Its Our World

Dear Eternal Love,

A warm welcome to the eyes, soul and on the mother earth. After your arrival, I am conscious – of being a father. The change in me – that now only I can feel. It’s nice – really nice; personally and professionally.

Everything came in the way – just because of the Almighty’s wish. A friend of mine – you are; that’s the impression first I got – when I bent over you first time. Miles to go dear – together. Morning walks – Cycling together – and learning so many things together…. Like your growing days as a kid – I am too growing as a father.

Now everything, I do, I am conscious of you around. You are listening, learning, following consciously/unconsciously to me as you are following the world around. Sometimes – I need to change, improve, evolve as a person: that’s good I think. And also I as a person, am conscious about – the unique good set of attributes, attitudes in me – should not change. But some of the those times – change, evolve, getting maturity questions comes to me. May be the transition is natural – and a process of life.

May be this way, I can contribute to the things around me getting better – beyond me – the things abstract and physical – we got inherited. So you may do the same to the coming generations.

And everything whatever we do – is inspired by our beautiful soul – your Ma; the rainbow blessings of Grand Ma’s – Pa’s whose love, teachings, traditions and values we are carrying forward; the relatives and friends – who make our lives beautiful and of course the full spectrum of teachers – whom you will find in schools, organizations, playgrounds and in the mother nature.

Its our world dear – where we are learning, contributing and growing. Lets grow together – We all.