Why I blog ?

This tag by Juneli I have to do ! Ahem ahem.. so many points to write down. But for the time being I should do the 5 point task only. The reasons behind my blogging is:

1. Because you read it !
I was born dumb and with a blank slate and was just looking everyone around – whatever smart or stupid I became because of all people and events around. So “You Run It” and ultimately “You Read It”. To explain: Communication with words is just half done, until it serves the purpose to reach the brains on the other head – and create up the effect one wants to generate. Otherwise the personal diary or these words saved in .txt format in the hard disk could have served the purpose of purging out or documentation. I fail to agree, when people give just a ‘single argument’ that one do blogging for oneself without expecting people around. People do love to be heard hence get read by others. I do read other blogs regularly, and also do ensure myself that people are reading me after checking my stats!

2. Because it’s an efficient intellectual connectivity beyond landline boundaries.
Write a letter to someone unknown five times, one may not reply positively or may scold you back. Go to some blog of at least equal level, read them regularly, feel them, put comments five times – in most of the case, if frequency matches, one will read you back and one may comment you back too. Once this bond is created – its better and more pure than the face to face attractions of daily life, as feelings are embedded in the posts. I have made global contacts of people of similar and contrasting thoughts, and also did participated in some of the much responsible works – that can never be given to any stranger. I did booked hotels for them, arranged tours, got job suggestions, technical know-how’s and of course some pretty gifts too. Is Jitu ji around !

These are the bonds – with the people who know the power of words – and we bloggers do respect despite all ups and downs. And a confession here is, at one point of time – I had even thought that may I get someone blogger around with whom my thoughts matches and we could blog together forever !

3. Because I want to be known as ‘just a writer’ after I die.
I have a deep urge to write a novel / story book before I die. Since childhood, the staple food from Ma is given is “the creativity and innovation never dies”. And only these things do carry all the information and knowledge forward from one generation to next. The blog is my jogging ground before I run, with pretty good actors and actresses walking around. So I do never use ‘rambling’ or ‘blabbering’ for blog posts – and instead of I did name as “You Run It”. Though I do write using my own few pounds grey matter – but my ultimate purpose remains, it should be beyond me – as I am just the elemental communicator to serve the broader purpose.

4. Because I want to get loved and hated.
Communication is my plus point of personality. Sometimes I take the pains of my neighbour and let them know, I am with you. At times I do make windows open after singing when I know the weather is going to be pretty good. Another times, I do shout when I guess my neighbours must close the windows as weather is going to really bad outside, and I wanted them protected ever. I am an active theatre person and words are my loved and hated actors on the blog stage, and I do pay a heavy price for getting them happy ending drama done! And so do I carry forward – your love and hate.

5. Because blogs have life like us – I do believe.
During initial days of blogging, the reply to one of my comment on one of the blog was so stark truth that I was bound to improve my writing skills and expression with tears in my eyes – the days of growth. And today I do feel at a satisfactory equilibrium, but still I am restless…. On the other hand, one day I had seen one of the blog being deleted in front of my eyes within minutes and that never came back in any other form. I do ensure that none of the blog stops ever as long as the writer is alive – that I read. The momentary chaos I do love than the absolute silence. I do blog to keep myself alive and make others active around.

Happy Blogging !

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Songs – I love most

I am tagged by Juneli for Music. I did avoid accepting tags, but trying to go with the blogging winds as it has some essence of own.

Choosing out best out or creative bests, from ranges is really difficult but I had to do. So here goes…

Your favorite lyricist and the lyrics you remember the most…
As there are many but given the weaving style of words and one choice of lyricist then, is :
And I would like to put some of his songs, I liked most
Lakdi ki kaathi – Movie : Masoom
In childhood, we children used to imitate this song.
Dil hoom hoom kare –Movie : Maachis
O re kaanchi, kaanch ki gudiya – Movie : Ashoka

