Motto of MH and its realization

“sarve bhawãntu shukhiñ sarve sãntu niramaya”

This is a part of Sanskrit sloka which is the motto of Project MeraHealth (MH). For me it seems difficult to bring out it’s essence in English and I take courage to do so. It means that let everybody be happy, prosperous and free form illness. There is another line also added to it in the original Sanskrit sloka which is, “Sarve bhadrani pasyãntu ma kashyachit dukhã bhagã bhãwet”. – Let everybody be seen as gentle and let not anyone suffer from sorrow.

The project MH understands the underlying philosophy in it and suggests the ways through which it can be achieved. And it can be achieved only after people to people interaction. One person can help other if one wishes to do and finds out the time for it. On internet there are several people who are needy and equally there are people who can help them. Project MH is meant to join such people together. To make everyone happy and healthy each one of us can contribute. I draw an example from a typical Indian society in the health domain:

Mr. Trivedi used to have a normal BP. But one morning no one could ever expected that the severe pain in his chest was due to heart attack until the family doctor told so. It was like a shock in his family. Within 24 hours the news spread to the whole colony and the relatives. Among them there were few persons who also heard this news. Each one had specific information that can help Mr. Trivedi. Mr. Das knew about B. M. Birla Heart Research Centre at Kolkata with its phone no. 033-456-7890/7777. Mrs. Rao knew that there is provision of 75% concession in fare for the heart patient and the companion in trains. Mr. Suman knew that there were medicines which can cure the disease at the first stage and there was no need of operation at this stage. Ms. Gupta had experiences at the hospital, when she went to treat her father for similar kind of treatment as suggested by Mrs. Rao. All these persons give their little but vital information to Mr. Trivedi’s family, their pains lightened automatically. His family members got moral support to face the difficulties coming ahead.

This is the healthy situation in a sound social set up and not everyone is fortunate to live in such a society. MH is intended to be such a sound society on the web and is meant to cater the needs of the people using the knowledge available to others. It’s users base will be mainly from Indian subcontinent. I have used the word continent because there are a lot of people from our neighboring countries, who have similar health problems as ours and they seek help in Indian hospitals.

To see others happy first need is to find out the pains which the other person is suffering and share the pain and gradually help him to overcome it. Each moment of time, each one of us is in at least one of the role among two roles .First is our role to help other and second is in need of help from some other. Project MH brings the people together where one role complements other. Consequently MH will be able to ease out the mental sufferings which are stronger than the physical pain. The healthy society will make the society happy.

Let the small information disseminate among us freely to make better and healthy society. Each one of us has something to share and contribute to make the motto true.

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MeraHealth – Foundation stone

Dear Sir/Friend,
Being a computer science and application student and my enthusiasm to serve the sick people of India has motivated me to devote my constructive attitude for the applications of e-health.
I will be writing on this topic through out my blogging life along with other similar friends on net. I have a dream of reaching medical applications for the lakhs of needy people and to aid doctors whose many of the needs can be assisted using the computers. It needs doctors, NGOs, Govt. officials, developers, supporters and the common man. A small contribution will be helpful .The purpose of this blog is not to generate money for it but the interaction between the similar enthusiasts like me or more than me. I need your ideas, your time, your services for this project. This project on e-health will not generate any money from the common man and doctors. It will give their life an ease. Project is to be called as MERAHEALTH or MH in short (I have registered for it but files need the sponsorship to upload). The word “MERA” is a Hindi word which means “my”. So this project is meant for myhealth, the health of million Indians. The module-1 have been started at NIMHANS, Bangalore two years early as my MCA project work. I choose not to do my MCA project work in any company due to this reason. I like to innovate according to our need or better to say I like to apply the innovations of other great people.This module deals with psychiatry and mental health. Why I choose this topic primarily, I will write other day.From that time, we have two professors Dr.N.Pradhan,MD, Dr.C.R.Chandrashekhar ,MD from Bangalore and from Saltlake software park,Kolkata I have Amitabha Sinha,M.Tech. in this project. More are needed in our team. I wish Dr. Sujay Rao, MS ,Manipal Hospital Bangalore will join us very soon.
The plan for MH is clear to my eyes revolving around it. You will be happy to know that the director of NIMHANS appreciated the module-1 and told about the support he can give for it.
I will not make any monetary profit from this project, the money generated from it will be invested in it again.Some medical companies can sponsor it, I am searching for the suitable one. The companies can run ads on the site in return of their sponsorship.

At last to sum up get a glimpse of my dream:

My neighbor is having a kidney problem.
a)What can I do now?
I go to the nearby doctor or enquire in some medical shop about kidney specialist. We can also go to the bigger town where a nephrologist may be available. Using computers what we can do is search Google for kidney topics and at last receive a lot of information of no immediate use for him.
b) What can be done with the MERAHEALTH project?
Logged on to and searched for the kidney doctor and can find the doctor's address and the contact no. along with the fees and the availability of appointment. May we find that a famous nephrologist comes in the same town tomorrow.Yes this kind of situation happens but we don't know about it most of the time. So we sent a request for an appointment with him instantly. Or we got booked a concession ticket for train instantly and set an appointment at CMC Vellore sitting in a colony of Saharanpur in UP.
The need of hour is make the dream true.

Yours truly,
Prem Piyush.

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