Walk alone – Just alone

Udupi Beach
Its difficult to walk alone,
Its tiring to tread alone,
Paining the bones to climb alone.

And I learn to walk alone,
Weep now in the open,
Laugh aloud in the barren,
Draw the hut on the sand.

Because I heard them shouting,
Some giving a word of courage,
And few admiring my steps,
And the voice united announced –

“None of us can come along –
When you will depart alone.
Learn it, it will give less pain.
Walk alone – Just alone.”


History has a very peculiar tendency. It repeats. After reading this I could not resist to post it from Ashutosh’s blog, when his brother left him….

जानता हुं, तु अब कभी नही उठेगा,
शायद मेरे लात मारने से भी नही,
शायद यही सोच,
अभी जब तेरी चिता को आग दी जा रही है,
मेरे आंसु, उस आग को बुझा ना दे,
मुझे तेरी आखिरी दर्शन से भी वंचित कर दिया गया है,

Happy birthday to you

Hi Dear,

You must be awaiting for me as today is your fourth birthday. You know na, since morning how busy I was ! Just now I wrote a looong post on your growth years. But as now the 23rd Nov. will end in half an hour, so I thought to publish nothing but the first few lines form the poem that I wrote in class 7.

नवीन लता, नवीन कोंपल,
बढ़ने की चाह मन में विकल,
ले अभिलाषा चाहती प्रकृति,
बढ़े सभ्यता, फुले संस्कृति,
होते जहाँ पर सभी समान,
छोटे – बड़े का हो ना भान,
चलते जीव, हँसते जन्तु,
मत्त झुलते शाखा तन्तु ।
Anyway here is a CAKE…. and 4 Candles… Chocos.. Songs.. Dance.. Baloooooooooons …and see every (n)one is standing around.. Now Happy Na.. Happy Birthday to you…. 🙂

It was a really nice day at Manipal 🙂 Rest you know very well.

Yours own,
With, lots of love…

Sipping a glass of juice

Today early afternoon, after lunch I walked to the juice shop. She, the beggar, was standing near to me asking for money.

Her age may be around 70 or more. Dirty linen and weird grey hairs, black skinny hands and dirty nails and a big round grey bag hanging behind her.

I tried to pay no attention to her as they do keep roaming in the busy market. She again asked for bheekh, and the shopkeeper in Kannada said something to her. The only word I could I understood was juice. I thought the shopkeeper is telling her to stay away from the juice shop. But she did not moved away but she was not looking towards me for coins.

Few coins do not matter for me as much that may matter for her. But still not to encourage the number of more beggars, I did not gave her.

I had ordered for a glass of mausambi juice.To pass off the time, I was looking at the juice making process inside the shop trying to avoid ( in fact I can’t ever ) her . I was the only customer at the shop at that time. Normally for one glass of juice, two mausambi are used. I saw him the juice-maker putting four mausambi’s in the juicer.

Juice was prepared within a minute – not one glass but two glasses ! One glass for me and other for the beggar lady. I picked up the glass and looked towards her. The beggar lady was counting coins in her dirty thin palms. Keeping many coins in her left hand, she was counting the coins in her right hand. I thought, she is ounting the coins to pay for her glass of juice. Coins of Rs. 1, Rs. 2 and Rs. 5 and occassional 50 Paise.

She still didn’t picked her glass by the time I had finished mine. She was re-counting the coins, as if she had done some mistake.

Seeing her counting ‘so many’ coins for a glass of juice, I could not keep myself with ‘no-no principle’ to beggars. Taking out my purse, I said to the shopkeeper that I will pay for her juice too, please don’t take her handful of coins.

The shopkeeper said “no” and in broken Hindi he continued ” She gives coins us as ‘change’ and we exchange her with the currency notes.” I understood the barter system as well understood the need of coins by the shopkeeper. As a thanking gesture, shopkeeper gave her glass of juice too.

I had a mixed feeling for not given her coins, as well for the thanks giving gesture of shopkeeper with a glass of juice. After paying I came out of the shop seeing her.

From a distance I saw, she was holding the big glass of juice with her two hands, and sipping the juice (the nectar) slowly.

Children’s Day Special

Today is Children’s day – the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. The day is celebrated as children’s day because he used to love children’s very much and hence the children used to call him “Chacha” ( Uncle) . So he became popularly known as ” Chacha Nehru”. Though international children’s day is 20th Nov. but in India, as a mark of birthday of “Chacha Nehru” we do celebrate it on 14 Nov. each year. I would like to mention that “Chacha Nehru was born on 14th Nov. 1989 1889 and died on May 27, 1964.

The above picture may look like as another snap. But I wish to say something about it. Few months back, in front of my house, where lower middle class people stays, I saw the kids playing “Teacher – Student ” . Their parents may be working in some factories or as house maids but the kids are really smart. The time was around 10 am in morning. Like every weekend their play was again “teacher-student” that day too. I have seen that, coming back from school, they do their homeworks first !

