Tears of Violet Bulbs

My eyes were wet.
I was thinking deep,
Whatever I was doing,
I was not willing to do.

My lips were tight shut.
My eyes were really wet.
I knew what I was doing,
There was no other option.

I tried to wipe my eyes,
I tried to stop my emotions,
I tried my best, to all extent,
I hate tears coming out.

But tears came out –
It flown on my cheeks,
Some even touched lips.
None could help me.

Its neither love nor hate,
It’s just a pain of mine,
I was slicing Onions nine.
I was chopping them fine.

Its about a Hand(Shake)

A firm handshake to someone, or your palm you put lightly on fellow employee’s shoulder (who is struggling hard to meet the deadline) or just one line SMS to wish someone on occasions. How much these little things do costs? Practically nothing – but matters a lot to the other end and so the world. They are just small pieces of gesture to convey our respect for feelings of someone, who matters to us.

Now welcome to the stage of National Film Awards 2006. The best persons of expression on silver screen are invited there, but – Shri Priyaranjan Dasmunsi (Minister of Information & Broadcastings) seems don’t have this piece of information that little gestures make a lot of difference.

Our President Smt. Pratibha Patil was presenting the awards to the winners – she did a light pranaam gesture to them and vice-versa. She, of course signifies Bhartiya Nari – I do salute you – (no handshakes). I may recall one episode here – At home in Carom or Ludo – when I and my sister will win the game. HandshakeThen in victorious gesture, if I do to handshake with her – she will shake hands for a while and quickly do namaste and say – Bhartiya naari haath nahi milati hai – namaste karti hai. 🙂

Anyway after receiving the award, the winner moves towards Shri Priyaranjan Dasmunsi. He just gave a smiling gesture and no handshakes, not even a pranaam gesture. And sometimes his body language included his right hand movement – that says – Please move forward – “Chalo aage badho bidu – Baki ko bhi prize dena hai na.” Even the best actor Amitabh Bachchan took his best actor award like a school kid, who gets a consolation prize in a local function. Touching.. is not it !

Dear dada Priyaranjan, bhadralok, with your dry gesture towards them, what kind of information did you broadcast from stage – the common man’s antennas couldn’t receive the signals.

Ganesha and little mouse

वक्रतुंड महाकाय कोटिसूर्यसमप्रभ .निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा ..


Today is Ganesh Chaturthi, lets have some chat together. Nothing serious to talk as Siddhivinakya is just a calm God.

Once upon a time, I mean long-long ago, there was an important issue among the Gods – which God should be worshiped first ? I guess many of you know the story, but let me tell it once more. Okey so, a high class Divine meeting was called. Everyone who claimed for ‘the first’ was present there. To find out who should be prayed first ? – it was decided that whoever takes one round of the universe quickest, will be prayed first.

In our Hindu belief, all Gods have own personal vahans (vehicles). (See the importance of animal kingdom Hinduism gives). Some vahans do fly, some swin, some are walking and some running. And our Ganesha had the slowest one to travel – the rat. May Ganesh ji was aware of his limitations and strength. Anyway eeing his vahan significantly slow compared to others, he came to kailash mountain and made a round of his parents God Shiva and Goddess Parvati – and reached the final destination much before the quickest God was to arrive there. To him the universe was his parents – and all god accepted his intelligence and wit. And there is a great lesson lying there – if one can read between the lines. First, giving importance to the parents and the other right wisdom used at right place to overcomes all odds.

Anyway importance of mouse could never underestimated. The little mouse have been in our impressoin long. In Durgapujo’s we kids used to search little mouse nearby the Ganesh’s deity –  That still I do :). And today in fact computer mouses do rule the world. There are some people who knows the importance of mouse very well. See a mouse helping plants to grow here  :). At one place I have seen a mouse being used for hanging mosquito net too. May Lord Ganesha bless we all intellectuals 🙂

Lord Ganesha is always happy one, be at any situation. May you rarely find photo of angry ganesh. I have seen the cute Ganesha on bookselves, on vehicles, on computers and everywhere. I guess Ganesha has  most varied pictures in various postures and popular among the artists. One image that I found on net, I would like to publish here , which shows signifance of his unique appearance.


