मुर्गी माँ

MS – Office XP में राष्ट्भाषा का उपयोग आनंददायक है।

मै पहली बार इसे उपयोग कर रहा हूँ।

मुर्गी माँ

छोटे छोटे नन्हें बच्चे,

कुछ झुठे, कुछ सच्चे,

ठुमक – ठुमककर चलते हैं,

बीच में इठलाती मुर्गी माँ ।

मिट्टी-बालु खोद-खोदकर,

दाना-कीङे ढूँढ-ढूँढकर,

सिखाती जाती चूजों को,

खुद कम खाती मुर्गी माँ ।

कुछ कमजोर छोटे चूजे,

फँस जाते झाङी के पीछे,

दौङकर खोज निकालती उनको,

फिर गिनती करती मुर्गी माँ ।

देखकर आते दूर कुत्ते को,

छिपाती कोने में बच्चे को,

जोर-जोर से चिल्लाकर तब,

सावघान करती मुर्गी माँ ।

जव कोई उसके चुजे पकङे,

या फिर पिजङे में ही जकङे,

पता नहीं कहाँ से आती ताकत,

तब मुर्गा बनती मुर्गी माँ ।

Blood Groups and Compatibility

Blood groups are named after ABO method.

ABO type is related to the three alleles of the gene , i ,A, B.
ii gives type O. AA, Ai gives A. BB, Bi gives B. AB gives AB.

Rh factor:
Rhesus factor or (Rh factor indicated by + or -) is named after Rhesus Monkey, first known in 1940 in Rhesus Monkey :-). Rh factor is present in the surface of red blood cells. Rh+ positive donor is a mismatch for the Rh- recipient of the same group.The converse, i. e. if there is Rh- donor and Rh+ recipient from the same group, is acceptable.
( Note: The current research is being done to make all groups compatible to each other)

Below is the table of donor and recipient type of all Blood Groups ( X means compatiblity).

Get a Free Favicon !!

Before you read this post you can see a favicon in the location bar of this blog. You are seeing an image of a colourful heart. It took me 1 hour to create it. Thanks the company who provided the software free of cost. The favicon gives distinct look to the web address in the location bar as well as appears in the tabs of the browsers to give the website’s look more professional. Every art, poem and story tells more than just colours and words. To me the reason of choosing a heart as favicon is it’s associatively with love and as a synonym of my name too. Any one’s heart always wants to be in pleasure. So I have tried to put all the seven colours in it to symbolise the pleasures. Although in such a small dimension some colours are used in less quantity. Giving it a three dimensional look was again a challenge. My aim towards my arts, poems, writings and even music is to communicate to my audience and visitors.

You too can create yourself such a favicon. Or you can get made it professionally from the favicon experts. Try it or one more alternative is here. Describe your chosen theme ( Please avoid natural scenarios as a theme :-D) of the desired favicon in the comment or my yahoo-id. I will do my best to make one and give you the relevant HTML code (favicon location embedded in it).Then you have to only add the HTML code in your blog template, so that the created favicon will appear in your blog for ever (Of course you can test it before posting on the site). Yes for my readers it’s free service. Do hurry ! Limited Editions from Prem’s art gallery :-).

Sell me your sweater

I have a great business plan. I want to do business of sweaters to compete with Monte Carlo. Now I shall start purchasing sweaters and stock them at a hired go down. Year after year the number of sellers will increase because earth is getting warmer each year. And each year the cost price for them will also decrease. Already the average global temperature has increased. Fortunately, the rate of temperature increase continues, the average temperature will rise by 11 degrees Celsius across the globe. The polar ice will melt down and all coastal towns will be submerged in sea. Then our eyes will open and we will do everything to bring back the normal temperature of the earth and the winter season will exist again. Then I will start selling the sweaters. The ordinary sweaters will be sold at the rate of Monte Carlo.

Coming to the point, 1,00,000 computers (131 computers from India ) across globe participated in global research to predict the global warming masterminded by Oxford University. If you believe, the Environmental Sustainability Index disclosed at World Economic Forum in Davos, our India is ranked 101 in the list of 146 countries. Higher the rank more faulty is the country. The next booming global China is at 133. Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai! The indicators used by the Yale and Columbia university scientists were air quality, biodiversity, and efforts to improve the environment.

If you still want to use your sweaters, migrate to countries like Finland, Norway, Uruguay or Sweden because they don’t contribute to global warming.

Still you don’t want to sell your sweaters then here are more notices for you.
Famous scientific journal “Nature” published from London states that the temperature surges will be much higher than worst-case scenarios that have so far been drawn up.Myles Allen, a member of Oxford team quotes: “The danger zone is not sometime in future. We’re in it now.”

