Her Marriage – The Final Blessing

“Yashomati Maiya se Bole Nandalala..” as now I read these lines on Juneli’s blog, could not resist to write something down, that I thought to write one night.

One night like regular calls my sister Pinky gave me a missed call. And I called her back after few minutes. After picking up phone, instead of “Hello” she was singing “Yashomati Maiya se Bole Nanda Lala….” she have a good voice and that time her singing was touching the soul. I joined her. We both completed the whole song. Many a times with friends and family members duet I do join.

Once she finished the song, she said slowly “Sona slept just now” . Actually after singing the song, she was trying to get her son “Sona” sleep .

Unlike man, a woman has clearly few stages of life well defined, not for just herself, but for the Mankind. Before she was to be married, to many persons Baba had to give same repeated answer ” Lets see, we are searching for.. (her matching groom) !” Once she got married, and at the in-law’s house everything was fine. After one year being first daughter-in-law at house there was still a vaccum felt.

Again she dedicated her worries to God again. She was blessed with a child. When most of the persons at laws house are fair including my bro-in-law. And my sister is wheatish. Perhaps destiny has its own msyteries. The baby was born with the Mother’s complexion. So she felt that her in-laws may be disappointed a bit. She said her husband about her possible worry about in- laws.” Hey this is my son ! ” – said the proud father who took care for mother and baby of  remaining more days at nursing home and still same today. This is one of the worries of a mother – duly evaporated by father in right manner.

Now seeing the baby sleeping, with the dreamy eyes of mother, she does sing to make herself happy -“Yashomati Maiya Se Bole Nandalala Radha Kyon Gori Main Kyon Kala……” for my little Krishna.

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Silky threads are here,
With me,
But not those,
Mehandi hands,
To tie them.

Sweets are here,
Full of shops,
But I shall,
Be hungry for one.

I have money,
Thousands today.
But 20 Rs. I gave them,
Asked from Baba,
They kept in purse, safe.

God bless,
My sisters,
With all happiness.
As their destiny –
Today is like poem only.

Flower Vase, Bangalore,27 August,07

A real story on my Bimla didi appears at my Hindi blog.

Married life and one year…

And Pinky gave me the missed call. I guess I am the perfect victim when she needs someone to hear so many things ( including craps) with patience. After hearing I was in the market, she was suggesting me to sleep, eat and merry best in the bachelor life as long as its available to me. “Why?” I asked. It was something different than her talks she would have so many of complaints.

“Dada, you may have free (?) classes from me. All your marriage dreams and poems may be about one year, once married. Afterwards you will feel how responsibilities are coming one by one. ” – she told.

She has got some uncommon sense of humour always. By grace of God, they make a perfect couple. She continued -“See for the whole day I took care of the baby. Now your bro-in-law is about to come home. And I am going to act slightly angry for just two minutes, as he will ask the reason, and I will tell a fresh set of grievances. And as reply, with all new set of promises, he will try to make me happy and take the baby for rest of the evening. And your ‘bechara’ bro-in-law with hungry stomach and tired body, have to do his father’s responsibility as well as husband’s. His business expectations are keeping him more busy for the day. And at home, the promotions demand more time from him. All of his friends do complain that for one year after marriage, they were happy. Once they got family promotions, they talk about the golden life of bachelorhood !! ”

I was just listening her and thinking these woman are no different.

On the other front, I was feeling happy, as she understands the things in much matured way and how she is going to do the pretty tantrums once he comes back to home. I know he will be relaxed in reality.

Her unwanted lecture was really helpful for me today. As I got an answer to – my worries of settlement that I had today. There is nothing blissful than golden bachelor life. Though ‘one year’ and afterwards, where my poems will go, I am not sure but . Before “Delhi ke laddu(I mean Saadi ke laddu)” , its time to write few more poems…


दीपा की शादी में मुहल्ले के सारे लोग जमा थे उस दिन सब खुशियाँ मना रहे थे । जैसा मामाजी ने बता रखा था – सोना उस रात बारातियों के लिए सारी व्यवस्था कर रहा था ।

सोना ने उस रात खाना भी नहीं खाया, उसकी प्यारी ममेरी बहन की शादी में उसे भुख भी नहीं लग रही थी । वैसे भी उसके यहाँ बहनों की शादी के दिन भाईयों को खाना नसीब नहीं होता है – जब तक सही सलामत विदाई न हो जाए ।

रात के ग्यारह बज चुके थे । पर जेनरेटरों की आवाज और दौड़ते – भागते और ठंड में भी आईसक्रीम माँगते बच्चे, और शहनाई की धुन में लगता था अभी भी शाम ही है । बंगाली बाराती के लड़के- लड़कियाँ और सजेधजे घरवाले । एक रात का नाच – गाना और झुठे – सच्चे वादे, छोटे मोटे तानाकशी और प्यार भरी शरारतें ।

शादी शुरू हो चुकी थी । पंडितजी नव-दंपती को अपनी नहीं समझ में आनेवाली मंत्र सुना रहे थे । सोना की माँ, मीनू सबके साथ मंडप के पास कुर्सी पर बैठी हूई थी । वैसे बेटियों की पसंद की हूई, क्रीम सिल्क की हल्की जड़ीदार साड़ी में आज वह खिल रही थी पर अब उसके चेहरे पर झुर्रियाँ साफ दिखती थी ।