No one forces them to do so with sticks. At the same time, no one is needed to keep them away from video-games or TV screens. They are playing and enjoying “teacher-student” game on weekends. At the left door one little girl is sketching and other kid is seeing them. The little girl knows the school saraswati vandana complete. “नमस्ते सरस्वती देवी….. ” She sings that while playing. On the right door, a girl is reading the lessons of some story book loudly and others are listening to her. The Teacher madam sometimes lovingly scolds the students too.

Now a days, one family is not there now, so the teacher madam is not there to lead the play. Though I couldn’t understand their Kannada, but I can understand the language of budding childhood, which show the infinite prospects in them. It was a visual treat to my eyes. Happy Children’s Day !!

For your eyes only – 7

Whenever I go to my small town, in everything I internally do comparison and contrast between the metro of Bangalooru and district town Kishanganj. Say, I do that for almost everything not for discussion but think a lot, what makes two places different.

On Puja occasions, we do see fair (mela) type scene, which meant a lot for us in childhood, but now a days from there not many things that we need to buy. In childhood, a small piggy-bank ‘gullak’ meant a lot, when purchased from the mela-vendor. On the edible side, still Puchkas and Jalebi’s I can’t resist to buy and now we do look for hygienic vendors. Pity, this time only 50 Puchka (Golgappas) I did gulped, because my brother-in-law did not give me company for long :p

Balooooooons 🙂 ( I still do buy some, just to hang on door 🙂

Churiyan (Bangles) – Oriental woman’s love…

Mina Bazaar – ( What a contrast to metro designer showrooms : no mannequins, neon lamps and brand names here and its the lifeline of Majority of Indian )

Wow so cheap ! Chat Rs. 5/- , Samosa 2/-

Mud pots and toys

A young man selling artificial flowers ( Now globally people can see his flowers 🙂 ) ( Look behind there is written on wall “Chhatra Sakti( Student Power) – What a contrast !!

Best Continental Breads

Dear, today you are away,
And I have to prepare breads four.

Really, tonight I am hungry,
Its past ten and minutes few more.

Let me try it today,
Earlier I knew it, its as duty of your.

As you told on phone,
I took the right quantity of flour.

In the flour, I tried to sprinkle water
But by mistake, I did poured More.

Its full sticky dear.
Ah! I have to add flour much more.

Thanks, you can’t see it,
Or your could have teased for sure.

With same love of palms.
Carefully I did knead the flour,

Now I have to flat them round,
But roller dances this way or around.

None bread turned as round,
No symmetry in them I did found.

While baking, they did stick on pan,
Bring a nonstick pan please, when you return.

My some bread looked India,
Some Australia, and Africa I did found.

These are continental breads dear,
Don’t shed the tears, if crazy do I sound.

Because today I can announce,
In your absence, world’s best chef I have found.

(Disclaimer : Poet is a bachelor 🙂 )

Geetanjali Blog started…

Today is Deepawali – the festival of light.

The light – around and the light within. Many a times even in the broad daylight- in plenty of light, we miss our path. The reason most of the time is, we do miss our inner light. At those times we seek for some unknown source of light, navigated in the language, which the lone heart can understand. And those times at the temple of heart, we do offer our lights to our great beloved and want an unison.

The Geetanjali had been a offering of songs to the Beloved of Ravindranath Tagore. Geetanjali received the Nobel Prize in the year 1913 for literature – the first Indian honoured with the Nobel. Diya

As I had planned earlier about Unicode publishing of Geetanjali, I have started with the novice literal essence in Hindi and English. You may read them here at www.geetanjali.wordpress.com.

Hope you will love them to read.

May this Deepawali brings luck, enlightenment and prosperity in your life. Wishing you a happy Deepawali.

Silence and Songs

Almost all of the blogs, I do read, seems so silent or having a sad tone. And in this silence, I am gathering courage, to buzz a bit to break the calmness of dark night, that many of my co-bloggers might be staying in.

Publishing Geetanjali poems was pending, since long back. On occasion of Deepawali, I will start posting the poems from Kaviguru’s Geetanjali. The poems may touch you, as it has touched the millions of hearts around the world.

Will try to light a small lamp on occasion of Deepawali. Please keep visiting this space.

For your eyes only – 6

On the Navami evening, I and my younger brother-in-law went out for the visiting the Puja pandals. My sister, Pinky decided not to go out because of the small kid, and so did Ma as she was not going. To us, walking hours, visiting the pandals through the crowd, meeting friends and relatives has been , great evening, once in the year. Though we could not spend time at any pandal much. Here are the more snaps of pandals, we visited.

Railway Colony Pandal (After seeing so many ballons, Still feeling kiddish 🙂

Railway Colony Deity (Dhupa Aarti is going on)

Deity made up of Glass @ Manoranjan Club ( that time under light show)

Durga Ma @ Lohar Patty Temple

Tribal Artwork @ Dompatty (See two sikhs praying at right side) Our town has the best example of communal harmony.

Ma Durga @ Subhash Pally Mandir ( Traditional way)

All Deity in one Singhashan @ Milan Pally Temple (All the deity is at one altar only- thats the traditional way )