Friendship and looks, do they crash ever? I do wonder, why in the beautiful relations of friendship, the looks, even its ugly, is taken into consideration ever !

I have own unique looks like everyone around, and I would like to quote myself in eyes of two friends of mine, without their name hence permission from none.

Friend A, who does ‘appear’ as a gentleman.

“Aree taklu, aao ! ” ( Hey bald, come-in !) was his welcome sentence, when I entered his gate for the first time, when he was at home. Yeah, its worth to say that I have turned out semi bald. Later on, I had to bear his comments about my ‘formal dressing’ that ‘casual day’. He never knew that I did not had fine sports shoes and puma t-shirts on those days.

Later on I knew that it was not an intentional remark on looks, but his habit.

Even he have been with me for since a long time, he perhaps does not know me, that I am the rare breed of proud owners, of whatever looks, without a bit of inferior complexity at any point of time.

Friend B, who doesn’t ‘appear’ as a gentleman. And here goes the chat reproduction with him one night. He is in USA now.

12:50 AM he: aabhi tak online? ( Still online?)

me: nahi offline ( No offline, to add fun)

he: blogg lkh raha hay kuaa? ( Are you writing a blog)

12:51 AM me: haan (Yes)

12:52 AM he: tune apno blog mai aaik jagah flirt ke bare mai likha thaa ki tune kisi dost se puchaa and wo dost hasne laga wo gadha kon hay? ( You have written about flirting in your blog, when some of friend, strated laughing, who is this fool ? )

me: ha ha

12:53 AM he: mere bare mai to nahi thaa…kyonki shayad tune kabhi mere se bhi iis bare mai baat kiya thaa ( Was that instance about mine, as perhaps you have talked with me too about this)

me: haan wahi hai banda.. 🙂 ( yes, same is the person)

12:55 AM he: aare bhai maine shayad aise hin smile diya hoga tere bholepan and masumiyata me ( Hey brother, perhaps I have given smile on your simplicity )

me: haan tu hi mere bhai.. ( Yes, brother he is you)

he: tu bahut hi achaa ladka haay ( You are a nice guy )

me: comment dal de wahan pe..agar sach kahta hai to.. ( Put comment on my blog , if you are true).

12:56 AM he: idhar udhar ka load nahi lene ka yaar, likhen mai mujhe fight ho jati hay:) 🙁 ( Hey I cann’t do all these things, to write, I have to struggle a lot)

———– talk portion about family is removed ————
1:16 AM He: jo bhi hay, khush rhanene ka 🙂 and tujhe levis jeans pahane ki jarurat nahi hay:) ya fir reebok shoes tu jaisa hay bahut achaa hay wiase bande bahut kam hote hein dharati pe:) (Whatever, be happy. And you need not wear Levis jeans or otherwise Reebok shoes. What ever you are, you are fine. Like these guys are very less on the earth)

me: likh de wahin pe. ..kaas koi bandi impress ho jae . ha ha ( Write down these there only, may some girl get impressed,ha ha)

he: 🙂

He: chal mujhe abhi bahar niklana hay baad mai baat karta huin bbye aish kar:)
( I have to leave now, shall talk later,bbye . enjoy )

me: sure.. yaar . bye.. (Sure.. buddy.. bye)

Any Conclusion ?

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    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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