Her Marriage – The Final Question

She is my beloved younger sister -Pinky. On 20th feb., she left our home to start her rest of life’s journey towards unknown horizon.

At the last moment before she was about to leave, I was determined that I along with hers control myself. Since childhood, whenever I see her face with tears, she looks like just another kid. Before marriage, few times I used to make her laugh telling that “I shall carry two buckets to fill up your tears, if you cry at the time of bidai”. Hearing this, she used to smile and didn’t tell anything to me. I knew how she can be kept at ease.

The moment was to arrive. As the hour of bidai ( departure) was coming near, the gift’s lorry was being packed, knowingly, I kept busy myself with other works and tried to remain for least time with her. Just before bidai, we have a aashirwadi (blessings) ritual, when elders bless the couple near to puja place. And someone called me to do aashirwadi for them. As I was doing final blessing for the couple, her eyes filled up – she already started weeping. Like past many times, I wiped off the continuous flowing pearl drops. Controlling myself, I tried to check her emotions too. I told her the joke, I used to say her often. “Hey, shall I carry again two buckets?” – holding her beautifully decorated cheeks with my palms.

“You have been consoling me since childhood; still today you shall do so? Brother, who else like you could console me after now?” – She was out of control and started crying.

I was speechless. Holding her neck close, that day I didn’t have words to solace her more.

How could, I say that the life partner, I have finalized for her, shall be like me? Though I am sure about her husband and his family, I left the answer to the Almighty.

We were searching for the answer in our tears….

The Beginning

Let’s move to a distant horizon,
Guiding stars are senior citizen.

Above the ego and the pride,
Brother’s smile is really wide.

The urgent call of humanity,
World – a family, the divinity.

Beyond those paper boundaries,
We are little peace emissaries.

Who is alone, give him a hand,
Don’t worry, if you need to bend.

Wipe the foe’s tears, if you can,
Few sweet words do reflect again.

The high is peak, rise is stiff,
Call Him dear, have a belief.

Welcome 2006 !!

Wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year 2006 with all the smiles. Let the Almighty provide me strength and opportunity to be with you more time on net. This year is going to be really different for me, and my pen shall make you feel it.
Thanks a lot my dear Blogger.com, that gave me the space and guidance for my previous blog. Of course I shall link you. I am grateful to everyone like you.