अभी सोना बारातियों को जनवासा में रखकर मंडप के पास पहूँचा ही था कि मीनू उसे बुलाकर कह दी – अगर समय मिले तो हम सबके लिए काफी बनाकर ले आओ । पता चला कि भाड़े का काफी वाला जा चुका था और सभी को काफी पीने का मन हो रहा था ।

वैसे माँ की बात काटना उसके बस की बात नहीं । पर बगल में बैठी हूई थी सोना की मौसेरी और उसकी अपनी बहन भी – जो यह सोचकर मुस्कुरा रही थी – कि चलो सोना भैया हैं – अब काफी मिलेगा । कम से कम पचीस कप काफी बनाने में सहायता के लिए फैशन स्टुडियो की कोई मा़डल बहन आगे नहीं आयी – अगर साथ आयी तो फिर वही – छुटकी साँवली पियाली – सीधी साधी ।

मीनू अब भी देख रही थी – शादी की रस्में । बीच-बीच में कुछ मजाक भी कर लेती थी आस-पास की मेहमानों से । अचानक पीछे से आ खड़ी हूई – मधुजा की माँ – विद्या । और पता नहीं क्या सोचकर रख डाली अपने दोनों हाथ मीनू के कंधे पर । विद्या और मीनू में गहरी जानपहचान थी । वैसे विद्या थोड़ी अभिमानी भी थी – उसका एक कारण यह भी था – गोरी तीखे नयन नख्शों वाली उसकी बेटी मधुजा । मधुजा दीपा की सहेली भी थी पर उन दिनों एम एस सी की परीक्षा के कारण शादी में नहीं आ सकी ।

मीनू को विद्या को वैसा करना थोड़ा अजीब सा लगा ।

“क्या हो रहा है ।” – मुस्कुरा कर मीनू सिर उठाकर देखने लगी ।

विद्या ने फिर हँसकर थोड़ा वजन और बढ़ा दिया ।

“अब इस उम्र में इतना वजन कहाँ सह पाती हूँ ।” – मीनू दोनों हाथों को उलटकर उसके हाथों को प्यार से पकड़कर कहने लगी ।

अब थोड़ा बजन और बढाते हूए सिर झुकाकर धीरे से कहने लगी – ” मैं तो आपका वजन हल्का कर दूँगी – आप भी, अगर हो सके, तो मेरा वजन हल्का कर दो ना ! “

विद्या अब हँसकर भार हल्का कर दी । मीनू को सारी बातें समझते देर न लगी । बाकी कोई न समझ पाया कि क्या हो रहा है ।

मीनू के सपने वह खुद ही जानती थी । चाहती तो वह भी की सोना की जल्दी अंगुठी बन जाए । पर वही जानती थी कि सोना के लिए उसे क्या चाहिए – बस एक बिलकुल साधारण पत्थर खोजती थी – बाकी पारस पत्थर की कला उसे जो आती थी ।

मीनू कभी मधुजा की धुँधली छवि याद करती, तो कभी बारातियों और मेहमानों पर आँखें दौड़ाती पर उसका सिर अभी भी भारी सा लग रहा था ।

वह इंतजार कर ही रही थी – कि ट्रे में कप सजाए “साईड प्लीज – गरम काफी” ट्रेन भेंडर वाली स्टाईल में बोलता हूआ सोना आ गया था । मीनू कप उठाकर कहने लगी – “सोना, पहले आँटी लोगों को दो ।”

पियाली दुसरी छोटी ट्रे लेकर लड़कियों की तरफ चली गयी ।

April 4 , 2007

Welcome to the world,
– The Baby !

Today mother feels,
A complete woman.
Today father feels,
A complete man.

As a son,
To bring smiles,
To parent-in-laws.

You have brought,
Challenges – first,
Never like today.
Hope dear Godly baby –
You have the answers !

But I am sure,
Baby – you are different,
Something different,
And you are special –
To follow –
My Dear Lucky !

Blessing you dear
Your lone Mama-
For more reasons,
That only my,
Last so many years know.

With my tears,
For Krishna’s feet,
From the inner core-
My dear,
This day is for You.

लकी और आठ दिन

लकी – बस कई महीने का,
कैसा दिखता होगा,
कैसा हँसता होगा,
या फिर कैसा रोता होगा,
शायद नन्हीं आँखें आज
मेरी फिर राह तकती है ।

कुछ सुनी मैनें उसकी,
कुलबुलाहट आज फोन पर,
और बैचेन हो उठा,
ज्यों लगता यहीं कहीं है,
मन करता था – छू लुँ ।
उठा लुँ आज गोद में,
फिर मत्त झुमूँ मैं ।

बस और आठ दिन,
क्यूँ नहीं बीतते ?
जैसे बीत जाते हैं,
मेरे आठ दिन वहाँ,
आठ पहर जैसे !

Wanna Go Home !

I have planned to go home towards this month end to perform some necessary customs of Mama :), its a conincidence of Holi celebrations too. And to me, from today itself, its really started nostalgic feeling .

Strange is the fact that, as I grew older and came to Bangalore, this intensity also grew stonger. The most important factor is having worked in home-town for more than two years  enjoying the circle of my owns. At that time, other people seemed happy (some envious) of my place of employment.

Though same feeling was there in hostel days too, when we used to wait for vacations to start, but the intensity was comparatively less as then time used to pass-off easily with friends and classes. Only on the last day, I used to count hours and minutes waiting for Papa.

Presently may its the single status, that makes me nostalgic. But sometimes I do worry, whether this attachment towards home will remain same, once I will be settled down, with more liabilities and time constraint !

