Blogging is Back

Blogging will be/is back!

Given the era of bygone golden days of WordPress – when we used to dial up from telephone connection to get internet. And we used to write posts – then we connected to people of word across. A simple comment used to bring smile on the face. This happiness is from eternity.

And now all are connected all together much better way – through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and so many other channels with 4G, 5G – with hundreds of connections and fan followings. But the thing is missing the Originality of Expression. The happiness of reading/writing is missing mostly.

Things will be hallucinated more as AI will be coming to disrupt a lot of content creation- adding to more confusion. And no way – the happiness of natural reading/writing can be achieved.

We are in the Era of Fast Food and So comes the Fast Content – Not long lasting and having side effects. The Era of mass production of Food and Content. Very much confused what to consume – not satiating to soul.

And like organic food/content will not reduce its value or content. Hence am back to produce my original content – original food of brain – a Writing. Hence I will continue to write here and all the content of my previous blog is moved to here.


Hey Storm,

You Broke me Up.

My Trunk.

But I am strong.

With a Firm Base.

With my Strong Roots Intact.

I will come up with new shoots.

More Dense.

More Meaningful

With More Glory.

Because – I can Do it.


One night,
In the woods dark,
He slept half,
and half awake
within the dry leaves, swamp
Hearing the sound,
The sweet one.

Some bird – may be cuckoo.

Crippled near to the tree,
It was better,
It seemed-
The lyrics,
With the sweet music.
Talking to him.
Lonely in the dense and dark.

As the hours flew away,
The more chirpings added,
Of other birds.
Its dark blue in the east.
The soul orchestra fainted
In the light of dawn

Only in night,
It was routine,
Another and yet another night.
His closed eyes,
created motifs from songs,
Rainbows converted to waves.

To hold the music,
Climbed the tree.

And he hold the bird
Yes – its cuckoo.
Pure Black –
He saw in morning.

Next night,
It sang again,
At his garden.

But the song was,
Lyrics without music.
Hazy waves,
Shapeless patterns,
And no colors.

Last night,
He left cuckoo free,
To hear again
In Dark woods.

Highway to men’s heart

Since last one week, I am on bed, isolated in one room. Neem leaves spread over the bed and I am awaiting for blisters to dry up and back to my health again. I, with two more colleagues got chicken pox at the same time. Not sure if its the temparature humidity controlled AC room and another colleague who have just recovered up or being blessed with the Mata not blessed earlier (Chicken pox is still considered the blessing of Godess in many part of India). Anyway it has to happen!

During the course, the fever, headache and the weakest feeling have changed the taste buds too. Earlier days as the mouth was affected, even a bit of salt or slightest spicy food was intolerable. I was given boiled food with little salt and turmeric. I used to have the changed menu even in those days. Though I must admit, the boiled food has been tasty really. Dear used to have the same food, prepared for me. Not sure, how! Note worthy here is we both love spicy food!!

Today’s lunch was again simple and again same dull looking because of the little oil and microscopic masala but it was plateful rice, dal with lauki, bottlegourd bhaji, aloo gobhi sabji. After the weakness in this recovery period, I had finished them in a shot and asked for a second little serving!!

May be its again one of the tastiest food, I had from her. May be spices that contribute to the taste, but its something else than spices that makes food so tasty! Love you dear !!

I used to have little argument with her on the old saying that, the way to men’s heart is not only through stomach but other things too. But I guess there exists ‘a way’, and infact there must be a national highway in construction !!

Sri Ganeshay Namah

And today I got up very early. I got some peaceful morning hours to blog, as Shubh is sleeping. And this is the right time, when I should get up as per Ma. In fact we remember, that the very mornings, when we used to be sleep, Ma used to study for her graduation and masters and also complete the morning chores.

I am starting to post the photos of Shubh and Dear first time on the blog. Lets share a photo that was snapped on Ganesh Puja, that was arranged for the first time behind D’s flat. He is wearing the dress given by Ravi bhai.

Mar 25, 2011

The Shell

Hard it may look,
Laying near the beach.
It sees the waves,
Of vast sea.

It is alive-
With a world within,
Protected over.

For the life inside,
Which is very delicate,
Soft and swimming,
In a little sea within.

The shell – he is today.

How Many Roties Your Guest Eat!!

Case A: “How many Roties you eat !!”  – The host asked the Guest before going to prepare dinner for him.

Case B: During dinner, host has served 2 roties and curry to the guest, a grown up person.  After some time, curry is there in Guest’s plate but roties has finished. Host comes with a single roti in a plate and asks the guest, “Do you want more!”  Guest hesitantly says – “okey one”.  After few mins – host asks from the kitchen ” Do you want more roties!”  Guest says – “No its okey”.

Having been in such places – wish I could put the plate down and move out.  But bonded with some social terms – had to gulp food unwillingly.

I guess  – these particular hosts behaviors, they don’t do knowingly, but they inherit it. Playing host is an art as well a religion – that’s mostly inherited. At least in Indian context – host must GUESS out (or ask politely, if the need arises) the food interests based on the time of day, the distance the guest has come or anything that gives a clue. His hesitation must be respected instead of exploring his belly volume or level of hunger.

In former “Case:A” a person will not eat 50 roties – so preparing a few more roties than a normal person eats, is not going to affect the hosts kitchen budget significantly. In later “Case: B” extending the hand with few rotis over guest plate will give a clue- if the guest wants to have more.

Preparing food for any one is preparing “Prasadam”. If you believe that it will satisfy the a human’s first basic need. And if this belief is right – the right attitude will come. And if you have the right attitude the prepared food will look great – aroma will make guest more hungry – and of course the taste will be great.

I will put two more cases of Host’s attitude that I saw again closely:

Case C:A guest arrived at somebody’s home. Around 15 mins of talk is over. The guest is now about to leave. At the time guest gets up the chair , the host asks ‘Should I prepare some tea for you’. Guest replies – “No thanks its okey”.

Case D:A North Indian host arranged party for the friends, which comprised mostly of south Indians. But the host arranged the venue where north Indian food is served. Its not because the south Indians wanted to have the north Indian food, but the North Indian Host does not like south Indian food !!

To “Serve” a food to guest – one must behave like “Servant”.

Its Our World

Dear Eternal Love,

A warm welcome to the eyes, soul and on the mother earth. After your arrival, I am conscious – of being a father. The change in me – that now only I can feel. It’s nice – really nice; personally and professionally.

Everything came in the way – just because of the Almighty’s wish. A friend of mine – you are; that’s the impression first I got – when I bent over you first time. Miles to go dear – together. Morning walks – Cycling together – and learning so many things together…. Like your growing days as a kid – I am too growing as a father.

Now everything, I do, I am conscious of you around. You are listening, learning, following consciously/unconsciously to me as you are following the world around. Sometimes – I need to change, improve, evolve as a person: that’s good I think. And also I as a person, am conscious about – the unique good set of attributes, attitudes in me – should not change. But some of the those times – change, evolve, getting maturity questions comes to me. May be the transition is natural – and a process of life.

May be this way, I can contribute to the things around me getting better – beyond me – the things abstract and physical – we got inherited. So you may do the same to the coming generations.

And everything whatever we do – is inspired by our beautiful soul – your Ma; the rainbow blessings of Grand Ma’s – Pa’s whose love, teachings, traditions and values we are carrying forward; the relatives and friends – who make our lives beautiful and of course the full spectrum of teachers – whom you will find in schools, organizations, playgrounds and in the mother nature.

Its our world dear – where we are learning, contributing and growing. Lets grow together – We all.