Before thinking about this business it’s our business to check up the Kyoto protocol too.
Kyoto Protocol: A pact agreed by governments at 1997 UN conference in Kyoto, Japan to reduce the amount of green house gases emitted by developed countries by 5.2 percent of 1990 levels during the five year period 2008-2012. A total of 122 nations have ratified or acceded to it.

So it’s legally binding? It is binding once 55 per cent of the signatories which must, between them, represent 55 per cent of developed countries’ carbon dioxide emissions. Kyoto has surpassed the requirement of signatories but has so far only received pledges from nations representing 44 per cent of total emissions. US president George Bush pulled out in 2001(He got elected again!) arguing that Kyoto was too expensive and unfairly excludes developing nations. The united state is the biggest polluter with 36 per cent share.

How will it be enforced?
If countries emit more gases than allowed under their targets at the end of 2012, they will be required to make cuts, and 30 percent more, in the second commitment period which is due to start in 2013.

Does every country have to reduce emissions by 5.2 per cent?
No. only 39 countries – relatively developed ones – have target levels for the 2008-2012 period. Each country negotiated different targets, with Russia aiming for stabilisation at 1990 levels and the European Union taking an 8 per cent cut.

So how are they doing so far?
Most countries are lagging behind their targets under Kyoto. In European Union only Britain and Sweden are on track.

So will you sell your sweater to me or you will be my business partner? And if we don’t start the business immediately, we must think something towards global warming, such that this business never starts.

When ego breaks

Last month, one night around 11 pm, I was immersed in my books and keyboard.

“Prem…” Ma was calling me. Usually Ma does not call me while I am studying. So It was surely some necessary call from Ma. Although her voice was calm as usual, and I had seen her reading on the bed before coming to my room. I did not panic. I got up from the chair and attended her call. I understood that she will tell me some work to do. As I reached there she was closing the book, which she was reading. She had still some pages to read from “Vaitarini” which we got from NBT, Kolkata shop. She was going to sleep now because she had morning schools next day.

I had already finished the book. So we discussed some of the literary aspects of the book. As we finished talking she gave me spectacles to keep on the table and told me to switch the light off. I was aware that because of these works only she had called me. When a child grows up, he has some innovative ideas to follow and these ideas have contradiction with the ideas of the experienced persons. Me and Ma are no exception at few times in this regard although we both have a great understanding.

As I was taking the specs of Ma from her to keep on the table, I told her that she can put it near to pillow too at times, as I do for my specs. Ma leaves no chance to make me perfect human. She told me about the importance of specs and always keep it in the case or a safe place when not being used. She also told me about the wearing and taking the specs off with both hands. After I heard everything from her, I accepted my habit of wearing specs with one hand and taking off same way. While I was telling, I also demonstrated this and was going to tell that I never had any problem with this habit. I took off my specs with my left hand as my habit. I succeeded to do it and frame was safe in my hand. Ting!!!!!!!!!! Some thing has fallen on the floor it was my right glass from the specs frame. I bent down on the floor to pick it up, and it had broken partially. I was dumb struck. My ego to contradict elder’s suggestion had broken down. My face reddened. Ma did not smile or got angry. She told in sorrow “Ah! Bhenge gelo” ( Ah! It broke down). She did not told me much since she knew well that the sound of breaking glass was as loud as lightening for me with a thunderstorm. Rather she was feeling sorry for my glasses. She had remorse and told me that because of her only it broke down, had she not called me, my glass would not break!
She knew that something much harder than glasses had already broken.

26 January in Captivity

You must have seen the flag hoisting at the offices, homes and of course Lal Kila. Today I would like to tell about the Flag hoisting inside a Jail, the feared and neglected building of our society.
In Jails there is a flag at the entry which is hoisted daily as done in our Parliament House and Rastrapati Bhawan. On 26th January and 15th August, the Jail superintendent hoists the flag there. The prisoners can’t see the proceedings but once hoisted they can see the height where the National Flag flares. Inside the Jails, there are more flags to be hoisted there. Indian Jails were mostly built in British period, with red bricks thick high walls. On this day the inside roads of the jail are coloured with various coloured lime. The prisoners seem to give red carpet welcome to the Republic Day. The cleanliness is exemplary like our corporate offices to one’s surprise. The flower gardens bloom and the flag is ready to be hoisted inside the garden or the open place for the main prison place. Every morning, the prisoners are out of their barracks until they had their meals. So at the flag hoisting time they gather at one place. Unlike movies not all jails have white dresses and caps. They wear normal dress as we do.The prisoners don’t form queues there, they surround the flag. Some of the prisoner’s are well versed with the national anthem, but most are not. Why should they be expected to be so? After all they are the part of our society which forms the majority of such people who don’t know the full national anthem. Any festival inside the jail is a matter of big rejoices. Once the flowers from the flag fall on the earth they clap big hands. Might their faces become more hopeful for a better and civilized world. Some of the prisoners are smart enough to lead the social activities there. Be sure that the national anthem will never be synchronized among them. If one side of the crowd finish the anthem and the other side will still be singing “Gahe tab jaya gatha…..” . But some prisoners, who know the partial anthem, will be humming in between. Wait for sweets, distributing sweets is not an easy thing there. The so called miscreants are always challenge taking people. It’s our society and the circumstances who could not utilize their potentials or they them selves couldn’t feel the capacities lying within them. So devoid of joys, relatives, own soil’s smell they will surely enjoy the festival sweets distribution and may some conflict arise then. So the sweet distribution is done afterwards all the hoisting are over in a disciplined manner.

