Bloggy Celebrations…

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June,  July,  A … Arrr.. Juneli…..There should be August.. after July. But as August is finishing today… We can call it month of  Juneli. 🙂 puzzled .. the day August ends.. its the birthday of our blog friend Juneli.

We few friends who started blogging four years back has seen the blogging’s crazy times , lazy times, sad times, lovely moments and many thoughtful posts.  She spreads the cultural and literary essence from the Beautiful Valley of Kathmandu.

Juneli Cake

On behalf of all blog friends, we wish you, A Very Very happy birthday. May God bless you the happy face, calm soul and wish your creative pen flows down with the honest and simple thoughts like ever.

Many many Happy returns of the day.  Hey Juneli.. have your pie of cake from here 🙂

In Search Of…

On her face –
Innocent like a kid.
She has some questions.
Those sleep in her eyes.
Those dances in her dreams.

The questions –
About the dew drops,
About the red rose,
About the caterpillar on leaf.
About herself
And about Him,
Who made dawn and dusk –
Also made her questions.

She searches for the answers-
In the meadows,
In the rains drops – fallen on leaves.
In the stupid air –
That touched her cheek
And made her blush.

Lost in the questions,
That she never understands,
And she does not either wants
All answers said by Someone .
But she loves her questions.
That makes her eyes dreamy,
In the night –
As the eyes had seen the day.

Today she is crazy –
She has only – one question left
One question about someone –
Who will be along with.
Searching for the answers.
About the journey –
She is blessed with.


If some one really needs me, but my conscience does not allow to do so after repeated struggle between the heart and mind – I feel pitiable helpless !  I do understand that my small help will matter a ton to him and I wish to help him out.  And my conscience tells that without that small help, things are bound to go wrong.

My sixth sense, the kid inside, never went wrong in such contexts ! Consequently, the kid’s heart over took mind and I was determined to help him out of situation.

I slept determined for the morning to come, when I will say  – I am here – tell me what you need.  I slept – and the night did not allowed to go the morning as determined.  I saw the dream – the repeated dream – of restless mind –  I was shocked to see the repeatability of dream. The feared dream – that became true in past, again resurfaced to the eyes. I woke up as I believe in my dreams – they give me many a answers before itself. The kid in the man feared after the dream.

Till next morning I could not sleep properly – the humanity not died exactly to give a place to devil – but it turned as numb helpless and knowing well the things are going wrong.

Still I wish things must not go the wrong way – as my eyes can see clearly.  May God help the person some other way – as I am unable to help myself .

Love Letters

Byomkesh Bakshi – the detective’s character of a TV serial,  I liked a lot, whom I knew quite later as Rajit Kapoor.  Today we four friends went to see his live performance of Love Letters at Rangashankara. This play written by A R Gurney had been nominated for Pulitzer Prize.

This play has been said to be performed more than 250 times. The dual character drama is based on the letters sent by each other over the span of 50 years. The act of “Andrew Makepiece Ladd III” performed by Rajit Kapoor bought the life in the character. And on the other side the role of “Melissa Gardner” was well justified by Shernaz Patel.

The narrative letters orated by both of them from the two side of stages over their changing years/ scenes was taking audience though the different times and moods of two persons sharing their almost all kind of feelings. Both the actors , in the roles of school students to aged people’s role – they seemed completely immersed into.  A flawless performance indeed !  And at the end (when like all love stories) the drama was sad Andy(Andrew) was near to the grave of Melissa – Rajit was crying. And  around 3 hours immersed in the role of Andy at the time of the final stage appearance – his eyes were still wet.

Adding to wetness of his eyes – was his happiness seeing the standing ovation of  houseful Audience. He shared a really good chemistry with Shernaz and I guess they just perfected the characters of ‘Andy and Melissa” without memorizing the script word by word.

It was my first live classical theater experience and was a really satisfying experience.  Wish to see more such live performances of great actors in coming days..

( Photo credits: The Hindu , The Tribune )