Happy Father’s Day

My blog is full of Ma – you must have read. And to say you today, there has been a man with her, seeing her a successful woman.

He has been the world for my Ma. He has been like a constantly supporting pillar to her career dreams. He is one – when on marriage day alone inside a shop , he can’t decide which Saree will look good on ma , then he will bring home several pieces of sarees for Ma – and to irritate ( Impress ) her 😀 .

He is one, who will take just 10 minutes to get friendly with you, irrespective of background you come ! He is one – who can cook for the whole family – whenever needed and serve ! He is one – who does not like to waste a single food grain on plate. He is a walking calculator for numerical calculations ( I envy him :p ). But interesting thing is, he has been an accountant by profession but at home, he is dependent on his beloved – finance minister, my mom 🙂 .

He is one, who loves trees/plants too much and has grown a mini forest of teak trees at our backyard. He can spend hours together in the farm lands, where he has planted trees for his coming generations. You can’t cut even a small plant in front of him. He is one – who loves cows next to his mother.

He is one – who prefer to buy vegetables from the off-side sitting vendors, who sit with little vegetables. He is one – who will prefer stitched dresses over branded dresses at any cost. He is one – who does not like any kind of show off even a bit.

He has been always there – whenever we needed the strength and care. He is – who will just note down – which book I needed – and will buy that up from anywhere. He is one – who believe in his children like anything – (even if we did lie once in a while ) – he will never verify that. He has never kept us within any kind of boundaries.

Today he is one – who is my friend – and today, we both are living to fulfill each others wishes. He is one who took the generation forward to his best.

He is one – who says – “Be always like a tree – that bends down – when fruits are there.”

Baba, I don’t write much about you, because I know, I am just your reflection to the world. Today I wish, everything comes right in your way and may you see your dreams fulfilled.

Happy Father’s Day, Baba !!

Two Souls…

After months together,
Two pairs of eyes,
Where tears had dried,
Wished to meet,
Like eternity.

The horizons were silent,
The breeze was calm.
Words came out,
Apologies and fear,
“Forgive me my sins,
Even if fate wins.
– I am here Ma.”

And flowed the river,
Of tears and tears.
To wash out,
The pains- she bear,
Everything she did hear.
Flowed down –
To greatest mother – the earth.

The mother’s soul,
Blessed the son,
Bigger the family,
United one
again !

– Aug 27, 2007.

Her Marriage – The Final Blessing

“Yashomati Maiya se Bole Nandalala..” as now I read these lines on Juneli’s blog, could not resist to write something down, that I thought to write one night.

One night like regular calls my sister Pinky gave me a missed call. And I called her back after few minutes. After picking up phone, instead of “Hello” she was singing “Yashomati Maiya se Bole Nanda Lala….” she have a good voice and that time her singing was touching the soul. I joined her. We both completed the whole song. Many a times with friends and family members duet I do join.

Once she finished the song, she said slowly “Sona slept just now” . Actually after singing the song, she was trying to get her son “Sona” sleep .

Unlike man, a woman has clearly few stages of life well defined, not for just herself, but for the Mankind. Before she was to be married, to many persons Baba had to give same repeated answer ” Lets see, we are searching for.. (her matching groom) !” Once she got married, and at the in-law’s house everything was fine. After one year being first daughter-in-law at house there was still a vaccum felt.

Again she dedicated her worries to God again. She was blessed with a child. When most of the persons at laws house are fair including my bro-in-law. And my sister is wheatish. Perhaps destiny has its own msyteries. The baby was born with the Mother’s complexion. So she felt that her in-laws may be disappointed a bit. She said her husband about her possible worry about in- laws.” Hey this is my son ! ” – said the proud father who took care for mother and baby of  remaining more days at nursing home and still same today. This is one of the worries of a mother – duly evaporated by father in right manner.

Now seeing the baby sleeping, with the dreamy eyes of mother, she does sing to make herself happy -“Yashomati Maiya Se Bole Nandalala Radha Kyon Gori Main Kyon Kala……” for my little Krishna.