For your eyes only – 2

When I checked in the airport, I was quite early but still relatively late. Reason was, I left for airport straight from office. I requested for the window side seat, but I got only the middle seat. Actually I wished to see sunset from window side. Anyway there was no choice left other than to sit in the middle of two persons.

Most of the time, I have found serious high flying co-travelers sitting nearby devoid of our common train and bus conversations. But this time there was a lady at window side, who was equally or more interested in the clouds than I was and on aisle side sitting a man, who was really friendly.

On the window side, when we did missed some of the bright white cotton clouds , I took out camera for the next possible shots. The lady helped to snap the pictures. I was on the right row. On the left row, some other ladies captured the colors of clouds during sunset . I do wish they too could see the pictures. Later on, when there was dark outside, to pass the time, the lady nearby was trying origami with tissue papers.

Life is a small journey with much smaller distances. These are the people, who know how to remain on ground, even while traveling high. In fact they make the journeys memorable. Here are some of the captured moments. (Click on the image for the bigger image)

Clouds at 35,000 Feet
Clouds at 35,000 feet

Colors of Clouds (Sunset)
Colors of Clouds (Sunset) – 1

Colors of Clouds (Sunset)
Colors of Clouds (Sunset) – 2

Origamy with tissue papers
Origamy with tissue papers (Boat, Fan, Lotus, Aeroplane and one tissue left with no idea 🙂

For your eyes only – 1

This time my trip to home was all sudden but a good one. And I captured the moments. The shutter opened in Flight itself and I continued snapping across our lush green fields, for my eyes and yours. There are glimples of Durga Puja and Kids too. Hope to post them soon ( how soon? ).

The header image is of flower sewli, that blooms on the arrival of Puja season. The snap is taken around 4 am in morning outside our boundary wall. Below are the two kids of Didi. Lucky and Mridu looking at auto timed blinking of camera and waiting for snapped.

Lucky Mridu

Wish to say, I had snapped such scenes on my last home trip too through my 35 mm film camera. After washing the negatives, I had planned to take all to home this time. But on the day of departure, somewhere I missed the packet, which contained all the negatives and positives of my last trip ! I felt SORRY as the photos captured some of the precious moments. But thanks God, I missed them here but they did not lost. Thanks to my hurried trip :).

Managing Personal and Professional fronts

Personal commitments and professional commitments – both are equally important for any individual. We may want to excel in both the world, and manage both equally. And at the end, we do find it’s really difficult to manage the real chaos of situations.

As the Puja seasons arrived this year, personal responsibilities were around and on the other hand, mid term appraisals are there, I felt again hanging in between.

Personal commitments:
In personal arena, there are social responsibilities – made up of hundreds people around, who make us social(lizable) individual. Be it birth of individual, marriage or death or any thing important to life; family, relatives and society are the integral part of the same. They remain around to laugh, cry, criticize and praise.

It’s the circle that makes us grow, that keeps us enclosed and that keeps eyes wide open across the walls. Walking along this circle encircled around is a big challenge. But I do guess, when one maintains the individual integrity, the things gets easier.

Professional commitments:
Same situations do apply, while growing in the professional society, which is more demanding in terms of professional output and require high emotional quotient. The place, where emotions should take a backseat and demands a professional attitude (out of emotional zeal) on the priority.

Around 8 years back, I had bought a book, The IBM Way, by Buck Rodgers from a second hand road side vendor. (The brand new looking international best seller was very cheap as it had corners damaged by rat. But after flipping through the pages, I bought it, as I have equal respect for the second hand books as the new books. (But zero tolerance for pirated ones) ) Anyway the book consists very good lessons of marketing management and individual’s commitment towards the profession, detailed by Rodgers approach to manage both the worlds.

Now when both the worlds are demanding and commitments are there – and one asks sacrifice / compromise from the other. What to decide? A difficult situation, when none but only self instinct helps. There are instances of Mahatma Gandhi as well as Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, when both failed at times on personal front and repented afterwards.

As we do grow and do learn to walk along the so called more mature groups, managing both the worlds seems challenging. I do personally guess that, the satisfaction and stronger will power due to commitments in personal front makes the professional challenges easier.

Song For The Star

The song, dance and emotions,
Is a part of the universal motion.

The song of the soothing rain,Star
Pours after thundering clouds’ pain.

The song born after, the sleep –
The luckiest one – but really deep.

The bird’s perching and flying,
Away from nest, leaving feathers lying.

She lives within stars and blinks for a while,.
She says us – Even in dark, stars forever smile.