his plays –
Of eternity.
But today –
She decided –
She will not talk
With him.
“He had made her cry.”
She ran above the stream
Struggling with the bushes,
Thorns of shrubs,
And the slippery stones.
The icy water –
Freezing her feet.

She found the petals,
Still carried by
The stream of water,
From a source
Now visible.
Bunch of roses,
Struck in the stones,
Flowers braving,
With the water,
Loosing the petals.

And the four twigs of orchids
Struck in his hands –
Lying near the stream.
He seems frozen.
In the freezing cold,
His shivering hands –
Holding the rarest red orchids –
That he talked once
That grows –
Only in the high mountains.