Nothing is free on net. Especially the email services, blog hosting, and free website hosting.
E mail services show us ads. Free web space may kick us out. My all paintings, designed favicon and poems do not exist on the blog. Jaya’s such a full personal website on the same vendor has been deleted without notice. Blame the faithless

As a temporary arrangement I have found another such a vendor but still it shall take time to post all the materials again.

Now coming to on which I am writing, the space to write blogs is quite risky. May the Blogger guys read it and kick me out. I don’t fear. I have a proper backup of post as well as precious comments. I am planning to have my own personal web space and blog for my life long journey.

Coming again to risks of once you delete a blog e.g.,it can be used / misused by other. The blogs on the trail of time become like the id card of the person, especially when the blogger is not anonymous. Hence it’s suggested that any blog should not be deleted and must be blocked with at least a single post of owner’s desire.

If you are using a multi or parallel blogs the sync is not perfect always.

It is still not very clear that to which the copyright on the material on the free space belongs.

The blogger account superimposes their own favicon on the owner’s to make the toolbar full with Blogger icons. Hence they paste their multiple ad.

The cookie issue and server side programming is also out of control.

The rate of progress and volume of material published on Blogger is high. After few years company shall find it difficult to manage all on free service. May some day they shall limit the space or charge for the extra space or add more sponsored ads. But for the writers or expression lovers’ blogging is already proved to be must.

But irony is that the free services have become a necessary evil.

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  • Sandeep

    You’ve made me think over it! I cannot explain how bad would I feel if I lose my website.

    July 11, 2005 at 6:36 pm Reply