To my dear – 1

Dear Rose / Orchid / Lotus / Jasmine/ All flowers (Except Cauliflower),

Still I don’t know who are you, where are you , how smart are you. But on my side, I got smart ( reason I am explaining below), so I want to talk a lot before marriage. After marriage, I will be hearing you as all the man have to do !

Now keep reading my stories. Hope you will not say these to any body 🙂

Many of my friends do know that I am not a movie buff. As I do enjoy my life’s own movie. Anyway whenever people used to talk about movies, I had to sit silent, as I didn’t know much about commercial cinemas. Last movie I saw was Hrithik Roshan’s first movie.. what the name….Off forgot.. Lemme search google.

Wah found..

Hrithik Roshan – Biography
On January 14 2000 Hrithik Roshan entered a cinema to attend the premiere of his first film Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai (2000). When he came in some people … – 34k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

8 years… ago !! And from then I never been to a cinema hall. Many a times friend said ‘lets go to movie’ . I made lame excuses. And before someday many of friends knew that it was my wish that I will see the next movie along with you only.

And one day one of my friend said something about my this wish. ‘B’ said that may you say -“Hey why did not you see the movie ! With me you could have seen the movie once more na”. Even then I did not went to movie.

And last saturday, when I was in office, my same friends ‘B’ and ‘P’ called me that they were going to movie after night dinner. Though I had thought I would walk the theater for the first time, in hands in hands of yours 🙁 I waited for you so many days, but you did not came. So I went with my friends who have been with me since last 20 years !! May be after going to movie you may meet me !!

‘P’ offered me free conveyance, free ticket ( Rs. 150/- ) . And the movie name was “Get Smart” – a comedy movie. First movie in Bangalore that too for me with a name “Get Smart” . It was time to “Get Smart”

Anyway we went to movie. Parking was full so ‘B’ parked his alto at distance of 100 meters from Sarala Grand.

When we reached hall, we thought to have some ice-cream.

There were many screens in one cinema hall !! My friends were searching for screen number. We entered screen no. 3. After entering, I wanted to move towards the seat in middle. But B said to move right as ours was at the right most three seats. Ohk ! Seat number too was booked on internet ! All Dolby sound effect gone !!

There at cinema hall .. uff Multiplex theater , I saw something quiet interesting there. People used to carry full plate of fast foods, cool drinks, and pop-corns ( we call it makai / makki ka lawa) and go into the movie hall. I never saw a such a big dining theater hall with a such a big screen ! We will also keep our dining table and Big TV ( I mean Plasma TV, right na) to make a dinning theater hall.

The movie started. All those hollywood pronunciation entered my ears after filtering process only. May be some hairs in ears have grown up more. May be 50% ( Am I honest here !) of their conversation I could understand ! I wished if somehow they could give the subtitles in Bengali or Hindi or easiest in English. But it was a boring movie, I could guess out. Sometimes I saw the face of my friends too, whether they are enjoying the movie.

Yeah one biggest Indian actor with small role was our large Indian, the Great Khali of WWE fame.

Even in the boring movie it was a houseful show. What a crazy Hinglishtanis we are here ! And people used to laugh on some conversations, whereas I could not understand many of the words itself at the point they laughed ! Pity on me 🙁

After 40 mins, my dear sponsor friends themselves got bored and crushing themselves for coming to movie !

I was just listening them and smiling. As everything I was getting free, I had little complaint about the poor humor of movie. But I was sad inside that, these guys gave a way to break my promise !!

As the promise is broken now, I will go to all other halls in Bangalore and find the best one before I take you there 🙂 .

BBBBUT What if you could be from Bangalore itself who could have seen more movies in one year than I have seen in whole life !!

Anyway rest details when I meet you ….


When Her Mirror Lied…

“Tring ! Tring !!”

And as promised to Priyangini, Abhilash returned early from office. They had to go for Kushagra’s reception that day.

After tea, he changed the office dress to party wear. And all this hardly took ten minutes for him. He knew that Priyangini will take long to get ready.

After marriage for few months, he used to get irritated about the prolonged famous ladies make up. But as their understanding grew up, Abhilash now-a-days did not had complains against her now a days. His life had changed after his marriage. He knew the well kept dresses in the wardrobe makes feel of Priyangini everywhere. Otherwise he recalled his bachelorhood room – cloths, socks, newspapers and cigarette butts spread every where.

So knowing about the time available, he sat on his laptop for some essential presentation for next day meeting.