Her Marriage – The Dance of Life

This narration again goes to my sister, as she is so special to me. May be there are some traits of the woman, set as benchmark of excellence, though unread and unexplainable; my instinct keeps me away from most of the Bangalore’s highly materialistic girls.

The evening was not hot at all. But seeing her dance practices, it seemed that it was like a mid summer evening. She was perspiring with sweat, after so many rounds of dozens of dance swirling around her feet.Her payals used to set the neighborhood into vibrations. Though she lamented some times that why didn’t I learn table to that level. If I could have accompanied her, with the beats, she could have better coordinated her foot falls.

“Dada, I completed all rounds without stops.” And she was very much optimistic about her 6th year’s courses in Kathak despite really limited resources in the small town. And why not, her Lasik operations gave her a new look to life again. The weekly classes, by her Guruji, who used to come from Raiganj, she attended attentively, as well as cleverly, a trait mandatory in artistic learning. At the end of her weekly classes, I had to go for escorting her, in late evenings. . No matter, when midnight touches, she used to note down the all theoretical parts of dance, in her diaries, because she had to return back the book to someone.

That time with a perfect composure of a classical dancer, after all sweating out, her wheatish complexion appeared brighter and more confident, which is skin deep.

After she completed Sangeet Prabhakar in classical dance, her only wish remained, is to continue the education under some competent guru, with a guru-shishya parampara at some good place. Other option, she had been chosen that, she will learn Shahnaz Hussain’s beauty courses, and start her own entrepreneurship.

She has been artistic. And if literally to say, inclination towards arts subjects. Math remained the major obstacle in her career. Though she tried her best, but in fact it needed spoon feeding sometimes. During her secondary school exams, she got some trivial tips to solve problem from her favourite teacher. And I enjoyed the role as, I knew well, where she misses ‘the connecting links’ between a problem and derived solution.

Dreaming is a stepping stone, realization of the same is bliss. We didn’t have resources or someone well connected to metros to find out the details of scope for her.


And her years passed off teaching the neighborhood girls Kathak & painting , and engaging herself in free bridal make up services only in well close relations.

But there was a time, when we had to see the scopes of hers to find her day of bridal appearance. Her marriage searches started off. Newspapers were scanned for matrimonial ads. Ma emphasized that as she gets dressed in her best in functions and Durga Puja. Might she can draw in someone’s attention !

Its told, in our side unless the father’s sandal’s sole erases out, getting a groom is not possible. But this time, having her ultimate faith on me, I have to share the roles as well as decision with Baba.

Nights of ours just spent exploring all the possible scopes to us. Never we slept before 11 pm. It appeared as if we are desperate to send her out somewhere unknown. Family members’ opinions and discussions went on.

I think in these times, Ma’s duties increased to keep pushing Baba for efforts of groom searching. And endless were the talks of Ma-Baba, sometimes taking shape of arguments. Though Baba averred me as always taking Ma’s side, I managed their opinions, and derived the common thread between their opinions !

I made a presentable bio-data of hers as the best girl in the world. And next tasks were getting some of her snaps. Really difficult task one ! There were some of hers snapped in the local studios. And we started to search her best appearing snap, where everything looks perfect. Even the plates of saree, fingers well arranged, long hairs displayed with decency – and we got some picture perfect snaps. But among around 10 selected snaps with varied angles, we could choose out only two – in those she looked more beautiful. The interesting thing was both of them were snapped on our roof, not in studios! These snaps were snapped by our photographer, Vilash uncle, who came some day on her call, and everything went unnoticed to us until snaps bills came to Baba. Rest all hundreds of bucks spent in studios could not bring her natural smile in artificially painted studio backgrounds.

And this side, whenever I used be in journey for possible approaches, I had to but a weight on my heart. From the day, she appeared into our house, she had been lucky for the family in many more ways. And the fact is, from the day she left us; we became almost dispersed family and unable to manage the same. And it wouldn’t be same ever again, unless such a pious soul again enters our home in any form.

With every possible negotiation talks, there were budding hopes, dreaming castles and sudden or slow melting of the same too.

One of them is worth interesting, when Ma wanted to buy the groom !

Without going into details, I would like to mention, her two line statement to the mediator over phone was, “Why 5 lakhs, I shall give 7 lakhs to Mr. X , for his handsome engineer son. And as I might have paid such a pretty sum, he has to just leave his son, and he will be only ours forever! ” – she smiled back on the customs again.

And our children union, we needed some smart gossips to just pass off the time.

In our children arena, we calculated the good grooms available on that day. Suppose there are 100 Hindu guys to be married, in our contact. As we have managed till now a teetotaler culture, so seeing the habits of current generation, 70 will be out in screening test only. In rest 30, 10 guys will be already committed as Bengali girls are smarter to catch up job holder guys early, 10 guys will be searching for paper ad type beauty queens. In rest 10 guys, 5 will seek for professionally settled girls in preference. So there are only 5 guys for us in 100s. In rest, 5 we have to choose out one who will give her full opportunity to fly high. But where is 5’s and who is the last one, who will accept her, as she is.

Outside home, in the practical battlefield front, while meeting parents and guys, I knew how to evaporate the ego (be it mine or others), how to bring out their suppressed humanity, to start a genuine relation. And used to return home with bundles details to be talked till late nights, about people and their opinions, ideas and future preferences.

From our relatives and friends at home, many proposals came positive, some of them looking so great that, we can’t even dream off. Some places, she needed to be prepared to make compromise a lot. But as Ma have decided early that, we wouldn’t ever tell no to any guest. Let everyone come, respect the guest with your best and leave the fate to the Almighty.

