Border Security Issue (Real Life Firewalls -2)

This time I shall talk about the border area security issue of a country like India. It’s land frontier of 15,200 km and coast line of 7516.5 km have been always under the close scrutiny of the security personals and recently government is going to double the northern border area of the country.

To be fair, the government is so bewitched of internal threats of internal security threats in the country that it is now going to seal the borders after doubling security personal. The perpetrators with the badge of Maoist, ULFAs and naxalites may be disturbing the whole peaceful setup but they show the clear signs of furore of unemployment, red-tapism, and socio-economic injustice and reduced civil liberties. The flippant ways to deal with the security is just an effort to grow defence budget at inexorable rate at the cost of basic infrastructure of human development index. The Maoist thuggery in Nepal or ULFA’s training camps in Bangladesh and Bhutan and their dissatisfaction towards their targeted governments have the almost similar reasons for their ire. The inimical clashes with security personal leads to thinning arsenal of miscreants, hence they seek support from the similar groups across borders. The valley of political and ideological relativism between the extremist and government deepens proportional to the period of oppression.

While creating secured firewall across national boundary the basic infrastructure of the boundary area must be strengthened with the localities. The porous border across the Nepal-India is the need of local peoples’ economy and is also way of illegal human channel. In economic point of view, the larger border line once barricaded will rise to local dissatisfaction again. Hence before increasing the security across this border, the locals need to be motivated for alternate stable opportunities of employment after providing them resources. Across Bhutan-India border, the recent action by the Bhutan’s security to oust the militant training camps had been beneficial, but the basic problem is still unsolved. At this border area with dense forest where even doubling the security will not suffice, the concerned localities must have the sense of ownership hence alert for their security. Occasional rampant firing at the Indo-Bangladesh border is again an unsettled issue of misunderstanding and communication gap between the security personals. The Indo-Burma border security is difficult to maintain alone by the security personal. Unless the local youth of border area districts are willing to save their village border the firewall making task shall be Hercules one. The presence of more security personal may uplift their zeal of defence because there are measures of hope and determination by our new army chief General J. J. Singh.

Firewall creation at border is needed for the national security, but the stable solution shall be possible only after the ground level motivation towards making ‘them’ feel socially secure and respected. Only peace talks or security fetishism shall foster cumulating horrendous number of youths within the firewall.

In the coming years, the policy makers will have to reconcile the imperatives of paying attention to the youth’s basic problems of dissatisfaction which leads to insecure feeling among them selves. The need of the hour is to make the whole internal operating system robust and just not only increase the version of the firewall.

Love affairs and Student Life

Does any time such kind of thought come in my mind? Whenever they came, in the internal struggle my belief always won. That is, if I am to marry in future, thus a girl is already born on the earth somewhere, with whom I have never met. But it’s sure that she is somewhere and surely doing some work, some study, some work or some foolish things or sleeping as I may be doing my own. It’s as if I am with her but not near to her, so I have no right for deep friendship attitude, with expectations for any other girl. If I expect, she is leading an honest life there, why shouldn’t I be the same here? If a person is good by nature he/she is my friend, that’s all. No room for affairs. I have been against time-pass friendship too. This way the student life went on and still going on. The life in dreams looks beautiful. Any time when I felt I am going to be entangled in these affairs, I made pretty distance from such elements.

Now coming to in general, I feel pity on the students, who are deeply involved in such affairs and in which they seemed to be tense, frustrated, dejected or may be in sublime trance. Other friends’ backing up or supporting these types of students are equally harming. In last year at school, our batch have a sad experience of this type, (It’s different thing that the affair got materialized later on) because of some fellow classmates, that too on some useless prestige issue. If my post hurts any of those my old friends let it happen and let me know too. I don’t like disclaimers anyway. Naturally my genius friend’s career graph’s consistency did not continue. Earlier in my primary school life I came down to second position in class because of bad handwriting. The topper’s handwriting used to be like printed letters. Handwriting is the reflection of brain waves. Really he used to be a smart boy but that brilliant guy also wasted himself in such affair(s). On the other hand the related girls are presently well settled in their family lives unaffected. I feel pity on students like him.