Once finished the celebrations at main place inside the jail the superintendent goes to the inner women cell which is a more secured jail inside the jail. Before entering the women’s cell the guard shouts “Hosiyaar” 3 times and the officials enter there. The prisoners who are fathers can’t keep their kids with them but mothers can keep the kids with them. This is one of the situations when I tell that the gender equality will never exist in the world.
The female prisoners are more nicely dressed using their limited resources compared to their male counterparts. And they too stand near the flag. And most of them despite sweet voice don’t know the anthem. But on this day inside the forbidden four walls, with officials and a tricolor cloth flying, lime decorations in the floor, and colorful flower petals spread over the floor the women’s cell may feel the festivity. Might the festivity be the mirage of home festival front of their eyes.
And as soon as the hoisting is over, the mirage again gets captivated behind the closed the doors. Almost every prisoner in the red brick wall must be dreaming in their hopeful eyes that some day they will be able to hoist the national flag with us in the open air. The parent prisoners might be hoping that they will be able to buy a small tricolor for Rs. 1/-, for their kids, who may be running today around the schools and offices for few Bundiyas or Jelebis and celebrating 26 January today.

Billu and His Bride

The friend got married, and our share of love and affection did not get divided. Our golden days still exists today, still I find my friends same cordial and jovial as they used to be 10 years ago.
On Friday I went to see Rajeev’s (We call him Billu) bride, at Thakurganj when they have returned after 5 days long marriage ceremony at the bride’s home. From Siliguri I had brought a bouquet of orchid flowers to present his bride. I had not seen Rajeev’s house at Thakurganj so I was enquiring about his home in his colony. It was around 8 pm in night and I found several guys chatting on the roadside in his colony. In colonies, the road standing guys, grocery shop owners, the barbers have enough information about the events in the colony. I asked that guy about Rajeev who got married. He knew Rajeev and to my surprise he also informed me that they had not returned from the bride’s home. But I was informed by Rajeev’s mother on phone to come on friday and if possible one day earlier.
I was thinking about my bouquet which I carried so carefully from Siliguri! Does it look nice to carry a bouquet in a bride less home? I was in a dilemma. Since orchid bouquet remains fresh at least one week, I decided to tell that boy, Munna to keep the bouquet in some known home for a while till I can find out the truth of bride from his home. While he was keeping it to some nearby home, the house owner too confirmed that Rajeev has not returned. Any way I proceeded to his home. I gave my identity to a person and he went inside to tell about me and then a smart guy came out from the room and hugged me so hard, it was my Rajeev. Just keeping me hugged, he asked my reason not coming in Barat and he told me that how much he missed me there. As soon I left the bondage of his arms I told him that I have to come back in just a while. My heart was pounding for my bouquet, I have kept in that home. He kept asking the reason for my sudden return, but I could not wait much time to describe him. Again when I came back with my bouquet and asked about the bride such that I can present it to the couple. But he objected on my presentation that still that day he has not given a single flower to his bride and I was going to give a big bouquet to the new bride. We were laughing. Any way he took me to the room. The bride was sitting on the floor bed with a big ghunghat. Rajeev introduced me to her. I could see her partial face only. I was requested to sit on the same bed where Rajeev’s brothers/sister in laws were sitting. So there started a series jokes and fine humours. Rajeev was still claiming his share of gift. I wonder if Rajeev needs any more gifts than he already got from the Almighty. By the time his mother came in the room and he was complaining about the useless marriage rituals went over at bride’s home. Aunt told him to be prepared for more rituals at his home too. Frustrated Rajeev almost revolted about such useless marriage customs. To make him understand aunt told us a story
“These was Big Yagya performed at the rich man’s house in olden times, the pujas were going smoothly, by the time a cat wandered near to the Yagya place. Instead of chasing the cat some one tied it to a nearby a small pole. Any person who were coming to see the big yagya saw the cat tied to a pole at the yagna place. The yagya finishes in time and people went off. Those visitors again when performed the Yagna at there houses did everything in the same way and they get a cat from anywhere and tie it near to the Yagna place. This custom was followed by the coming generations”.
So Rajeev’s maa is also following the traditions and tying the cat. We kept laughing on hearing the story. Rajeev cooled down. And the bride could not stop smiling and the ghunghat was not so down. She was easy now. Might be she thinking that she got a nice mother-in-law. She talked a little with me too. Rajeev could not resist asking me how I liked her. To reply I asked her whether she has a lot of sisters like her for us (My friends, I cared for you too ).She nodded in affirmation and her smile is worth thousands words. And in my eyes she is beautiful.
And in the next hour I was at their kitchen. My few hours spent there did not seem the shift of phase for Rajeev. He is still the same “Billu” for us.
Our all the best wishes for the couple and may their married life have ever lasting blossom.