The mantra worked well. One day in Tata Indica, came 5 guests. The guy, his sisters and uncle and friend. And we were prepared for a customary bride exhibition function (which I disliked most ). But this time by courtesy of the guests, they turned that into a casual homely talks.

Like others, they too departed and before departure the guy did our formal pranaam with manner and shacked hands with us (and with my sister too) and waived hands high with a wide smile, while getting back into the car.

Omen was well read.

Next Sunday, his parents, or better to say that the parents of the smart, fair and tall guy, accepted well the choice of his son, whatever she was, whole heartedly.

They invited us for their verification of house, business etc.! I predicted about, down to earth father-in-law, if the dream like day was going to be true.

After a minor verification by my parents, they decided to move ahead. Though I was told several times, but I was not willing to verify, and I was very much confident on the confidence of the guy and had chosen him out in the first glance only, as I had meet several other prospective grooms too.

On 21st day of their visit, his Tilak (Aashirwadi ) was done, as they wished . Marriage day was fixed. There was a gap of 4 months between his tilak and marriage. And the girl’s aashirwadi was not done, as if still she was free to move.

Ma & PinkyThe hazy snap of Ma & Pinky right here is taken out from the video clip, before we were to depart for Aashirwadi. Her fingers are still coloured with red alta, she just applied around Ma’s feet. Hope her fingers are dry :).


It was again another Saturday evening after one month of Aashirwadi. The to-be groom’s parents were at our home for some homely talks regarding marriage arrangements.

In the same evening, I received a call of my good friend, who was at home in vacations. He is a well placed professional in a reputed MNC in UK.

Sister was well noticed and well appreciated by his mother, much before, but never expressed clearly that to us. And undeniable fact is, on her face, she carries simplicity and a natural smile that’s obviously appears on the faces of many the small town girls or those who come from small towns.

Though we too thought some times to make a proposal as best relations never expect those bits of ego, but we could not approach them, as they might fall in ( prime ) dowry group as the status of groom and Ma’s unwillingness to promote this system. Other thing, we were not sure, as how much they will be able to give wings to fly, to a girl, as per her wishes, born in a Bengali culture.

He holds a command affection with me, and told that along with his parents he was coming next day. I scented his voice and purpose. I told there are guests related to her marriage at our home. He heard the news of negotiations of my sister are going on. And at the same time, he confirmed whether aashirwadi of her’s is done or not.

And as planned they were at our house next morning. And I respected them a lot, since last 10 or more years he has been like my brother and of course his parents like my own uncle-aunty.

But seeing the guests already present there, as early bird, they were really calm and the situation left me in real life dilemma. Their eyes were clearly hopeful still. And when luck brings to many things together, we are unable to decide whom to hear; heart or mind.

And it was our turn to decide. Whom to choose, if possible?

One with such a good qualification, a pay-package enough to raise the eyebrows of most of today’s girl’s, good looking NRI and best aspect was known to me since more than 10 years with all nitty-gritty of the personality.

Other with a B.Com of Kolkata university, an entrepreneur as well as a small tea estate owner. He does not have a pay –package, but earns hard worked profit, may be not comparable with a heavy NRI pay-package. The only concerned thing was, his past record and current actual status still unknown. How he may turn out for her in future, was not known to us. And visiting UK so easily, will be dream for him at least.

Houseful of guests. More lucks at home !

With opportunity of so many guests at home, varieties of Bengali cuisines were being served. And desperately, we needed a private talk among we family members that time, for a decision, if possible again.

And kitchen is the ultimate place of ours for such moments. I had to decide to an extent and I already decided something in my head.

I called sister in a another room. And told her – “See this is a once in lifetime chance. Your future is depending here. May your luck is giving you the better, that you deserved. About that guy I am sure and as well as for my friend, I am much more sure. Both’s parents are here today, and both of them want you with all the respect.”

“Dada, what ever you are telling that’s correct. You are thinking better for me. But now I am committed to him, as you people have done his aashirwadi too.” – She tried to make me understand.

“His is done, but your aashirwadi is not done. You can decide again, it’s a chance of UK, and best of out of this life, we could never think off, and a family that will be caring for you ever. You can fulfill all your dreams there. ” – I kept trying to convince her.

“Everything is fine. But he was the first to chosen me this way. I have talked with him too after aashirwadi. How I can think off leaving him alone here, and go for UK.” – She was moving her eyes away from me.

I recalled about her dreams of growing high with my best possible logic.

And she was undeterred and tried to avoid hearing my suggestions further. She hurried off to kitchen to help Ma.

Alone I was left in room. I was not pained at all. I was a proudest brother on the Earth of having such a sister of mine.

This coincidence of coming another guests with a prospective NRI guy, spread into guy’s family afterwards. And there was created a beautiful impression for a girl, ready to embrace her.

Before this day, at her to-be in-law’s house, I have seen her photo, that we sent for proposal, had been framed beautifully and kept on a single table between two newly bought flower vases in the drawing room. I never imagined this !

And she got married with best possible arrangements and best possible reception at their end. Though for us, we do prefer a very simple traditional Bengali marriage, but for her, I kept all our principles knowingly away for her dream day.

And she still receives the best care from her life partner, for the sacrifice she did or commitment she showed.

