Blogging is Back

Blogging will be/is back!

Given the era of bygone golden days of WordPress – when we used to dial up from telephone connection to get internet. And we used to write posts – then we connected to people of word across. A simple comment used to bring smile on the face. This happiness is from eternity.

And now all are connected all together much better way – through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and so many other channels with 4G, 5G – with hundreds of connections and fan followings. But the thing is missing the Originality of Expression. The happiness of reading/writing is missing mostly.

Things will be hallucinated more as AI will be coming to disrupt a lot of content creation- adding to more confusion. And no way – the happiness of natural reading/writing can be achieved.

We are in the Era of Fast Food and So comes the Fast Content – Not long lasting and having side effects. The Era of mass production of Food and Content. Very much confused what to consume – not satiating to soul.

And like organic food/content will not reduce its value or content. Hence am back to produce my original content – original food of brain – a Writing. Hence I will continue to write here and all the content of my previous blog is moved to here.

Jai Shree Ram

After subscribing to Medium and reading the posts, I got inspired from hundreds of writers. I had the thought to get back to writing. Hence on this day of Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha – starting my blog again on my own domain. Jai Shree Ram!!