Happy Birthday !

Stars spread across the sky,
Flowers spread – flying butterfly.
Crossing the garden –
And the little girl shy.

Writes on paper –
The memories and life’s why?

🙁 or 🙂  – dots and curves
Feelings across nouns and verbs.
Call them symbol or smiley,
Its her birthday and
She is Juneli.

Happy Birthday to our inspiring blog friend.
May God shower the blessings for her.

Many many happy returns of the day ! 🙂

These Moments

Arms embraced-
Reading these lines,
When you asked –
Why these pages empty!

Seeing the changes of Life-
Reading millions words,
Revolving around,
Embraced me and you.

Where the life is moving-
Its own pace-
Writing poems of its own,
And the speed-
Faster than my pen.

We are running behind all –
To read.
And the time is faster
Before the minute details – I can draw.

Wish the time don’t stop –
I can’t stand that!

Let me walk fast
Past the terrains
That we covered
In the months few.

Wish to pick,
The pink feather –
Again my dear.
Again like before.
In the ink – Pink again.