Her in-laws village is 35 km inside the national highway, but a well developed one with all facilities. However I can console my self, its worth to say, the place is never a chance to grow her talents, as she dreamt off. But the good thing is that , every one is flexible to let the couple reside in Darjeeling’s down town, where the guy have runs own business.

Willingness never dies. Creativity can’t be hidden. After few months of marriage, there was a day when in her neighborhood of in-laws house, a young girl wanted to learn classical dance from her. And happily from home, she carried her payals with her. And she started her one- student -class for just sake of little fee and engaging the time. And the neighborhood must have again started vibrating in payals’s sounds in the in-laws house. The vibrations , I could hear it here too.

“Dada, I have danced a lot yesterday, though my legs pained a bit.” – next day she was telling me over phone.

Past to Present – (3) Learning Curves

It was the day, when I was promoted to Mama. Ma became Nani, and she grew older but in reality she found a new partner for cheers 🙂 .

I reached on time to the Mata Gurji Medical College Hospital from Siliguri, as I heard Didi was admitted there. And God’s clock ran faster than all human predictions! It was the first time, when I saw a newborn baby of less than one hour. A new born baby looks just like pink tiny body, to whom even touching may give a another kind of sensation. As my hands were not washed (with Dettol soap, as the TV commercials shows :), I didn’t touched the baby. As the world welcomed him, the baby too welcomed me with little open eyes and we shared something unknown.

My joys had no bounds for the newly welcomed guest for our home. For a person like me, these special events, brings up whole circle of turbulent thoughts.

For the first time, the first thing I imagined – Was I also appeared as the same tiny soul on earth in front of my elders ? Though this appears as the most trivial thought one may have, but imagining myself in the same tiny body, gave me a different feelings altogether. In evening hours, when the baby was resting with open eyes, Ma told me pick up the baby as I really wanted to ‘feel’ the baby. Though I did not have confidence to pick the tiny pink newborn baby up, I did so, on being insisted by Ma. With all the cushions of the baby ( I added one more thick towel 😀 ), I picked the baby up, softly.

As my joys were no bounds , I slowly made dance movements with my favourite devotional tunes cuddling the baby into my chest. It was the start of a very auspicious relation – of Mama – Bhanja. In our area, for many auspicious occasions, starting good works with this pair is said to be bringing good omens. And the baby seemed to understood everything and was perfectly calm on my lap. And even now at his naughty age of 4th year, Mridu (मृदु) in my company, turns out as – I am a good boy – automatically without any extra effort. Of course with a wish that he may enjoy a game on his fav compu ( laptop).

And on that day I got immersed into another array of thoughts. These ranged from the duties and sense of thankfulness of a grown up infant (that’s me) with my duties towards my elders – who cared for us some day and spent days and nights. How much dreams for our future and well being they must have carried in their eyes while trying to get us asleep! How much care they took for us when the infant grows up so much of precautions! The precautions ranges widely, slipping down from bed, small cuts, trying to eat everything including insects and emotional needs ! The list is endless…

Why one takes care for the small babies so much? While giving them selfless love, they never wish for money, fame or anything else. But of course they wish for a token of love and faith, in return back, when they grow up, even if the innocence diminishes with the human growth. How they may feel, when instead of treating them with love they are not given even the basic human treatment ?

Its worth(less) to mention about some persons, who on being shared these feelings, remarked “What so special, when every parents have to do their duties !! ” I was shocked and my feelings got buried deep.

Though it’s my practical experience that when the elder people especially old age are given a really good treatment, they turn out as child again. (A post pending here on our mausi caretaker- “Khairun’s Ma”)

Many things in our life, we can’t feel with ‘lectured words’ unless we undergo same situation to feel the same. Finding the new born baby in my lap, I was immersed with great sense of unpaid gratefulness. That day as Ma was sitting there, I put my head on her lap, recalling, what she might had done for us. We were again on the long enriching gossips, and her concluding remark was- “Ekhon kothai bujhechis Babu ! somoy aaschte jabe, aaro bujhbi. Kintu aajke bujhte paris, sei tai onek !! ( Babu (as she calls me) , when could you have understood all the things ! As the time will pass by, you will learn much more. And for now it’s satisfying that, today you can feel these things !! )

These mothers are always correct. Still I have to learn, and really a lot, I think.

Thanks a lot, for all the learning curves, paved by you, for us.

मेरी पहली हवाई यात्रा – 1

मेरी बहन पिंकी को समर्पित – जिसकी बत्तीसी बहूत दिनों से नहीं दिखी है और जिसकी इच्छा थी इसे ब्लाग पे डालने की ।

हाँ तो मैनें एक वादा किया था कुछ दिनों पहले । सो मैं अब ब्लाग गाड़ी का स्टियरिंग घुमा रहा हूँ , हमारी लेखन शैली से ।

एक छिपी बात यह है कि मैं हरेक रविवार शापिंग कम्पलेक्स में ह्युमर का बटी खोजने जाता था । वहाँ पुरे भारत से आयी खुबसुरत लड़कियाँ खुब मिल जाती, पर ह्युमर कहीं भी नहीं मिलती । बाद में उनके बराबर वहाँ आने का राज पता चला – वो भी सेंट ( सेंस) आफ ह्युमर खोजने आती थी ।

वैसे एक गहरी रात शांता ( अरे ये शांता कोई लड़की नहीं, क्रिसमस का दाढ़ी वाला पेटु शांता क्लाउज है) मेरे कमरे में कुछ रहस्यमय गिफ्ट टपका गया ।