Your favorite song on friendship…
This I wanted to copy-paste from Juneli , but one song came to my risk at right time.
Chahoonga Maein Tujhe Saanjh Sawere
Phir Bhi Kabhi Ab Naam Ko Tere
Aawaaz Maein Na Doonga
Dekh Mujhe Sab Hai Pata
Sunta Hai Tu Man Ki Sada
Mitwa…Mere Yaar
Tujhko Baar Baar
Aawaaz Maein Na Doonga…
Dard Bhi Tu, Chain Bhi Tu
Daras Bhi Tu, Nain Bhi Tu
Mitwa…Mere Yaar
Tujhko Baar Baar
Aawaaz Maein Na Doonga…

Best song portraying life’s emotion :
(Zindagi ki yehi reet hai
Haar ke baaz hi jeet hai) – 2
Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi
Aaj gham hai to kal hai khushi
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai
Haar ke baaz hi jeet hai
Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi
Aaj gham hai to kal hai khushi

Which song are you humming today?
Ek akela is sahar mein,
Raat mein aur dophar mein
Abodana dhundhta hai,
Aashina dhundhta hai..

One song which brings tears to your eyes…
Tujhe sooraj kahoon ya chanda
Tujhe deep kahoon ya taara
Mera naam karega roshan
Jag mein mera raaj dulaara

Movie : Ek Phool Do Mali
Singer: Manna Dey
Lyricists: Prem Dhawan

As I still remember my childhood day when I was small boy. I entered the room and saw my mother sitting on bed and tears flowing on her cheeks, though she was not crying. I asked her – why she was crying. In the tape-recorder this song was being played that time. Holding my palms, she told to me “Bhabchi, tui ki ekta bhalo chele hote parbi ! (Thinking, if you will be good boy !)”.

A song which gives you hope, a reason to try again and again, a reason to say that life is beautiful…
Though I am trying to choose out Hindi songs only but this song I thought to bring in…
Jodi tor daak sune keo na aase tobe ekla chalo re – By Ravindranath Tagore
যদি তোর ডাক শুনে কেউ না আসে তবে একলা চলো রে।

When you want to be with yourself, silent and content but with music, which song would that be?
Though I listen collection of instrumentals mostly- with themes of air, wind, valleys, rivers and ecstasy and In case of songs, I do listen.
Dil hai chhota sa, chhoti si asha
Masti bhare mann ki bholi si asha
Chaand taaron ko chhoone ki asha
Aasmaanon mein udne ki asha…

Movie :Roja
Music :A R Rahman
Singer : Minmini

If you have to express love for someone with a song which would that be…
(Will bring out my best love poem collection) if she does not understand poems than will take help of Kishore Kumar and sing :
Tere Chehre Mein Vo Jaadu Hai, Bin Dor Khincha Jaata Hoon
Jaana Hota Hai Aur Kahin, Teri Oar Chala Aata Hoon

Five songs which you listen to the most…
Lata –
Kuch na kaho, kuch bhi na kaho
Kya kehna hai, kya sunna hai
Mujhko pata hai, tumko pata hai
Samay ka yeh pal tham sa gaya hai

Kishore Kumar –
Chhoti Si Ye Duniya,
Pehchaane Raaste Hain
Tum Kabhi To Miloge,
Kahin To Miloge To Poochhenge Haal
Chhoti Si Ye Duniya ..

Jagjit Singh:
Haath chute bhi to Ristey nahi toda karte

Manna Dey :
Yeh raat bheegi bheegi, yeh mast fizaayein
Utha dheere dheere voh chaand pyaara pyaara

Mukesh –
Aawaara hoon, aawaara hoon
Ya gardish mein hoon aasmaan ka taara hoon

A song for the person who tagged you…
Okey then one from Maitighar..
Yoho mero pranbhanda..pyaro..maitighar…
One more bonus song from Darpan-Chhaya..
Lahana le judayo ki..
bahana le bhetayo
herinjaal ko samjhana
tutey pachi birsana..
zindagani darpan chhaya
herinjaal ko samjhana
tutey pachi birsana..
zindagani darpan chhaya

I want to tag :
Whoever is music lover and reading it now, and is not tagged still, please pick it up.