She was getting ready in her merino blue colored embroidery silk. On her complexion, not many colors used to suit her. The fact was, that day she took a lot of time to choose a Saree for herself. Afterall it was the reception of Abhilash best friend Kushagra. She sprayed the gifted french perfume ‘Esense’.

For Priyangini, ‘Esense’ had some memories embedded into, so its fragrance always made her smile.

For today’s party she got her facial done two days before itself. With the diamond ring on ring finger, that was gifted on last valentine, she was feeling complete. It was her first time or better to say her first opportunity when she can display her diamond to others.

They reached the Hotel GreenGold. She got down the car, walking steadily. Once again thought came to her – may others say “You are looking beautiful.” And she wore a big smile, the only asset in her whole appearance apart from her height.

Being a self conscious person, she knew well that she was not as beautiful as other corporate ladies present there. To describe Priyangini, she had a big nose on the wheatish face, dotted with left over pimple marks, and the short dry hairs – which she used to cut often to keep away parting ends. At party she could not use heavy specs too – but the marks on nose were obvious.

On the other hand Abhilash was a perfect tall gentleman. And in party wear, he looked like a smart university student again.

Priyangini’s friends used to poke her – “What magic you played on him?” And she used to answer very innocently – “Ask the great Magician!” Not many could understand her intellectual reply.

There in party, to keep herself at best, she re-arranged her Saree pallu, waved her fingers through her hairs. Sometimes she arranged her diamond ring, such that that may appear clearly to others. She expected may many will praise her with some honest words – “You look great!” There were compliments on her saree colour and matching embroidery blouse match. “Fantastic”, ”Cool or better to say Kewl” but she was little happy on these fake metro praises. Only the mother of Kushagra hugged her and appreciated her. She knew Kushagra’s family very well. They loved her as their own daughter.

They were returning from the party.

The car was passing the MG Road’s darker part. Street light were faint. In car CD player was playing on and Abhilash was lost in his classical tunes. And there was a different tune playing in Priyangini’s head. Not being a beautiful, honestly she had little complaint to God since she was a girl, whenever she used to compare herself to her sister. But she was making herself happy for being whatever she way. She used to think – “To other persons, I don’t have complaint much – as I don’t deserve the praises.“ On the other hand Abhilash praised her a lot, and pampered her, but she had unsaid complaints against Abhilash’s false praises.

She did introspection of herself . What she wished actually, ”To be praised or not to be praised!” But the thing accepted that she was not beautiful.

Car was running smooth in night. The windows of cars were down. And in the cool breeze entering into, she was lost in her world.

“You are beautiful!” was the most well heard lie, she heard from Abhilash. And when one day when she was touching her pimples in front of mirror, Abhilash suddenly came from back, and lovingly said, “These are just the lovely spots on my moon.” And there were such hundreds praising lies she heard from him. Many a times she used to get irritated with his lies, so one day she thought to say him – “you are the cutest lier of world.” Turning her head towards right, she smiled on her cutest driver.

She was thinking so many odd and even things and like their life, the car moved on.

Suddenly she shouted “Abhilash, STOP CAR!”

Abhilash could not understand but broke hard. With a screech the car stopped.

“I saw something on road!”


“Perhaps a puppy or cat.”

“Huh! Then!”

It was around 11:30 night and road was almost empty and the area was not safe either. But she opened the door without thinking a second and got down.

Abhilash followed her. She was right. There was a puppy walking on three legs. The fourth leg was bleeding. Perhaps some passing vehicle injured that poor creature.

She picked the puppy up. Abhilash knew that it was useless to suggest her anything right now. In back light of car, he could see clearly. Holding the puppy made her hands full of blood. ‘Her Saree may get blood stains’ – thinking Abhilash gave handkerchief to her.

She wrapped the puppy in handkerchief and then took out back seat towel to wrap the puppy. And holding puppy in her lap they reached home. Abhilash did not speak much, but he was hearing what she was telling. Abhilash was against pets and the puppy was not good looking either.

At home till late night, she did the first aid of puppy and Googled the net for some near by veterinary doctor. It was an ugly puppy and there were peculiar black and white patches on its whole body.

One week passed off.

Though puppy was better now but it still used to walk on three legs – fourth leg needed some time to get cured – as the veterinary doctor said. Priyangini bought extra milk, dog biscuit, dog soap, dog shampoo, towels, dog vitamins, and so many dog etc – Abhilash could not oppose as she was happy with it.