खैर जाने दिजीए ये बातें, इस कड़ाके की ठंड में गँवार की दुकान की थोड़ी चाय पेश रहा हूँ, मलाई मारकर । आशा है, चुस्की मारकर पियेंगे । वैसे पसंद न आए तो इसे फेंकने की चिंता मत किजीए , अनेक इंडियन लोगों की तरह घर के बाहर वाला , खुले सड़क का विशाल कुड़ादान है ना ।

अब कास्टिंग खत्म और फिल्म चालु आहे ।

यह कहानी है – मेरी पहली हवाई यात्रा की ।

गारंटी है कि खेत के मेड़ से, आपके दादाजी की तरह हमारे दादाजी ने भी आकाश में कई बार हवाई जहाज उड़ते देखी होगी, जब तक सिर के ऊपर से वह पुरी तरह से गुजर न जाए। उस पर चढ़ने का स्वपन देखने की गलती उन्होनें नहीं की होगी, इतना तो मुझे पुरा विश्वास है । वे लोग बस बगल से एक बार हवाई जहाज देख पाते तो खुद को भाग्यशाली मानते । ये अलग बात है खेत के मेड़ से हवाई – जहाज देखने के दौरान, इधर उनका भैंसा अपना ही खेत चर गया ।

अच्छा छोड़िए गुजरे जमाने की, सीधे लैंडिंग किजीए हमारे जमाने में । हमारे कस्बों में लालु नेता, आई मिन, आलु नेता, भिंडी नेता को भाषण के लिए भीड़ जमानी हो तो बस हेलीकाप्टर से पहूँचना होता है । हमारे गाँवों में तो खैनी डोलते पटुआ के खेत से बस हेलीकाप्टर भगवान का दर्शन करने पहूँच जाती है, भारी भीड़ ।

जाने दीजिए गाँव की बात ,हमारे शहर में, मैं भी एक बार ऐसे ही भाषण सुनने गया था, पर देखता रहा दो घंटे तक हेलीकाप्टर और उसके बड़े – बड़े डैने और दिमाग भिड़ाता रहा उसे फंक्सनिंग पर।

खानदान में सबने प्लेन देखा, पर दूर से । सबके आशीर्वाद से पैसावाला हो गया ना, अब तो मैं बगल से प्लेन देख सकता हूँ । यह मन चिड़ैया भी है ना, बड़ा लोभी होता है । ट्रेन में नये यात्री की तरह, बैठने दो तो पैर उठाने का जगह निकाल लेगा, पैर उठाने दो तो, थोड़ी देर में पसर जाएगा । आमदनी बढ़ी तो मेरे मन का अपना धंधा शुरू हो गया । अब मानव जन्म सार्थक करने का मौका है । कुछ घंटो के लिए पंछी का अवतार मिल सकता है ।

हाँ तो मैनें ठान लिया, प्लेन पर चढ़ना है । इकोनामी क्लास की हवाई यात्रा भी चलेगी । गुग्गुल की बुटी दादाजी के दवाई के काम आता था । ये कैसा होता है कभी जानने की कोशिश नहीं की हमने पर वैसा ही कुछ मिलता जुलता नाम का उपयोग हमने गुग्गुल डाट काम का किया ईटरनेट में – सस्ते फ्लाईट खोजने में । बहुत छानकर मिला एक – स्पाईस जेट । शब्दार्थ खोजा तो पता चला – मशाला जेट । वैसे स्पाईस जेट के प्रचार में लाल ड्रेस में एयर होस्टेस एकदम लाल परी सी लग रही थी । मैनें भी मशाला फिल्मों से इसे जोड़ दिया । मतलब ये हुआ कि, हवाई जहाज में खुबसुरत एयर होस्टेस । अब क्या था – मन हिलोरें मारने लगा । इस मुसीबत की दुनिया से काफी उपर, नील आकाश में लाल परियों के साथ यात्रा ।Spice Jet

शुरु हो गयी तैयारी । टिकट बुक करवाया ईटरनेट से । मगर विश्वास नहीं हुआ कि बिना लाईन में लगे खुद से प्रिटिंग किया हूआ कागज टिकट कैसे हो सकता है । खुद को ऐसे मनाया कि मेरे को ठग सकते है सभी को थोड़े ही न ठगेंगे । कुछ भी हो हमलोग समझदार यात्री है, हमने टिकट परे छपे नियम-कानुन ध्यान से पढ़े । देखा एक ही बैग ले जाने को कहा है – उसकी लंबाई – चौड़ाई – ऊँचाई – भार, 35 किलो सब निर्धारित है । एक अलग से लैपटाप जा सकता है । चल तब तो ठीक है ।

टिकट करवाया था यात्रा के एक महीना पहले । घर पे तो पहले बता ही दिया कि मैं इस बार फ्लाईट से आ रहा हूँ । रिश्तेदारों में यह बात फैल गयी । अब उनसे बात होती तो, फ्लाईट का जिक्र जरूर करता । दिन गिनने लगा मैं फिर ।

सामान भर कर बैग बहुत भारी लग रहा था – कहीं 35 किलो तो न हो गया । सुबह पनसारी की दुकान गया । कहा – भैया मेरा बैग नाप दो जरा । चावल -दाल के जगह बैग, वह शायद सोच रहा होगा । पता है, वह भारी था सिर्फ 15 किलो ।

