Life’s Changing Tunes -1

Life sings, as you play the life’s keyboard.

While playing, it changes the tunes of life, and makes the ultimate song, as per you stroke the keys. But many a times song changes its own tunes, in spite of the fact that you seemed to press the right key.

My Parker is missing now a days (this was second one) so found again the keyboard , in fact querty board, which will note down the tones of life, which I wish show off or share with you. Its the right time to this right thing, as life always wants something more . Munnabhai bole to – “Yeh life maange more :)” Though chronological presentation will delay the writing, so at first I will write as it comes to memory. Later on the arrangement may be done.

To start with, there were the morning at NIMHANS, sharp 9 AMs, where I was a project trainee. Sunday and Monday did not make any difference as per my own choice. The work was at my best and to the satisfaction of my guide. I wanted to make a research kinda project work, instead of doing like “cut-copy- (modify)- paste job” of many of the computer science students’ project. Yeah I heard about IITians too, who has mastered this art (not science) . I was working hard at lab – yeah the same technology I have mastered today for bread and butter. The days passed on. And I had to submit the report. I submitted my report, in want of best marks. And one day I was waiting for my turn to come for Project viva…