Samudra Manthan and 14 Ratnas

According to Hindu mythology Devtas (Gods) and Asuras (Demons) once decided to churn out the ocean of milk to solve the issue of supremacy among them. The churning stick was Mandra mountain on the back of Kurma ( an epical tortoise).The rope needed to churn was the Vashuki ( multiple headed king of snakes of Lord Vishnu). Lord Vishnu sat on the the pivot such that it will not skid in the ocean. All the Gods were on one side and all the Asuras were on the other side. As the churning of the ocean reached the peak, from the froth a deadly scum started forming. All gods and Devils got frightened after seeing it. It was Vish (Poison). Either someone had to swallow it or everyone was going to be in trouble. Seeing the unwillingness of everyone, Lord Shiva came to rescue and he took the Vish in mouth but did not swallowed it and kept it in the throat static. Hence his throat turned out blue due to effect of poison. Since then he is also known as NeelKanth ( Having blue throat) .
After this event the churning started again to result the chaturdash ratnas (fourteen precious ratnas /precious things). These ratnas produced from the Samudra Manthan are as follows:

1. ‘Chandra’ ( Moon)
2. ‘Parijat’ , a tree in the Paradise of Lord Indra
3. ‘Airavat’ , a multi-tusked elephant for again Lord indra
4. ‘Kamadhenu’ , a cow which provides desired objects
5. ‘Uchchaihsravas’ the white horse for Lord Indra
6. ‘Sankha’ the conch of Lord Vishnu used for victory
7. ‘Gada’
8. ‘Laxmi’ , goddess of wealth
9. ‘Rambha’ , the apsara (celestial beauty) for heaven
10. ‘Ratnas’, ( gems and jewel )
11. ‘Kalpavriksha , a tree fulfilling one’s wishes
12. ‘Dhanwantari’, the physician for all Gods.
13. ‘Mada , a goddess
14. ‘Amrit’ (the nectar drinking which one becomes immortal) in a golden chalice ( Kumbha).

Here each of the ratnas has a mythology attached to it, each one quiet interesting. I don’t know if this cyber world likes to hear more about these.

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    • Dear Prem ji, Namaste!
      The article above is from which puran. What are the primary roots of hinduism. Does vedas say anything of this sort. Mythology is myth. Know satya and don’t run after mithya. This kind of stories are not in line with veda and its knowledge. Please refer to vedas, upanishads before writing such articles. Writing such articls is very easy and please keep in mind that the articles we put on net are more accessible to our younger generations who are more dependant on internet for facts. We should try to enlighten ourselves and our society with only truth.

      I humbly request to revisit your articles and compare them with vedic truths.

  1. Uchaishravas

    The Dark Horse Records logo featuring an Uchaishravas.In Hindu mythology, Uchaishravas (“sharp-ears”) is a seven-headed flying horse, that was obtained during the churning of the milk ocean. Bali, leader of the Asuras, took possession of this horse

  2. The parijat tree (known in Hindi as harsingar and Bengali as shifali) bears the botanical name of Nyctanthes arbortristis and is part of the Oleaceae family.

    The tree was planted in the garden of Indra, the Lord of Heavens. Even as Krishna stole a branch of the tree he was spotted by Indra. However Indra desisted from placing a curse on Krisha since he was an incarnation of Vishnu. Still, Indra put forth a curse on the stolen branch that it will never bear fruits even as the flowers may bloom on the tree. Since the day the tree planted at Barabanki does flower but can not reproduce meaning it does not have seeds and the branch also does not take root

    Krishna’s two wives, Satyabhama and Rukmini. Satyabhama wanted this “Parijat” tree from the Heaven to be planted in her garden. Rukmini too, took a fancy to the flower. Krishna, wanting to keep both his wives happy, planted this tree so that the flowers fell in Rukmini’s garden while the tree remained in Satyabhama’s garden.

  3. @ KD,
    Thanks a lot for the valuable information.

    If someone else have more info about other ratnas, let me know, I shall make a special post out of them, with due credit to their efforts.

  4. If i’m not wrong, ‘Mada’ listed as 13th ratna which emerges from ocean is also known as ‘sura’ or VaaruNi- daughter of Varuna; Sura is goddess of liquor (?)