I have seen that guys are affected more than the girls due to such affairs (I may be biased being closer to the guys). Overall there have been numerous career minded guys and girls who showed poor performance in career when they got trapped in such affairs. There are few good examples of love and friendship in students too which later culminated in strong bond too, but they did not get swayed away in emotions. But I imagine this as walking on the edge of the sword. The easy way of friendship and jokes are good and should exist in nature for maintaining harmony. The time when the regular routine is disturbed and brain is tense in case of career making time, the symptoms are dangerous. These students should proceed forward in their love affairs if they are enough matured and independent, or alternately should come back for sake of family, the career goal, and ultimately him/her self. The friendship if seems to be eternal, surely be respected it by heart but they shouldn’t make it an obstacle to student’s duties and career. After all waiting is worth paying. I feel more pity on such students who study in premier institutions on the tax payer’s or parent’s money and take less part in students’ affairs but take the love affairs seriously.

I also accept the psychological need of friendship, which may culminate towards serious affairs and these students will do everything to make the friendship strong. But at the same time they seem to weaken the friendship with the best friends, the books. Probabilities are high that in these cases, the weakened love affairs with books will be reflected in exams results too.

VAT – Value Added Tax

The government is set to decide the unification of multiple tax structure existing in India. The product or services which include multiple point tax payment are quiet variable. There were different prices of the same product across the state borders. Same item have to pay the dual tax central tax as well as state tax. The proposed VAT is intended to replace the differentiating state taxes but it’s not clear that whether the central tax shall too be replaced by the same.

Now there are some points to ponder over. The government says that VAT shall reduce the prices in general. But reduction in prices is directly proportional to the comparatively lesser payment by the customer. Now who shall bear the burden of price difference due to lesser payment by the customers? Government can’t make loss due to newer tax regime. The only profit will be constant prices and lesser tax haggles.

The VAT is intended to be effective by 1 April 2005, but now not many governments are ready to implement it. The economic and business pressure groups are lobbying around to resist it. According to them the business will be hard hit. Many export units argue that they are not prepared for it; hence the government should defer it. Many BJP ruled states are resisting VAT in its present structure.

Tax Reforms Committee headed by Dr.Raja Chelliah as recommended the move towards VAT for commodities and services states for lessening the cascading effect of multiple taxes on the ultimate customers shall be beneficial, only if there is common consensus throughout all states about the implementation of VAT on 1st April, 2005.

Innovative Blogging

“Mother is the necessity of creations”, I have read this line in Anurag Jain’s blog, which was giving the reference of Calvin and Hobbes. I like the role of mother for the projects I like to undertake. In my school life too, if there was some projects/tasks, be it badge making for the Governor or preparing a speech for Nehru Yuva Kendra or science exhibitions, respected Sambhu sir used to call me for sure. I used to leave aside the academics until these given tasks were completed. The best thing about the task given by sir(s) was that they used to give me full liberty to do those in my own way. That’s why I had been one of the representatives of my school at the science exhibitions undisputed. I know how to make the meaningful things out of stray objects and how to use the limited resources meaningfully.

Now coming to meaningful writing, I search for how’s and why’s beyond textual meaning while reading any book or literary articles. Reading with a cause is added to my reading habit recently and there is a lot of pleasure. I have been able to intuitively study a piece of writing. Although I can take out a stray paper and read that too. Consequently I have been able to discover that each of the writing is closely related to some or other natural bodies. They may be like river, stream, fountain, ocean, volcano, dense forest, barren land or gardens. Some resemble man-made structures like concrete jungles or glass house too. Everything is good in its own way. My writings too have some specific pattern of expression.

