India has been asking for a permanent membership in the UN Security Council since long back. The destination is may be near but the veto-power is still 15 years far. The prospective group-4 countries such as India, Germany, Japan and Brazil have left the demand of veto power, as any other permanent members usually have. The modification in the charter regarding the Council’s extension shall be considered only after 15 years.

Presently the next steps to be performed are:
1. By the end of this month the members of group-4 shall be presenting the draft about the modification in the Council for the poll.

2. After this proposal passes, a second proposal with the names for the permanent membership shall be produced.

3. Again when this proposal passes, a third proposal to make modification in the Charter will be produced.

Now since the general assembly will congregate for the annual meeting in September, the group-4 wants to the process complete before that. Interesting is the fact that from group-4 no country has objected the present draft of delayed veto power of possible new members as well as the language of the draft. A opinion can be formulated that it’s a diplomatic way to make a place first and work hard 15 years to be completely eligible for that.Afterall that’s we call Vision 2020.

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