One morning when Abhilash returned from the gym and Priyangini brought him the glass of juice. The little puppy was playing with his shoes. “Masy!” he called the puppy. And the puppy left the shoe there only and looked innocently towards Abhilash.

“Looks so nice na” Abhilash said looking towards the puppy. Picking the puppy up he again repeated “Looks so nice na.” In fact he said so to make Priyangini happy.

“Sometimes you can tell the truth na. Do false praise always work? If something is not beautiful don’t tell that’s beautiful. Can’t you say the truth?” Priyangini seemed shouting unexpectedly. Perhaps she wanted to tell so since long.

Abhilash was shocked but it was not unexpected. The truth was hitting him. Same type of question Priyangini asked before marriage.

There was pin drop silence. Masy jumped out of Abhilash’s lap.

They knew what happened. She went inside house. Abhilash reclined on the cane chair closing his eyes. Another minute, inside the eyes, his pupils were wet. He recalled the day when in park she had said “If I am not beautiful, why do you lie – you are beautiful. I wish to hate your lie. But I can’t …! Abhilash, you may find a better girl than me …”

Like as usual, within minutes the storm subsided. She was again there standing behind him. With her ever soft touch, she wiped the tears.

“Geyser is on. Will not you go for bath. Dirty boy!” She tried to make him easy after teasing.

Still closed eyes, feeling the touch of her palms, he hold them with his both hands. He kissed her both hands and made her sit on the handle of the chair.

She sat on the handle. Holding her with left hand, putting the head on her side, he closed his eyes again. And holding her, he was murmuring…..
“I am poor in speaking truth but I am rich with words that you wish to be heard… !”
I always said – “You are beautiful. Did I ever said – You look beautiful?”
“Priya… not many beauty queens will pick up a sick puppy from the street.”
“Not many will have such caring hands to wipe the tears.”
“I am a man, because you made me feel so.”
“These hairs have a fragrance that I can feel…” And his fingers played with her hairs and she felt the pleasant waves in them.

After a brief silence, he opened his eyes and said, “Your mirror may lie to you….but not my eyes….look into my eyes.”

And the little “Masy” was playing there.

When it rained in night

One moonlit night,
Clouds played,
Hide and seek,
With the moon,
Around her face.

And it rained outside,
Within the trees,
Where we stood,
After running again,
Hands in hands.

Lost in the forest,
In the rain,
Where there was fire –
That never spreads-
To burn the leaves,
But to sooth the souls.
With the warmth of love.

Wind was silent,
So do the birds,
Silent were the tree leaves,
All were hearing –
The dripping water
In the pond, falling drops –
From the pine grooves.

But in the thunders,
All the sound seemed lost,
somewhere in darkness,
And we felt our entity,
Hands held together.

Life’s Changing Tunes – 4

During the govt job, first thing I bought was a laptop computer. In govt office, though there were good computers for work ( at my office only) , carrying a laptop was exclusively style display. But I needed that for my specific set of hardware and software combinations, that was not possible in office systems. And the laptop I bought with hard earned salary and with support from Ma , is too dear to me. While I bought that, that laptop was packed in a TV kinda size box. I carried that laptop box on my legs. I did not wanted to give a jerk on that. Now I feel to cry, when I see at airports, the laptop bags keep rolling during/after security check ups.

I did small puja of laptop at home. But before that one intresting episode here. My younger sister , Pinky was most eager to see the laptop. I entered the house around 8 pm in night. She was away. I took out laptop from the box and kept the laptop in other room to play a gimmick with her. The box I kept in Ma’s room. She came in house and after seeing laptop big box, she said first to put that in Puja room. I said – “not necessary”. She wanted to put some traditional values in me 🙂 She picked up the box without checking the laptop inside and kept in Puja room. She then did small puja and said to open that. There was nothing, as I had already taken laptop out. She was about to cry – why did I took the laptop before and also did not told her in time. 🙂 Anyway being younger, she did not beat me up 🙂

Anyway laptop of my own, year 2004. I had to carry that to office. I did not had motorcycle. Only other  conveyance for the small town was bicycle or rickshaw. Carrying a laptop on bicycle and returning home late night was not safe. I changed the bag of laptop. I used a general office big bag, laptop embedded inside. Kisi ki buri najar na lage. I used to carry laptop on bicycle.  At office for visitors – it was piece of ajooba.  As I was ‘sir’ for the visitors – they did not mingled with me to see the piece.  Somedays, when it was really late, I used to keep the laptop in office only. 