Now expression and blogging may have separate purposes. Expression is convincing others through facts and reasoning and blogging need not be written with a purpose to convince others. At a point one of my cohort blogger writes that in general blogging, most of the posts are frivolous and it’s true. To an extent the reasons can be tracked back to the archiving purposes of the blogger’s personal life instances. But they are all correct with the reason as well as the updating oneself with the known persons. To me in blogs, the personal lives are not an important to others but the expression may be important. And the distinction must be made between expressing own personal life and dissecting private life. The great literatures are the outcome of personal live experiences with a pretty good expression, where every thing is clear and capable of intersecting with readers’ life too.

It’s the life of Navodaya that I never left any opportunity to express myself. For the first time, when I felt about my writing ability was the story writing competition when I got third prize in Hindi week celebrations. On the day I instantly sat at the competition after being provoked by respected Ravindra sir. Still today I never left a chance of participation in expression opportunities; blogging is a recent opportunity to bring out myself.

Opportunity and technology, hence blogging; it’s a launch pad of expression flight for me. English is not my mother tongue, that’s why it’s easier for me to express in Hindi, where I know, from where should I start writing, where the flow is required to go and where is a need of humour and where readers should be pushed to peak and instantly bring the river down to the valleys through the fountain before they meet the ocean. In English blogging too, I am trying to reach the various levels.

India budget 2005-2006

In continuation to my March 10, 2005 post; “how many points out of 100 would you give to Budget 2005? ”

Does this budget justify with the agriculture and farmer of India?

  • The budget have provision for the irrigational facility to additional 1 crore hectares of land over the period of 5 years giving employment to 1 crore people at the rate 1 person per hectare.
  • Micro – irrigation :About 1.2 million hectares have been covered under micro-irrigation comprising drip and sprinkler irrigation, on a large scale and the by the end of Tenth Plan the coverage is planned to 3 million hectares and by the end of eleventh plan 14 million hectares . The allocation of Rs. 400 crore is provided for promoting the micro-irrigation.
  • Next comes the financing the farmers. The farmers will be disbursed 108,500 crore current year as agricultural loans. The govt. wishes to increase this rate by 30 %.
  • Subsidy on fertilizer Rs. 16,254 crore.
  • Farm Insurance scheme to exists in a farmer friendly manner.
  • Being agriculture is a state subject and center acting as catalyst to support the states.
  • National Agriculture Mission: Allocation of Rs. 630 crore for research, production, post-harvest management, processing and marketing, under one umbrella in an integrated manner.
  • Government proposed new scheme of Development/Strengthening of Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure, grading and standardization with a primary allocation of Rs.42 crore. This scheme to attract the private and cooperative sector will be assisted through credit linked, back-ended subsidy.
  • The scheme is propsosed to implement the scheme through the NABARD, NCDC in those states who amend their Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Acts.

Is this budget capable to check the increasing price?

Government is mute.

Does the problem of unemployment and poverty is addressed in this budget?

Poverty as described by the PC is described not only by income poverty but also by other indicators like illiteracy, disease, infant mortality, malnutrition, absence of skills and unemployment. His point of view is agreeable.

