Shubh is practicing guitar behind my Desktop.

His guitar’s 4th string is breaking out. We looked at Amazon for replacement strings – but we don’t know how to change it. So as second option we thought to call to the local store from where we bought the guitar, Peiro’s Music , which doubles as his Guitar school.

On speaker phone we called them and found they are open. They explained the string cost and taxes to be paid. Its $1.25$/string. Shubh listened to our conversation.

5 mins later – he asked whether I am going to buy over Amazon or go to local store. I said – not yet decided (I was still deciding if I would be able to change the string myself).

He replied – go to the local store. You will help the local Business in this time when less people are visiting them and you will also pay taxes. And this tax will help Local Govt to make bridges!

Also we will get chance to visit the local shop too. Have not done since long!

My Amazon idea is over. Will go to our local store.