Life’s Changing Tunes – 3

A Bagful of books, and a suitcase of cloths and laptop embedded in that. I got down the AC III tier. As the train was entering the Bangalore, I was looking towards the building – may In some of these houses, I can stay. I saw hundreds going to their duties – may I also go like them. Leaving the govt. job that too of home town was not an easy decision. But I had taken that.

And I was staying in the paying guest. I had to prepare for the Job market ! I had to sell myself, my personality, my knowledge. Who will recognise them ? Will some one worth ? But to the field, I had to dedicate was a tough task for me. For few days I came to cybercafe regularly .After that took the decision of taking a broadband at home itself. As internet was the only vehicle – that was the root of my career and search for career. Month passed on – there was nothing new to said to be home. I Bought my first mobile, other wise at home town there it was not needed. By the time, I had choose out my field of specialization. Now I had to present myself.

I send my resume to my friends for cross verification. They seemed getting irritated. I needed confidence with a good resume. Good resume means – how the best way – we represent ourselves. I took professional help. From Delhi the lady helped me to make my resume good.

In the meantime, I prepared my fundamentals strong and prepared with my last work experiences. i put my resume to the job sites. Within 3 days, the call started coming. Ranging from HP, IBM, Mindtree, Kolkata Chennai and Pune. I had wide options of opportunities. I went for interviews. The frequency need to be matched and each others expectations. I appeared for walk ins.

And within 15 days I got the job. And I had my own tag to hang, that was not there in govt job. I had money, more than expected. I had designation, and I landed with satisfaction – for step 1.

Kiss of Red Skins

I should not have written all these – but today I can’t help myself , its all unbearable – and I have to write all these !

In day time mostly, I see her along with her friends. Their thin waist and sharp features are remarkable.Their disciplined walk along the same road, I do really admire. Their walk seems, they are walking on ramp. Should I mention about their pink- red skin. Above all, her and her friend’s hard work everybody praises in our locality.

On our personal interactions, she always used to praise my cooking – And many a times, she used to sneak into my kitchen. It was great, when she used to come alone. But when she used to came along with her brother and her niece and nephew’s friends, I really did not liked that. One day she came along with her parents ! Anyway I do like to make adjustment and maintain a private territory many a times.

Everything was going right. Neither she, nor I had any complaints against each other. Beauty is to see, not to touch, Beauty is to touch not to destroy…

Day before yesterday, I was ready to go to office. Just I left the house, near to gate- she kissed me. It was too much in the hot season of May.

It all happened just before I started for office.Yeah she kissed me on my chest. I came back in the house again along with her. Her kiss was hot. I took out my shirt. But it was still unbearable. Why she did so ! I picked her hands and moved her away. Thanks that she did not kissed me on the main road. I like to forgive many a times, as well as I wanted to forget everything.

In night I slept. She was there near to me ! Near to my pillow. I got up feeling her touch. How she came there, I could not believe in dark !

I switched on the light. She was there along with one dozen friends. Her demand of Cookies and Chocolates and all my affection I can meet, but her presence along with all her friends is now unacceptable. Seems, what a sweet person I am !

I am tired of these little lovely ladies, though they are very hard workers and innocent too, but I am tired of these omnipresent creatures – the small red ants.

Though I keep my house clean like any other Bengali house. But now, their intrusion in my territory is unacceptable. Because apart from kitchen and book selves, they are present in bed cushion, shirts, computer speakers, keyboard, and believe it or not inside one of the computer hard disk !

Beyond pink lips

March 6th. That evening Abhilash was returning from office normally walking down the market.

And again he gave a look towards the Dentist’s clinic. And since last days he was feeling a sensation in one of tooth, he thought to go inside and get it checked. He waited outside doctor’s chamber. There was no other patient that time. From the seat he sat, he was able to see a fair lady sitting in plain sky color salwar suit – talking with some person.

“A Nurse – she may be.. “, he thought .

After the patient came out, the so the seemingly nurse followed. Abhilash asked her , “Is Doctor inside ?”.

“Yes please come in.” She said and Abhilash followed her.

She sat on the doctor’s chair. Abhilash was surprised to see the simplicity of the doctor. To whom he thought as a nurse.

Round face, encapsulating perfectly pink lips, fair color. hairs well tied behind, height may be around 5′ 2″. Hard to believe her as a doctor – still looked liked some medical college passout – straight from the class. Her age can be hardly 25, he guessed.

“Name ?” She asked with cool voice.

“Abhilash Trivedi.”