उस दिन फ्लाईट शाम को थी । आफिस से भी जाया जा सकता था, यही तो बिजी लाईफ है न । आफिस का काम भी ज्यादा कुछ नहीं, मगर आन लाईन बहुत दिनों बाद भेंट हो गयी – एक पुरानी दोस्त । जिसके पास शिकायतों का पुरी रेडीमेड पोटली थी । पर मैनें न छेड़ी उसे । पता था – अगर पोटली खुली तो, शांति का आशा नहीं थी । और उस दिन को मैं पुरी शुभ यात्रा बनाना चाहता था । फिर किसी को जान बुझकर दुखी करके यात्रा थोड़े ही न बनता है । सो मैनें थोड़ी देर ही सही बिलकुल नये दोस्त के तरह बात की, वो खुश और मैं भी खुश । बाई – बाई फिर आफलाईन ।

दोपहर का खाना आफिस में उस दिन खाया भी न जाता था । फुल एक्साईटमेंट । बहुत सारे सहकर्मियों के लिए हवाई यात्रा, आटो रिक्शा जैसा था । मैं एक बार खाली चढ़ तो लुँ, हवाई जहाज पर, हरेक साफ्टवेयर प्रोफेशनल की तरह अपना भी जन्म सार्थक हो जाए । एयरपोर्ट जाने के नाम पे आटोवाले ने भी रेट ज्यादा लगाया । उसका रेट पचास रुपये ज्यादा था । खैर मैंने भी सोचा, प्लेन पर चलने वाले को इन आटो वालों से ज्यादा मोल भाव नहीं करना चाहिए । मैं भी मान गया, उसका रेट । वो भी जा खुश होकर ले जा रहा था हवाई यात्री को । मैं महसुस कर रहा था – पुरा गर्वित ।

वैसे ही घर सात महीने के बाद जा रहा था – वो भी हवाई जहाज से । वहाँ घर पे सब महीने – दिन – अब घंटे गिन रहे थे । खुब नाम लिया – अपने भगवान का ।

एयरपोर्ट पर पहूँचकर देखा तो सब स्टेन्डर्ड यात्री । ज्यादातर बढ़िया सुटकेश और बढ़िया बैग लेकर चलने वाले । इधर हमारे स्टेशन पर तो झोला वाले ज्यादा दिखते हैं , वैसे सस्ते सुटकेश ही आजकल खुब दिखते हैं – दिल्ली, पंजाब जाने वालों मजदुरों के ।

हम भी हाई क्वालिटी साफ्टवेयर मजदुर जो ठहरे । मन में प्लान हो गया कि अगली बार के लिए एक हवाई यात्रा लायक सैमसोनाईट सुटकेश खरीदना होगा , आखिर हमारे सम्मान की बात है । खैर हमने भी अपना बैग का चेन चेक कर लिया था । किस्सा था कि उस बैग का चेन कभी-कभी स्लिप करता था ।

हमारे एक मित्र हैं – जिन्होनें बता दिया था कि पुरी जाँच पड़ताल होती है, सीट नम्बर भी वहीं मिलेगा इसलिए एक घंटा पहले जाना चाहिए । हमने लिखा देखा – “चेक इन” और खड़ा हो गया, अपना बैग लेकर । मैं पुरा एक घंटे पहले पहूचा था ना इसलिए नबंर एक मे था लाईन में । पुरे बीस मिनट खड़ा रहा वहीं । पीछे मुढ़कर देखा तो लंबी लाईन लगी थी । मैं पुरा गौरवान्वित महसुस कर रहा था उस समय , नहीं तो मुझे एक बार लेट से स्टेशन पहूँचकर चलती गाड़ी में चढ़ने का बुरा अनुभव रहा है ।

शुरु हो गयी चेक – इन । मेरे सामने एक पट्टी चलने लगी । एक स्टाफ ने डाल दिया मेरा बैग उस पट्टी पे । चला गया, बेचारा बैग – बिना मालिक का , एक छोटी सी गुफा में । मेरे पैर के मोच का एक्स रे करवाया था दो सौ रुपये लगे थे । अरे वाह, यहाँ सामान का एक्स रे फ्री । हमें बगल के दुसरे रास्ते से टिकट देखकर जाने दिया । सोचा कि मेरा बैग मिल जाएगा अंदर जाकर । पर नहीं मिला बैग,मैं वहाँ खड़ा रहा । मेरे पीछे खड़े कई महाशय अपना सुटकेश लेकर चले गये । उसके बाद दो लोग और अपना सामान लेकर चले गये । मगर मेरा दिमाग ठनका – कुछ गड़बड़ हुआ है । मेरा बैग देखा तो जाँच करने वालों ने उठाकर रख लिया था । मुझे खड़ा देख जाँच करने वाला पुछा – “ये आपका बैग है, पता चला है कि इसमे तीन बड़े- बड़े पैक्ड डब्बे है ।” “अरे सही है यार, एक्स रे मशीन तो उस्ताद है “- मैनें सोचा । मैनें कहा – “दवाई हैं “। उसने मुझे बैग खोलने को कहा – “चैक होगा “। लोगों के भरे एयरपोर्ट में, मैं खोल कर निकाल रहा था अपना सामान । हाय रे , गई मेरी प्राईवेसी बुट लादने । मैनें दिखाई उनको महंगी आयुर्वेदिक दवाई के तीनों सील्ड पैकेट , जो मैंने माँ के लिए खरीदी थी । वे पुछने लगा -” डाक्टर का पुर्जा कहाँ है “। वो फिर कहने लगा -” दवाई बिना पुर्जा के ले जाने नहीं दिया जाता ” । खैर उस बंदे को मैनें समझा दिया – आयुर्वेदिक दवाई के पुर्जे नहीं होते । वो अब पुछने लगा -” दवाई के उपयोग “। डाक्टर तो बन न पाया , पर अब उसे ऐसा डाक्टरी अंदाज मे समझा दिया, उसने वह भी सोच रहा होगा कि उसे एक पैकेट गिफ्ट में कोई देता । वह संतुष्ट हो गया कि मैं उग्रवादी (टाईप) नहीं हूं । खैर मुक्ति मिली ।Airport Bangalore Inside