  • Education allotment Rs. 18,337 crore
  • Rural allotment Rs. 18,334 crore
  • Health & family welfare 10,280 crore
  • Upgrading of ITI’s over the next 5 years.
  • Allocation of Rs.11,000 crore for National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
  • Government intends to continue with its effort to turn the focus of commercial banks, regional rural banks (RRBs) and cooperative banks towards providing credit, especially production credit, to rural households and farm households. Particularly in agricultural credit, innovations are possible. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to examine the issue of allowing banks to adopt the agency model, by using the infrastructure of civil society organizations, rural kiosks and village knowledge centers, to provide credit support to rural and farm sectors.
  • There is Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan with a non-lapsable allocation of Rs.7,156 crore.
  • Mid Day Meal Scheme for the school going children up to class V with allocation of Rs. 3,010 crore.
  • There is proposal by the government to provide the pre-examination coaching in the private institutes for the students belonging from the minority community.
  • 47 percent children are underweight in age group 0-3 hence they were to be given additional supplement diet from the ICDS scheme at the increased cost of 3,142 crores. And the implementation of the scheme using the Anganwadi centres will be done thorough the 6,49,000 centres and there is proposal of creating 1,88,168 centres .
  • All drinking water schemes has been brought under the Rajiv Gandhi National DrinkingWater Mission . The water quality of the 2.16 lakh habitations of Andhra Pradesh , Gujrat, Karnataka, Rajasthan,W.B. and some other states the outlay for the mission have been increase to 4500 crores.
  • Total Sanitation Scheme is extended to all districts and the allocation of Rs. 630 crore is made.

  • The Rural Infrastructure Development Fund for providing infrastructure to the poor of rural India and slums is provided a corpus of 8,000 crores.

Some economic parameters :

Since last two financial years as the trend is continuing the fiscal deficit will lead to slippage further and government’s expectation of 4.3% can be met. Lower the fiscal deficit better the economy.

GDP * (GDP: Gross Domestic Product is the ‘All ultimate products + services, excluding the income from foreign)
Taxes seems to a good contributor in GDP because of the positive growth in industries’ outcome, PSU’s higher dividend and significant service taxes and several other factors.

The GDP growth which is is positive can be estimate same trend and based upon the market, industry and services and well as monsoon it can reach around 7.5 % .

Now coming to critical analysis :

Govt. promises a significant increase in the funds in welfare programs, but from where the government will be able to get the money for (it will only absorb $2 billion out of the reserve of $133 billion of forex) .But how government can be foresighted in expending the liability which is to be returned back with interest to the investors.

The implementation is again a challenge; there are many plans which does not reach the end hands. The conceived idea of Panchayati Raj Department and disbursement of funds thorough the local bodies is not practical. Worth to mention here that two of my meritorious batch mates devoted to start a NGO “Sajhiya Samang” to help the remote villagers to uplift their lives at Saharsa in Bihar and they are facing a lot of problem to get the minimum amount because of the authorities’ high handedness and they are getting hopeless.

My marks shall be 65/100 for the present budget that too if implemented.

अनुगूंज 8 – शिक्षा: आज के परिपेक्ष्य में

आशीषजी, शिक्षा के बारे में चर्चा प्रारंभ कर रहें है सो मैं भी शिक्षा के लिए भिक्षाटन को निकल पङा हूँ । यह तो हमें संस्कारों में मिल हुआ है न गुरूजी के आश्रम से। नवोदय के गुरूजी ने सिखाया कि – बेटा प्रेम एक चीटीं को भी गुरूजी मान लेना चाहिए , सो मेरे जैसा मुढ इस मंत्र को गले के लाकेट में बांधकर घुमता रहता है । इधर कुछ महीनों पहले बलागिंग विधा भी सीख ली है । कभी नए-नए विचार दिमागी तंत्र को हिला देते है तो कभी आन-लाइन पढाई भी हो जाती है । मेरे चिट्ठाकार बंधुगण थोङा-बहुत ज्ञान मेरे झोली में भी डाल देते हैं।

Akshargram Anugunjबरामदे मे अभी एक सज्जन आए हैं। वे माँ के विद्यालय शिक्षा समिति के सचिव हैं, स्कुल के बच्चों को खिचङी खिलाना है न इसलिए सामान खरीदने जाना है । सरकार ने आदेश दे रखा है सो उसका अनुपालन सर्वोपरि है । कितनी दूरदर्शी है हमारी सरकार , जिसे पता है कि भुखे पेट भजन न होए गोपाला । यही सरकार स्कुल चले हम का सुमधुर गीत सुनाकर नंग-धरंग बच्चों को बुला रही है । आओ बेटा आओ , हम जानते थे , तुम जरूर आओगे , पौष्टिक खिचङी की खुशबू जरुर पहुँची है , तुम्हारे झोपङी तक ।