“29. Next month, I will be 30.”- he smiled.

At first she wrote 29 and did overwriting and made it 30. She too smiled, keeping her head still low.

She asked about his problem.

“Take out your tongue” she said politely. He was surprised on it otherwise all the grey haired doctors say with a command.”TAKE OUT YOUR TONGUE”

She asked about his dental history and at the same time she was writing on the prescription. Abhilash was looking at her thin fingers holding the pen. Hundreds of girl he might have seen. And she was different altogether, even in her simplicity. And his sixth sense was not wrong, he was sure.

She made an instant impression on his mind. He had a look on her forehead – any vermillion marks? No. Mangal sutra – No. Okey, may be she is married – as being a south Indian its difficult to mark it out sometimes. But he without any clue, after seeing her innocent face and her peaceful smile – Abhilash can guarantee that she was unmarried.

“Why don’t you get your teeth’s scaling done, it has accumulated tartar ” , she suggested after writing the medicines and mouth wash name.

“How much it will cost ?” He asked back, as it was another chance to come back and see that innocent smile.

“800 (Rs). for two or three sessions” , she said.

“Is 800 (Rs.) for each session?” Abhilash wanted to confirm. Even though he was ready for 800 Rs. per session just to meet her.

“Nah ! ” She smiled, ” Don’t worry ! 800 for all two or three session. After one session it can be said how many more sessions you may need. ”

“When can I came?” he asked hiding his impatience.

“You have to get a prior appointment” “Where do you stay ? ” she asked.

“Behind Natraj Building, Nirvana Apartments” He said. Natraj building was at walkable distance from there.

“Then you can come in evening too. Is not it ? Is evening time fine for you ?” She said and took out her diary. “Is this Friday ok for you, 6:30 pm”

“How long one session takes ?” he asked as if he didn’t want long sessions !

“Approx. half an hour.”

“Then okay, Friday is fine for me, I will come straight from office. I will confirm you before I come. May I have your number?”

‘Its written on prescription, my personal cell no. Yeah you may give me a call.”

The smile, glowing face, simplicity and the small touch on his cheek during the check up was different. Night spent sleepless. On the prescription, he read her name Vandana Rao. Yeah she was a south Indian, “unmarried” – thinking he smiled. Sleeping on bed, in the darkness, his face was glowing when he was saving her number in his mobile.
He put a cute girl icon with her name.

Tuesday….. Thursday……. and Friday came. In office, he was feeling the air around fragrant as it seemed his first love. He was happy and everyone can read that. Lunch
was over and he put alarm in his mobile at 5.00. He will leave early from office – not in the office cab. He will hire an auto and go to Vandana’s clinic. He had to leave, the office by 5:15 at any cost.

He reached there by 6:10. But the seat from where he can see the doctor was occupied by a fat lady, holding her swollen cheek. The talks inside was coming out. He wanted her to see. She seemed to be busy with other patient and the scaling machine seemed to be running. It was 6:45 now.

Suddenly she came out. She smiled, pulling her face mask down. Today in doctor’s apron she was looking like a doctor, not a girl.

Though she seemed tired but still the face was radiating energy.

Seeing Abhilash sitting, she smiled and said “Wait please, just one more patient then I will call you.”

“No problem, I will wait” – He smiled with a great satisfaction.

The fat woman went inside and her equally fat husband accompanied her. After 5 mins, the couple came out and Doctor called “Abhilash.”

“Take out specs and lie down there”

She prepared the next set of instruments and made the dental chair flat. She started scaling with small needles type instruments. At first it was painful for Abhilash. He was uncomfortable.

Her two palms were occasionally resting on his clean shaven cheeks. “Did you ever get your teeth’s scaling done?” and like this she was talking and simultaneously moving swiftly her fingers inside mouth.

In the process, his mouth became full of medicated water and saliva.

“Spit it out and rinse mouth with water”

He did so.

The tingling sensation of scaling machine seemed to be unbearable. The doctor was standing and carefully doing the scaling, He understood that even a small miss of doctor will make a wound in tongue or cheek.

He felt on his head something soft touched. The tingling sensation flowed from teeth to head. She was careful for him, but careless for herself. Her body was touching his head. Now he could feel it clearly.

Scaling was going on. He was said to spit it out again. Again the process started. She stood close to him. He thought – may psychologically doctor wants to keep the pain out with her touch.

“Stupid thoughts for a doctor”- he scolded himself. But after a while there was no pain while scaling was being done.

“Is its paining now” she asked.