Today for me

I am always happy today. On this day my New Year starts because I travel with the mother earth around the Sun again. The God has provided me another opportunity to spend more time with my co-passengers. I thank the God for feeling myself fortunate and His kind vision on me. On this day my Maa was the happiest person on earth like any other mother on earth. She might have seen the possibilities of her greatest hopes coming true. Her queries to the God were answered today. Today my father might have thought he got another support with him. Today I had seen my father carrying my first red small bicycle to my surprise. I am obliged to my elders for their blessings and my friends and well wishers for the journey I have completed till now.
May some good souls who are fortunate as me for this day, even if they have departed to the final destination, give their blessings such that I can meet them proudly.

Stolen leaves

I have a book of poems which I can’t read. My every attempt to read it becomes a setback. In so many days I have been able to read only few pages of it. Reading the poems gives me pain. The author seems to have stolen my poems, so I feel cheated. Those poems have almost same rhythm and tunes, as I had written in those days under the tree. I wonder if I find the author, should I sue him.
Those poems were written by me under the tree in the barrens when I was crying. I used to write those poems on the falling leaves of the tree. May the author have collected those leaves and arranged them in the book.
I like to cry in the barrens, because I am a man. Men are not supposed to cry in public. If not barrens, pillows become the companions. When I cry, the tears fall on my heart where the heavy stones are kept. These infinite tears are capable of melting them down. Reading those poems may dry out my tears. And the heavy stones will not be able to melt down due to lack of tears.
I feel those heavy stones put on by the circumstances around me and the society I live. The woman inside me wants to cry loudly. I want to shed my tears under the tree in the barren land again. There I shall write again on the falling leaves and recollect those poems again. I shall collect every leave from there, and this time I will not leave any leaf there. Once every poem is recollected on those leaves, I shall open the book and read to see what alterations have been with my poems.
I can’t throw that book because I am a human with my own limitations. Apart from my limited capacity I see more probable things that can happen. May today I shall not find out the tree again. May the leaves not fall now, on which I can write again. May in the barrens the rain start falling and wash out all my tears and melt down those heavy stones and the leaves will become useless for me.
I can’t read the book and I can’t throw it too. I feel angry as well as guilty.

Spikes in Roses

I have planted a flower garden in front of my house.
It has Dahlias, Marigold, Chrysanthemums, Panjee and so many flowers.
The Dahlias and several seasonal flowers don’t have fragrance but I plant them because they look nice and of course the persons who pass by my house are happy to see them most of the time. I never tell them to see my garden but being my house on roadside, travelers see them. I don’t plant them because they should appreciate them but because I feel nice to spend my time and take care of them. Seeing them grown up and flowering looks beautiful and please me.
But I am especially interested in roses, so I take special care for them. These roses are of many variety and sizes. Of course the rose is king of flowers. These roses have spikes too. Some times my visitors could not resist smelling the beautiful roses after holding their stem. While trying to get their fragrance apart from their beauty the spikes pierce in their hand too. And their fingers get hurt a bit. When they get hurt they wish that if roses did not have spikes! I can’t help them. But these wishes are frequent from them. I like the spikes and also get hurt from them because I know someday these stems, which have spikes now, will have buds and full flower stems will grow from them. I could not help myself one day when a frequent visitor of my garden who again wanted to give me lesson about the gardening and was telling me about the spike less roses, I told him to stay away from my garden for some days and if he passes by the nearby road not to see towards it. His eyes had tears.