एक दिन फिर सरकार ने स्कुल के नाम दो हजार का चेक भेज दिया एक पार्ट टाइम नारदजी के हाथों से, साथ मे कह गया कि इसी सप्ताह खर्चा करके रिपोर्ट जमा कराना है आफिस में । मगर अभी चेक जमा करने बैंक में कौन जाएगा । 200 विद्यार्थी पर दो शिक्षक , कौन खिचङी पकाने की निगरानी करेगा, कौन पिछला रिपोर्ट लिखेगा । 7वीं के बच्चे आज सोच रहे है कि हिन्दी की नया पाठ आज शुरू होगा । बाकी छह क्लासों के बच्चे तो आतुर हैं ही। आशीषजी, अगर कभी उन बच्चों के चेहरों को देखने का मौका मिले तो पता चलेगा कि उनका भुख खिचङी से ज्यादा नये रंगीन किताबों पर है । दुसरे शिक्षक पसीने से भींग रहे हैं उनको सम्हालने में । खैर दयालु सरकार का चेक आज ही जमा करना है । बैंक के पास में किताब की दुकान पर इतनी भीङ । सिनेमा हाल के सामने खङे रहने वाला दीपक आज किताब की दुकान पर । सुरज पश्चिम में कहीं उगा तो नहीं । पुछने पर पता चला की टीचर का बहाली होगा न , उसी का फारम निकला है । चलो अच्छा हुआ नये शिक्षकों की बहाली होने से काफी आराम हो जाएगा । मजे की बात है की बहाली की घोषणा और चुनाव की संभावना में गणितीय संबंध है । अब निश्चित हो सकते है कि दीपक को किसी पार्टी के कार्यकर्ता का मौसमी रोजगार मिल सकता है । इंटर पास है न सो सर्टिफिकेट का लेमिनेशन भी करा रखा है उसने । दादाजी के रटी रटाई बातों का अब उस पर असर नहीं होता है । उनको आठवीं पास करने पर बुलाकर नौकरी दी थी सरकार के बाबु ने । संस्कार का असर तो संतति पर पङता ही है । भला परिवार का है दीपक सो दूसरे सहपाठी दोस्तों की तरह उसने अभी तक पुलिस की मार नहीं खाई है । मगर रेलवे की गैंगमैन की नौकरी के परिक्षाओं के सिलसिले में वह जुझारु पुरे भारत भुमि को निहार आया है । जब वह दिल्ली जा रहा था तब उसने दो एम.ए. पास लङको को भी उसी परीक्षा में शामिल होते जाते देखा था । एक बार आसाम के छात्रों नें उसे विदेशी शत्रु की तरह उसे मारा भी । मारने वाले छात्र भी आखिर नौकरी करना चाहते थे । बाहर के छात्र अगर घर की नौकरी ले लेंगे तो उनके छिलने के लिए प्याज भी कहाँ बचेगा । उग्रवाद का धंधा दिनोंदिन मंदा हो गया है । केबल टी.वी. के संस्कारी युवक छोटा-मोटा प्रेमभरा संसार चाहते है । प्रेयसी दहेजप्रथा के विपक्ष में प्रीतम समर्पित है । वे पान का दुकान खोल लें या गैरेज खोल लें, दो जुन की रोटी तो मिल ही जाएगी । तो सर्टिफिकेट का क्या होगा , हाँ दादाजी की तरह अपने पोते को दिखाऐंगे ।

