ISKCON Bangalore – 1

ISKCON stands for International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The society is the outcome of hard work of 12 years of his divine grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ( Photo left side), established on 11 July 1966, and spread Krishna to the west. I am a regular visitor of the temple for the reason of my own solace out of my consciousness.

ISKCON is just again a vision of globalization of Krishna consciousness, arising from a small place of West Bengal. This has turned out to be a multinational organization/ society. In west Bengal, the Gauriya Math (The Gaurango-Nitai – devotees photo -right) is the center of Krishna devotees. And ISKCON is the outgrowth of its sibling which has succeeded with its approach.

Now the good thing, I noticed there while registering for the Yoga retreat course (I shall write more once I attend it), that those great MNC guys coming for solace like me. Most people I see in the MNCs are seeking for some sort of satisfaction in their daily monotonous (strenous) life. The course may be one of such way to find the solution.

ISKCON Bangalore is just not a temple of Hindus, but a society building to spread the basic Indian cultural values all over the world for the consciousness about the Krishna avatar which is the most popular in Indians. The thing which made this organization successful is its youth power. The priests/managers are young; many joined after leaving the lucrative jobs and hone the technical/managerial/literary expertise. Their fund raising efforts are well crafted, and I do support this with active participation.

Not as a devotee of particular religion, but as a unique persona, I do feel that Religion is just not the specific way of remembering the supreme and finding or not finding the shape out of it, it’s the way we try to understand the relations between “I and around”.

Their Fortune – Our Fortune

If, I am lucky, in the sort span of time,
Will Castle, be there, fresh sand and lime.


I am learning to run before the walk,
There to draw sketches with red chalk.

Yes, they love the creepers, the crowd,
Should I feel little shame or proud!

Great the meanings of bread and butter,
Lucky fellows, if roof becomes shelter.

My bare shoulders are hard as wood,
To carry the religion called brotherhood.

Here, I travel smooth, dawn to dusk.
To make, Our fortune out of the husk!

Gym – Jam – Jingles

Walking on the metro roads, I see a whole variety of things. The things of my concern, which seems to attract my attention most.

It has been more than 3 years that I left pumping irons, that gave me extra pounds. And as a after-effect of leaving the regime, the same 65 kgs got distributed in a bit uneven proportion. Now its again fine to sweat out in a place that is just next to your doorstep :). It takes a lot to comeback to life of your desire with a hope that it must continue at least to remain physically fit.

———– $ ———–

Jam1: Traffic ( terrific duty ) police of Bangalore. Many a places they wear monkey type air filters to cover the nose to inhale filtered air ! They are doing the job of maintaining traffic swift on the injured roads with the load of increased number of vehicles, in harmony of carefree cattles.

Jam2: Jam is a Urdu word means liquor. The party invitation again reached me. The menu again contains three types of liqours with a suggestion to add more things. Not only the liquor but the theme of the party matters. Probably the party and the attraction can be avoided as routine work. I prefer remain in home and sip Lassi here :).

———– $ ———–Chimes

I raised my head and the wind – chimes on the fouth floors were singing jingles. The friends who know the sound wave dynamics/ feng sui can better explain why the sound is pleasing and sooths the nerves. Hope my house will also have such chimes hanged around.

Madhubani Paintings -1

Before I proceed, I shall like to share my happiness with all my readers that my last post was true.

The blessings worked well and I am fine with His Grace. One Another Madhubani Painting
As per daily routine, I climbed the stairs again. At the intermediate space between the stairs there are big well framed Madhubani paintings in the building. Generally I looked them as any other decoative Madhubani paintings. On day I stopped near to the intermediate area of stairs and tried to look into the Madhubani painting minutely. At the bottom were signature of "Bachcho Devi" in Hindi as if some neo-literate had written in curve handwriting. I was surprised that the paintings, which I used to take granted, were genuine and painted on natural papers.

Great !! The cultural soul of Bihar on sparkling Bangalore walls adding to the beauty of place.

The theme of painting – Maa Durga and Mahisasur Vadha. Its the first time, I was seeing the painting in real and painted with such great craftmanship. Although I know about the paintings and their characteristics. The colours used are probably all natural. Painter has used red, violet , brown, blue and green generously.

I have a lot of praise for Madhubani paintings. Hence my respect to the interior decorator who used these paintings with such a love.