बैग से पैक्ड सामान को निकालकर फिर से डालना भी बड़ा कष्टकर होता है । अब चेन से मस्क्कत करने के बाद मैनें बैग उन्हें दे दिया । उनलोगों नें उसे पुरा सुरक्षा स्टीकर से सील किया ।

अब मेरे पीछे आये सारे लोग हवाई अड्डे में सभी बड़े प्रेम से अपना सामान लेकर जा रहे हैं , सीट नम्बर लेने । अब एक बात तो पक्की थी कि मेरे से पहले बहूत लोग अपना सीट नंबर ले चुके थे । किस्मत मेरी अगर तेज रही तो ही मिलेगी, खिड़की वाली सीट । अब आगे जाकर देखा तो दुकान सी लगी हूई थी, सभी हवाई कंपनियों की । किंगफिसर वाले का राजसी लाल कालीन बिछा था, उनके काउंटर के सामने l। ईर्ष्या से जल भुनकर रह गया मैं । पर अपनी किस्मत में मिला मैं खोज रहा था , सस्ते फ्लाईट, स्पाईस जेट का काउंटर । दिख गई लाल परी काउंटर पर । वहाँ मैं फिर लाईऩ में लग गया । अभिवादन किया लाल परी ने । अरे क्या खुब मुस्काई । बडी तेज दिखती थी, उतनी है तेज चलती थी उसकी पतली भिंडी सी अंगुलियाँ, उसके कंप्युटर पर । साफ्टवेयर इंडस्ट्री में इन परियों के लिए कुछ सीटों का आरक्षण का विधेयक संसद में पेश होना चाहिए । उसने फिर मुस्कुराकर पुछा – कोई सीट की इच्छा । मैनें झट से कहा – खिड़की के तरफ । वो सिर हिलाई – मतलब मिल गया । हमारी लाटरी लग गयी । मन तो किया कि लाल-परी का मोबाईल नंबर या ई-मेल आई-डी ले लुँ । पर स्वाभिमानी मैं भी कम नहीं – नहीं लिया ।

उधर मेरा बैग एक बंदे ने वहीं पर ले लिया । देखा चली गयी बेचारी बैग – फिर एक पटरी पे ।

रह गया हाथ में मेरा अपना हैडबैग , जिसमें सोई थी – मेरी प्यारी बीबी, आई मिन – मेरा लैपटाप, पानी का बोतल, मेरी इस्कान की किताबें और नास्ता । अब लग गया मैं फिर से लाईन में । अब जाना था – वेटिंग कारिडार में । फिर जाँच हूई मेरे है़डबैग की – लग रहा था , फिर इसका भी एक्स-रे होगा । हे भगवान – परीक्षा पास करा दे – मेरे इस बैग को । डाल दिया बैग फिर एक फीते पे । फिर उधर जाकर देखा – बेचारा बैग दो-चार पलटियाँ खाकर लुढ़का हूआ है , बाकी लोगों के बैग के साथ । इतने बेदर्द क्यों है ये लोग ?  मेरे लैपलाप का कुछ हुआ तो नहीं – मेरी धुकधुकी शुरु हो गयी । खैर तसल्ली इस बात से हुई कि शायद ऐसा सबके बैग के साथ होता होगा, सो कोई बात नहीं ।

वहाँ जाकर देखा, बस फर्स्ट क्लास वेटिंग रुम जैसा कुर्सी की लाईन । एक बंदे को देखा तो लैपटाप खोलकर बड़ी तेजी से कुछ लिख रहा था, और वैसी ही खुब मुस्कुरा रहा था । मैं समझ गया – बंदा किसी गर्ल-फ्रेंड से चैटिंग कर रहा हैं । वैसे आफिस में खाना तो ठीक से खाया तो नहीं गया, अब लगी थी भुख बड़ी तेज । देखा सामने नास्ते का काउंटर है । कई तरह के सजाए खाने का सामान । दो पावरोटी, मतलब टोस्ट, के भीतर चम्मचभर सब्जी डाल दो तो यहाँ कहते हैं – सैंडविच –  कीमत चालीस रुपये । समोसा – तीस रुपये । काफी तीस रुपये । अब याद आ गया मेरा स्टेशन , पावरोटी पाँच रुपया पैकेट, समोसा – दो रुपया । काफी – पाँच रुपये ।

खैर मैं भी हवाई जहाज पे जा रहा था । ट्रेन की यात्रा से ये काफी बेहतर है ना, मैने अब पर्स का मोटापा भी वैसा कर लिया था । सो आर्डर किया सैडविच और काफी । सत्तर रुपये का बिल । पेट क्या भरा, बोलकर अब फायदा नहीं ।

अब मेरी अंगुलियाँ खाते-खाते दुख रही है । याद आ रही है दुरदर्शन के बीते जमाने में रविवार के फिल्म की इंटरवल वाली बात –

फीचर फिल्म का शेष भाग 7:45 पर । आई मिन – कहानी जारी रहेगी …..