पढते हो क्यों कमाने के लिए ,
कमाते हो क्यों,खाने के लिए ।

कमोवेश बात सही लगती है । पढो-पढो , शिक्षित बनों और देश को आगे बढाओ । मगर बेरोजगारों की दौड में, नौकरी की गारंटी, न बाबा न । दुसरा कोई भी धंघा या कारीगरी सिख लो , काम आ जाएगा । बहुराष्ट्रीय कंपनियाँ तो खुब अच्छे लोगों के लिए है । अधिकतर प्रतिष्ठित संस्थानों से चुने हुए लोग हैं । राष्ट्र के सकल आय में वृद्धी तो जरूर करते है और साथ ही अपने शिक्षा का आंशिक उपयोग का मुक दर्शक बने रहते है । कुछ तो गुप्त नामों से बलागिंग भी करेंगे और सृजनात्मक लेखों में चुप्पी मारेंगे । कुछ दुसरे मधुशाला में जाकर टैक्स जमा करेंगे । उनसे तो भले 5 किलास तक पढा लिखा प्रवासी चुन्नीलाल है जो पंजाब के खेतों में मट्ठा पीकर बासमती उपजाता है । आपने उस दिन रेस्तरां में बिरियानी का जो आर्डर ग्रेजुएट बेयरे को दिया था न वह उसी बेजोङ बासमती चावल का बना था । बासमती के प्रसंग से आपको पेटेंट हनन का प्रसंग याद आ रहा होगा । हल्दी , नीम भी जुट गया न उस लिस्ट में । भाइयों हमारी ज्ञान संपदा की लिस्ट काफी लंबी है । बाकी धुंधली सुची देखना चाहते हैं या चाहते हैं कि विदेशी लोग पहले उस सुची को छान लें ।

धन्य है वे सपूत जो शिक्षा से मातृभुमि की ज्ञान संपदा एवं अन्न संपदा को बढा रहे हैं, और इसे सिरमौर राष्ट्र बनाने के लिए प्रयत्नशील हैं । आशावादी दृष्टीकोण से अवश्य ही कह सकते हैं कि हम शिक्षित थे , हो रहें है और पूर्ण रुपेण हो भी जाऐंगे। जरुरत है अपने अंदर के श्रोतों को जानने का और उनको सही दिशा देने का। मुझे तो शिक्षा का यही एक मात्र स्वरूप दिखता है ।

JNVP -1 – Stepping stone

I am one of the hundred of the beneficiaries from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Purnea. Government has spent lakhs of rupees on me for my upbringing. I am strongly determined to make the government’s efforts on me meaningful. My series of posts will be aimed to look into the principals and practices with my point of view from my experience of six years spent there in a narrative way. Jai Navodaya! Jai Hind!

One evening, Chachaji (uncle), who was colleague of Papa, gave us the envelope, saying that it was delivered in the office by the postman. Even after seeing my name on it and it was coming from Navodaya Vidyalaya, Purnea, like a disciplined boy, I gave it to Papa and I was inquisitive to know about the content of the envelope. In the entrance exam of Navodaya I couldn’t solve two questions, so I was more feared about that rather than satisfaction of solving 98 questions (Still today I am cautious to my mistakes). More over I was the candidate, who applied from a urban school, which have less number of quota of seats. As the envelope was opened, both of them smiled and felt relaxed. There was written that only Prem Piyush and another student Vinit Ranjan were selected from Kishanganj block.

Ma – Papa’s worry of sending me to a good CBSE school was resolved that too on full paid government scholarship. Across our colony boundary wall there used to be a residential school, Insan school. As a kid after seeing the borders of the school, I used to dream to live in residential school for play ground, a library and so many friends. I was the illegal addict user of Insan School library for reading story books and cartoons. More over the reason of parents happiness was that in our town or near by town like Purnea or Katihar there were no residential schools of good standards. That year Navodaya Vidyalaya was established (Jawahar was added to Navodaya in later years). So parents’ foresight and after due to proper coaching, at Middle School, Birauli (Purnea), I was able to get a seat in 80 seats that year.