“Very little” and true he was. It was a motherly touch, he guessed. But there was a different kind of feeling for the lady – he was sure.

Half an hour passed off. Not a single time he pondered to think, what’s program is going on the TV kept in front.

He was said to come after 15 days. May be two more session required.

After 15 days, he called him before coming to clinic. She said – not to come – as she had some personal urgent work.

Personal work – what can be ! “May be… May be ….”

Anyway he was happy that next day she called him in morning being holiday for him

Next morning he took a fast breakfast and was ready to lie down on dental chair for the scaling by 11 in the morning.

There was no patient in the clinic at the time. And as he reached there, he found, she was waiting for him.

“Come Abhilash, how are you feeling now.” “Did you brush twice as I said?” she asked treating him like a kid.

He like it! Her smile was contagious.

Suddenly a tall good looking person in formal dress came inside and went outside without saying anything. May be some patient in waiting..

That day she seemed to be relaxed and gave more attention to him. He had absoultely no pain that day. As she was really smooth in her scaling process.

She suggested for one tooth filling done afterwards. Scaling seemed near to completion,

“Abhilash, I think you need not do the third session. I have cleaned all the tarter. Your enamel is thin. Third session may affect that.”

Abhilash thought there would be three sessions, and he would get more chance to talk with her. As she too asked about him, his family his job etc.

Abhilash was now in a mess ! He had hoped for a third session. He wanted to come more frequently there. To make the situation worst, he had paid only Rs 300 in first session. And he realized he had left in purse in home and there may be maximum of Rs. 200 in his jean’s pocket. He was still lying on chair, unable to check his back jean’s pocket with a touch.

She did his tooth polishing. He washed his mouth. There was still soothing feeling in him with her treatment. But now his problem was he did not carry Rs. 500/- with him.

He sat down. Tried to cool him self internally. He gathered his smile and thought to make himself normal. Doctor was in her chair. He put his hand his pocket, took out money. It was not even Rs. 200. There was total 188 Rs. there ! Rs. 12 – he bought the bread packet in morning.

“I have forgetten my purse in home today, I have 150/- now, can I bring the rest money in 20 min.” He said feeling guilt.

“No need to go now for bringing your purse, whatever you have now, you can give. Rest you may give later.” She said calmly.

Abhilash didn’t wanted to leave early after giving her money, as already there will not be 3rd session. He wanted to talk more, if possible. Though a mechanical engineer by profession, he had an inclination towards the medical science, so do for the doctor clearly.

There were medical books on the table. He guessed out she may be preparing for masters degree as she holds a bachelor’s degree only. He thought to start a talk on the title of the book kept on table – “Autism”

“Are you preparing for M.S. or M.D.? ” he asked

“No why ?” she smiled.

“Nah I thought so,” He continued “But this book is related to mental health. And you are dentist. Do you have some interest in mental health.”

“I am reading for myself .”

“Yourself !”

“Yeah myself, this book I have brought from US. This is good book.”

“But have you any specific interest in mental health studies?”

“I read it for my two year’s old son.”

Darkness surrounded him. She was married and have a son too, who was born like that. It happens 1 in 250 children. He became bloodless. Hands cold. How this lady keeps her smile intact always, looking so innocent.

Abhilash knew very well – “What is Autism ?”

He was looking at her. She was telling about herself. From day one to him, she was like a friend. Yeah like a friend – as some persons spread the aura of friendly attitude for everyone. She was telling him about her son more. There was a soothing touch in her voice, a pain hidden inside.

Suddenly she realized something and said ,” Abhilash, my husband is waiting outside. I have to leave now.”

“How she knew her husband had come. No phone call ! ” Abhilash thought,” Oh the tall man who came inside was his husband for sure. A gentleman indeed. ” Abhilash wished for her son’s well being and praised the lady’s courage. He came out assuring her to meet again with the rest money.

That night too Abhilash was lying on bed, but he was relaxed recalling her face.

Her smiling ever face was revolving in his eyes, and her words were reverberating in his ears – ” I was a doctor, but never thought my child will have autism. Though my husband was knowing of the child’s symptoms, but till one year he did not told me anything. He thought I will feel pain, if I knew. But now I am prepared for taking care of his future. He seems to be improving with my care…. May God have found me strong enough that I can do this duty perfectly…. ”

“May God have found me strong enough that I can do…….”

In the soothing vibrations, slept Abhilash with a selfless feeling, recalling the young lady’s smile – that was divine – beyond pink lips.