    • “Harsingar”, a small tree,is a great healer for Joint/bone pains,diabetes,Asthma,all fevers,mouth apathae etc also known as Parijat.But yesterday in a Nursery a creeper plant with blue flowers was being sold as Parijat

  5. heyi Prem…this is navpreet. i am a sikh. i am 14 years old. i was just going by the pages of SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB , when i came accross the following lines-
    |Gavan tudhno ratna upaye tere|
    meaning dat even your ratnas worship you…
    further investigation told me that these are the 14 ratnas….
    can you help me by telling about all the ratnas ?..
    i’ll be very thankful to you……..

  6. Vish is also a product of samundra manthan.Mada is wine or something other in your language.Parijat tree is also called kalpvriksha or other types of plants.In some books only kalpvriksha or parijat is noted not both the things.

  7. Hi, i’m very curious about this story.

    Can you tell me if these 14 ratanas ever exist somewhere before the churning and cast into the ocean when Indra lost the war? or it is just born from the churning?

    I heard a story saying Indra have airavata elephant before the churning and after the churning airavata elephant born again?

  8. When first one was Halahal (Poison)drank by Lord Shiva, why it has not been included in the list of 14 Ratnas? Next, when Dhanwantari appeared with Nectar(Amrit) in one of his hands, which lead to bitter war between Devtas and Asuras, then who churned the ocean? No one. In fact, there were only 12 Ratnas (including Poison-Vish) that came out and due to fighting, since no churning took place, therefore, nothing came out.

    • Halahal was not a precious item hence it was not treated as Ratna with other precious things.Further,I thing there was no fight bitween the two parties after consumption of Vish by SHANKARhence the effort was continued for extracting other items.

    • Dear,
      It’s clear to name of RATAN that it’s stand for precious gud nature things and poision is not gud for any one also for Lord Shiva.
      Therefore it is not counted under 14 ratans

      2nd point…
      When dhanwantri having gada which having amrit is not correct and true.
      Story becomes like as below..
      When dhanwantri comes out from mantham having a POT / GADA and after that 13 ratan comes out MADA which is not amrit but as gud as amrit only if used…it’s not any devi of heaven it’s milk.
      After that actual amrit revains from manthan which stored in POT/GADA of dhanwantri and after that war begins between asurs and devta.

  9. 14 Ratnas :

    The various items of the 14 Ratnas mentioned by many are replica of certain Ratnas. I have combined them and listed out the 14 Ratnas. HalaHala Vish ( Poison) came out first and was swallowed by Lord Shivan, hence not to be considered as ratna.

    Lakshmi was with Lord Vishnu. On His avathar as Kurma during this time she came out as Gajalakshmi and joins Him when Milky ocean was churned.

    14 Ratnas produced from the Samudra Manthan are as follows:

    1. Chandra ( Moon)
    2. Parijat , a tree in the Paradise of Lord Indra
    3. Airavat , a multi-tusked elephant for again Lord indra
    4. Kamadhenu , a cow which provides desired objects
    5. Uchchaihsravas the white horse for Lord Indra
    6. Sankha the conch of Lord Vishnu used for victory
    7. Haridhanush
    8. Laxmi , goddess of wealth
    9. Rambha , the apsara (celestial beauty) for heaven
    10. Ratnas, ( gems and jewel )- Kousthuba Mani
    11. Kalpavriksha , a tree fulfilling ones wishes
    12. Dhanwantari, the physician for all Gods, coming out with Gada ( Pot )
    13. Mada , a goddess – ( Sura- Goddess – creator of Alcohol)
    14. Amrit (the nectar drinking which one becomes immortal) in a golden chalice ( Kumbha ( gada/ pot carried by Dhanvanthri )

  10. im learng guru tld me to get info abt 14ratnas…i cm on ur blog…i thnk its realy itrestng…thanks aloot fr providing me such grt information…
    my one query is dr..-dr ws 14 ratnas found during samudra manthan sm taken by gods bt is dr any ratna whch taken by demons??if yes dn whch one…rply..thanku ..

  11. Thanks for incorporating such a nice and simple way to results of samudra manthan. There is only one plural that is jwels/ ratna could some body in the link tell some thing more about it.


    • I think Arunachalam A has given the best answer to your query:||HalaHala Vish ( Poison) came out first and was swallowed by Lord Shivan, hence not to be considered as ratna.||, which makes sense.

  12. The story about obtaining 14 ratna by means of samudra manthan in neglecting the lord Nilkantheshwar as HALAHAL is missing in the story

  13. Airavat threw the garland and was also produced during manthan…..chronologically it is not making sense? Two airavats were there?


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