The days of sincere parents must be most difficult, when providing proper education to child becomes a most urgent need. Since Navodaya was a completely new concept, and the new pattern of exam and results, my parents went to Patna for enquiry and to see the possibility of sure admission of mine. There after knowing about the school and the exam method, the official suggested them to prepare me with more practice and leave everything else to God. Might after the disappointment by the officials, and so the prayers have worked out. Now after getting the passing letter, they were happy that day and started reading the letter’s content. This letter was signed by then principal Sri Harsha Kumar Kulshrestha. Along with the need of the various certificates they have also told to bring sets of cloths to wear at school until the dresses were provided by the school. So Papa became busy to get certificates from different offices and Maa choosing out dresses for me. Once papa got all the certificates he submitted them to School before the due date.

And at home Ma was posted in the same school, I was reading. When with ma I used to go to school and attend the classes, and all mistresses and teachers were worrying that why I was still coming to school after getting selected at Navodaya.

But one day I was really to leave my Pratap Middle School and was ready to depart for My Navodaya School. My trunk which I was to carry contained cloths, some edibles and few Rupees (Later two things were not asked by school to carry). As we reached the school at Maranga campus we couldn’t see any school there. It was a refugee colony where the Bangladeshis were staying and a fire brigade building (Later converted to the library). Inside the colony six refugee quarters were newly painted with the school name painted on the wall. I was shocked. No students to play, a playground full of chirchiris( A grass weed, which’s long flower sticks will gets entangled with lower dresses). Near to school building there were Bangladeshi refugees with family. Papa asked me whether I would like to stay here. Hope more students were come here, I gave assertive answer.

We reached to the principal sir, H.K. Kulshrestha who was from U.P. and used to speak in U.P. accent Hindi. (Later on in hostel we adopted that accent). After I touched his feet (In our side it’s the only custom for respecting teachers and elders) and he took a short interview of mine. He informed me that some students had already come and they are now in dormitory (I learnt this word then). He directed me to the dormitory, which was the next building just behind the store/office room. Inside the asbestos roof room there were 8 iron beds. Since my both parents studied in hostel for some years they told me to choose out a corner bed if possible. The corner bed has fewer chances of disturbances. Luckily the corner one was vacant and others middle beds were taken by Banmankhi town students group.

Later principal sir told me to pick up my bed cushion , pillow and cover, bed sheet, blanket, mosquito net, thali, a steel jug and soaps and all the things needed including paste and brush from then store keeper Mithilesh sir.

Those students in dormitory, who were going to be my friends, helped me to carry my things from the store. Now it was tea time and Principal Sir told papa too to come for tea. And we few students formed a queue for tea. And where I got introduced with the Mess-in-charge, P.E.T. sir, Subhash sir . From first sight his look was obviously strict. So I became aware of the days coming. Any way our principal sir was very cordial in talks with the students and guardians. He assured papa not to worry about security and other food terms. Sun was about to set. Before leaving, Papa gave me some tips about studies, cleanliness and sports along with the other students who were standing nearby me.

I was feeling papa is leaving me to a place where I have to grow independently towards shaping my destiny.

Get a free favicon ! – 2

Art is my passion as equal to computer applications. I want my creativity live longer than me. I want to compliment my readers who run it with patience. As a monthly affair, the coming week again I am ready to make a few favicon for you. You may just put your desired theme in comment or mail me. From my side I have no other string attached for it. I shall try my best to make one for you and give you the link.

If you are new to favicon, it’s better if you read this in continuation to my previous post on it.

Is BLOGGER’s inbuilt comment is defunct ?

I am unable to see or post the comments in Blogger’s inbuilt comment facility. On the other hand the Haloscan’s comment is working fine. Is this my domain problem or to every other blogger the situation is same? I am worried, if you know let me know too. I have Haloscan’s comment facility. With thanks.

Updation : Sandeepji, now Blogger’s comments too are working fine. 12 march. 9 am.