Twinkle Twinkle…


She has been constantly ‘same’ person making us read and write 🙂 . She has been there since when there was none to put the comments on the posts. She has creativity and festivity in her Newari lifeline. Today is her birthday, hence a small poem from this blog to her.

प्रभात की किरणें नयी नवेली,
कहीं भजन तो कहीं रंगोली।
कभी शांत तो कभी ठिठोली,
करती अनुभूति आज अठखेली ।

चाँदनी कहलाती एक अलबेली,
न माँगे गुलाब, और न बेली ।
सो भेज रहें हैं सखा – सहेली,
जन्मदिन मुबारक तुम्हें जूनेली ।flowers.jpg

Many – many happy returns of the day to dear Juneli. Wishing you happiness, prosperity and a creative year ahead.

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Silky threads are here,
With me,
But not those,
Mehandi hands,
To tie them.

Sweets are here,
Full of shops,
But I shall,
Be hungry for one.

I have money,
Thousands today.
But 20 Rs. I gave them,
Asked from Baba,
They kept in purse, safe.

God bless,
My sisters,
With all happiness.
As their destiny –
Today is like poem only.

Flower Vase, Bangalore,27 August,07

A real story on my Bimla didi appears at my Hindi blog.

Au Revoir

From the wilds,
Some winds,
Touch my cheeks,
Do flow cool.
Of eternity.
I have to move on.

Dear, I know,
Still its day,
Evening is far,
I could have,
Stayed here back,
For a while more.
But I have to walk.

Today I shall,
Move on – on.
With my this small
World and few buds,
In a basket,
And dear friends-
One or Few.

I have to move on,
Before evening sets in.
As without Sun,
I fear dark today.

I have fullfilled –
My promises
With all smiles
True and false.
I am putting,
My crown down,
With all gratitude,
– its my destiny.

Far away –
Though forest is dark,
And I see that green
Where tribals are unkempt,
Wet mud scents,
I do smell,
Wild birds twitter,
I do hear,
They need me,
More than you.

I shall dance,
There tomorrow,
Painted in muds,
Naked kids around.
Thats a world,
Wild, but beautiful.

There I will sing,
Another song and
I shall welcome,
You all there,
Carpet of dry leaves,
Wild flowers grow there,
Over the brown bark.

Don’t call me back,
I will not be here.

Time and tide,
Will not wait for me.
Breaking my silence –
Today I have to say,
– Adieu.

The Little Thing – 2

Be it any field, one’s originality – ingenuity – consistency on the set up measures, that makes life easy and the nice world around sets – the standards – is always followed on.

Look and Feel

The new header image is the cropped 1/3 part of my recent abstract paintings – “Stairs”. I will try to put more photographs and paintings there, to change the look and feel of the blog occasionally and share them with art lovers.

P.S.: The above described painting now appears as the condensed size in the next post , “Stairs“.

Prize !

Its a Pen ! Packed !  And today it means a lot to me ! Life always gives something in surprise – if the attitude is right !

Thanks GR.

Thousands of Thanks

Sending 25 thousands thanks to You. You have made 25,000 visits to this blog. Your consistency and encouragement motivated me to get a Nikon for capturing unexpressed moments in the stage of words. 

Flower Vase, Drawing Room, Bangalore 

Today, welcome all of you in my drawing room. This particular image will change periodically as per changing time and colors. I wish, I could put some more pictures frequently to express something worth thousands of words, when my literal words need them as companions.

Thanks once again.

“60 years” – But nothing to be proud !

Independent India – out of the grips of colonial rule, is 60 years old, but I do see this period insignificant part of thousands of years of great grand Aryabhatta !

Today my Aryabhatta is a blend of Hindi & Urdu & English – Rock & Karnatic – Space shuttle & Bullock Cart – Jeans & Saari – Valentine Day & Karwa Chauth – Chess & Cricket – Google & Jyotish. Nothing wrong – I am part of it proudly.

 Imagining what if, if there had been no invaders / colonial rules here, had we remained the same? Perhaps, yes !

Celebrations.. Well I too did celebrate as there is a tricolor instinct inside, since childhood. But the fact is somewhere I do have a ‘pain behind this independence’.

Few questions keep revolving my mind! Why my country was dependent on / ruled by some other country for such a long time. These 60 years are still less then the around 200 years of colonial era. Why we needed to fight for the our own salt? Gandhi ji was great – but where does the courage missed in young generation of India, that time, such that we had to bring out Dandi march to make a memorable event. Though there had been Mughals and other empires too to rule our territory. There are socio-politico-economic and other reasons behind such things in case of a nation’s evolving process.

I have few regrets on our unconsciousness but still one burning question , I do search for an answer. That is, are we making a firm solid independent base for the gen next to stand upon? Are again we slowly allowing invaders to rule upon some or the otherway. Difficult question to answer ! But there is something Indian deep inside which loudly says – “No. “

To be practical, did this post of mine added anything for the national pride? If nothing much, its the freedom of speech – the only democratic backbone that ‘we re-attained’. It will revive its glory beyond ‘the freedom’.