Biking to Nandi Hills

Last Sunday I did mountain biking on Nandi Hills Nandi Hills Route

It has been a really nice ride – exploring the mother nature. Top 5 kms with 8 hairpin bends were really tough to pedal and really dangerous to stroll down. Two of our club members got dramatic escape while rolling down. I kept my own slow speed, pace and control on disk brakes – safe and sound I came down.

We followed the following schedule :
Got up at 4:00 am.. pedal to BTM udupi Garden. Loaded the 5 bikes on loading auto. Got down at Hebbal Flyover.

Point to meet with other 8 bikers – Hebbal flyover down opposite to Esteem Mall

The Time to start was at 6.00 so the report time was 5.45 or
early . But we started almost half an hour late. ( Iggy was there on time with a red Adidas’s jacket and a Team Merida TFS 100-V cycle)

The route that we took was :
1) Hebbal Flyover

2) Threw Yelahanka

3) Pass threw Devanhalli

4) Take the lane on the left towards Nandi Hills (its around 12 kms
stretch )

5) Then take a left on NH 48 to Nandi Hills

6) Then a right towards Nandi Hills

7) We are there in the entrance of Nandi Hills

Now the pit stop was given extra minutes as for the newbie in the group
First Pit Stop
1 ) At the Yelahanka Air Force Field

Second Pit Stop
2 ) Devanhalli BIAL Flyover ( Time given 15 min )

Third Pit Stop
3 ) The Left Cross intersection On NH 7 to Nandi Hills ( Time given 10
min )

Fourth Pit Stop
4 ) There is a small Village on the half way point on the road to Nandi hills ( Time given 10 min )

Fifth Pit Stop
5 ) There is any intersection on the left that leads to Nandi Hills
( Time given 10 min )

Sixth Pit Stop
6 ) on top of Nandi Hills (Here we had a group lunch and stroll around) We reached the top after pedaling for almost 5:30 hours.

From Bangalore Moments

A bike ride of 110 km+ was tough to legs, palms and whole body – but it was worth test of endurance, fitness .

At the end of day – again sleeping on the mother earth makes everything pleasing.

Top photo credit :

Fake Smiles

They have started commenting about the change.  They want to see me happy , smiling , and passion full of everything like these days.. but am I, in fact ?

Where I am happy really – they never wish to go into those terrains. Anyway let the place of solace be silent without intrusion.

But  what an illusion they see, it just surprises me. Ha ha ha.. to laugh I make the wide mouth, teeth brightening.. eyes smaller and in all the tears dried in !!

Again I think, what makes I, the way they see, the award, reward and criticize that I get – make me – Me.

Its not a bad idea when you live for others. But where is I again. Lost ! Perhaps not, immersed in We.

Ha ha ha .. what a silly world I am part of and making it so…

Freedom of Wheels…

Had a bike ride of 40 km+ Its a Merry Go Round biking around Bangalore… As per the schedule 3 guys and 1 girl joined this trip.. Some joined later and left earlier.. But I could complete this whole..As I stay near the finishing point..:)

1) Udupi Garden Signal, BTM, 6.00am
2) Silk Board WIPRO Office 6.10am
3) Koramangala Sony World Signal 6.30am
4) Domlur Flyover(BarbeQue Nation) 7.00am
5) Indiranagar Signal (KFC) 7.15am
6) The Milenia (Ex Philips Offc) Ulsoor 7.35am
7) FunWorld Gates, Jayamahal Extension 8.15am
8) Mekhri Circle 8.30am
9) Yeshwantpura Cirle (Via IISC) 8.45am
10) A ‘V’ Turn towards Majestic
11) AnandRao Circle (Via Maleshwrm) 9.30am ( We maintained the timing till this point. Waited for Iggy to join and continued as per planned timings)
Stop at an idly-joint for a snack near Corporation ( but did not had snacks, had Venky’s tea and other bakery items before itself )
12) IIMB Bannerghatta Rd (Via Jayanagar 4th block )11.00am

It was a bit tiring, full of fun, a bit of risk and a completely different experience. Thank God I am fine .. 🙂

Tomorrow a surprise biking to Friends home 🙂

Spice of Day : Our MD SS and his wife praised Biking to office , sportsmen they are really 🙂

Freedom Again…

I bought a bicycle today !

I needed it for the freedom of my own, for the speed of my own, to explore the suburbs, to travel the long highways, for shopping and occasional office going :).

I wished to buy that for a long time. And for maintaining the health and my fitness regime – I did a crazy shopping today. Thanks Ma did not said anything when she knew the price of cycle 🙂 She said I have turned down a student of class 6 again.  I am same kinda happy when I got the red bicycle in class 6  on my birthday.

Its nice to ride a bicyle .. we call it a bike at our group

Those Dear Strangers

Have you meet some persons, who are none to you!

When you meet them – just within some minutes, you start feeling that you know them since long back. Its not about the matching of right frequency and wavelength , etc. Even if you are two different levels of frequency , wavelength , age, profession, mental state, upbringing – just based on mutual respect they win you out.

The art of matching the two levels of brains – they are expert, its something that bring you down to a comfort level – keep you cool – and without being selfish, they talk something and you wish that such conversation go on and on…

I guess this is a rare trait, only very few persons are born with and few others develop it over the years after observation. And the most wonderful common thing, I have found in such persons is, they are artist to the core.

Those Dear Strangers ….

Canvas of Life

When we are in dreams,
We see seven colors of rainbow.

When we do cry sad,
We see black blanket around.

When we are in love,
The pink wings cupid do wear.

When we are victorious,
The rising sun spreads yellow.

At the temple corridor,
We see the vast blue sky above.

Sitting sad when in corridor,
Purple flower brightens our face.

When we do grow old,
Our gray hairs walk as friends.

There are so many colours –
Painted –
On the canvas of life .

Every morning we get up,
With a sunrise yellow.

Tint of pink on the face,
Looking our pink hands.

We color the day,
With the colors borrowed in dreams.

Sometimes we draw the lines,
The way we wish.

But the pictures comes up,
Something we did not dreamt.

Sometimes sprays of colors,
Sometimes the patch of red, blue and black.

Trying to fade some colors,
Trying to deepen some else.

Trying to make it beautiful
Seeing them turning ugly.

Hiding some strokes,
Showing some lines,

Each of us,
Do sketch the life,

With the colors bought,
borrowed and stolen,

We paint the picture of life
On a big Canvas..