It was one holiday morning, 8:30 am. And irrelevant of holiday, I had to leave for office early as the project finalization depended on me. Before leaving, I could not depend for water another 15 minutes.

Though the landlord assured that within 15 minutes water tanker is reaching as pipes were being laid in front of house. But it was the third time, I have to suffer without water. And it’s really horrible to start the day without the bath.

“I am leaving the house next month, as it’s difficult to suffer for basic things.” – I told landlord (appearing polite) and left for office, with a determination that I will leave this house this time. It is mandatory to say the landlord about the vacation time, as they have to return the 10 months’ rent paid in advance and find a another tenant.

I saw their dry faces after hearing me, like never , while moving away.

And the reality is, for getting this kind of 2 BHK house in posh locality, I have to pay almost double the advance and rent.

Anyway I wished to change the house since last month, when its main road got blocked with a wall (as it was said to be someone’s land!) and another way is the clean gali (Have you heard about the Mirza Ghalib’s gali !). A car can’t enter the gali in future!

Now a narration from third angle:

I am a tenant of independent ground floor, with no-complaints from them, as per my lifestyle.

Neither I understand landlord’s Tamil language nor they know Hindi / English and we do talk in need in Hinglish-Tamil-Kananda Language.

The day,when I was relocating to this house, somehow during transportation, my glass bowl of Chinese bamboo plant broke-up and I disposed the broken bowl on the way side dustbin. I felt really bad, as I love my plants. While unpacking my luggage, my landlord’s wife, just after seeing the plant without bowl, went upwards towards her 1st floor and brought me back one yera glass bowl and gave to me. It’s my personal observation that, most of the mothers have a sound sixth sense. It was a good omen for my beloved plant, that I have been growing, and still growing sound. One another day, to my surprise, when my tulsi plant once somehow damaged by rats or squirrels, was replanted by her. While I am on holidays, my dry pots, use to get water regularly. The morning flowers for prayers reach my door daily. Be any festival, the traditional Alpana is drawn in front of my gate too. And this landlord is never professional with a ‘landlord’ attitude.

Everything will be just past, when I shall leave the house. No emotional touch, no hurt ( Easy to dictate, difficult to follow ! ) . I told other friends to find out a home and telling brokers about my need.

I came back in evening.

Water was there and I took bath and started cooking.

“Ting” – the door bell buzzed.

I opened the door. And landlord’s CA son was there. And he was apologizing for the water problem.

“Please do stay, water problem wouldn’t be there now onwards. And all the other following lines.

Though I didn’t told but he got assured that I am not leaving the house. At least this is not a pigeon hole flat. It had a nice flowering tree shadow, with squirrels, with lots of fresh air and away from traffic. Wait let me mention one important thing more, there is a scene of perfect India from the roof. The temporary slum of about hundred tents of labours. Its lying silent on the feet, of three proud high rise buildings being constructed around.


Anyway, after few days, the landlord’s son, came with an invitation card and wrote my name on it. “Prem Piyush and Family“. Family was the extra word, not needed now.

Her sister is getting married after 3 days.I was happy to see his sister getting married. They must have taken pains to find out a suitable guy for the dark complexion girl, as well as arranging money. And I do guess the dowry ghost is still alive and lurks around ! And at the same time I was feeling bad as I had told them to vacate the house, in the times, when they must be going under financial crunches !

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